chasing hearts.

Fifty boys and one girl? How will she ever cope? And yes... this is about my love for Newt <3


1. The box


The slow grinding noises torment her, metal scraping against metal rolling over and over in her mind, she wishes she knew where she as and who she was.

Bt for now that's just how it is. Empty, dark nothingness.

All she remembers is her name, Jennie. Nothing more, nothing less.

Jennie is a tall girl with medium lenth brown hair, pink lips and large hazel brown eyes.

Her legs ache as she stands, with her arms outstretched feeling the walls tight around her, she tries to find an exit using her hands as a guide.

what she doesnt realise is, theres no escape from the box.

"Help, please! Anybody?" She cries for help but the only noise besides herself is the metallic noise and thats no comfort.

She stifles a cry.

The top of the room opens to reveal at least thirty boys confused faces staring down at her.

One jumps down into the box and helps Jennie out of the box.

The crowd stares and murmurs,

"A girl?"

"The greenie is a girl?"

The boy who helped her steps into her eyesight,

"Alright, alright stop gwaping at her. Get back to your jobs shuck-faces!"

He then turns to Jennie,

"I'm sorry greenie, you'd think they'd never seen a girl before! Mind you they wouldn't even remember if they had...but anyway! My names Thomas."

Thomas stares into her eyes as he adds, "And you are?"


"Okay, whatever you say greenie."

Jennie had completely zoned out and couldn't even hear Thomas anymore, because out of the corner of her eye there was something small and blue.

And it was moving.

"Hey! Greenie? You still there?"

"I must apologise but i really must leave now, Thomas. Thanks for the help!"

"Wait greenie i still have to-"

But she was already gone chasing the blue floating orbs through her mysterious new home.



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