chasing hearts.

Fifty boys and one girl? How will she ever cope? And yes... this is about my love for Newt <3


11. reality

" how could you be so stupid? Attempted suicide? Honestly." That's Alby having a right rant at Newt, whose leg is a bloody mangled mess, he's definitely going to have a limp.


Newt groans as he rolls over In his bed,

"I-I'm sorry Alby." Is all manages to say before falling back into a deep sleep.

"I'm not staying with this stupid shank anymore, I'll see ya around Jennie."

And he leaves,

Newt writhes with pain.

"Is he gone?"


Newt turns over in his bed and rolls his eyes at me. I'm surprised he's still joking after today's events,

He must hate this place enough to kill himself, yet hide it with a smile.

I turn to leave.



"I love you."

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