chasing hearts.

Fifty boys and one girl? How will she ever cope? And yes... this is about my love for Newt <3


6. Late night dares.

Everyone settled around the campfire later that night, I was sat in the middle of Newt and Thomas when Gally said,

"Right, we have a new greenie," He nodded in my direction, "and everyone knows what that means." Murmurs came from the crowd,

"Dares," Gally had a menacing smile on his face, as he looked at me and said,

"Greenie go's first, I dare you to stay tied to," he looks at newt and smirks, "Mr thinks he's boss, how about it Newt? Someone get me some rope." 

Newt laughs, until he realizes Gally is serious... 

"what? You cannot be serious! I have jobs, duties to fulfill!"

"awe poor you, it's only twenty-four hours shank." Newt's eyes were filled with rage as he walked over to me and Gally, Gally still had a stupid smirk on his face,

"wipe that stupid smile of your face before I have to." Newt glared.

Gally took a piece of rope and tied my right wrist to Newt's left wrist.

"There. Twenty-four hours starts now."

I whispered in Newts ear 

"can't we just forfeit?" 


"why not?" I asked

"Because these shanks will never let me hear the end of it." I laugh at his answer


As we walk back to the homestead Newt groans,

"What?" I ask, "I'm not that bad..." I say feeling hurt,

"I'ts not you. It's the sleeping arrangements... With this," he waggles his left wrist making my hand shake uncontrollably.

"We'll have to sleep next to each other..." 

"Oh..." I to groan when I realize what he means.

When we get to Newts sleeping spot at the homestead we both lie down. I curl up in a ball with my right wrist slightly sticking out with Newt lying extremely close to me, with his left arm over my body and his stomach pressed against my back.

"Night greenie."

"Night Mister second in command."

I can't see him but I can't help but know he rolled his eyes.



Wooooo finally getting somewhere!

Listening to Metric- Black sheep from Scott pilgrim.






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