chasing hearts.

Fifty boys and one girl? How will she ever cope? And yes... this is about my love for Newt <3


5. By the campfire.

I followed Thomas until we arrived at the campfire, the fire hadn't been lit yet but a group of five boys were stacking the sticks and dry grass into a high mound. I only knew one of them besides Thomas, it was Newt. He smiled when he saw me and started to walk over,

" Here, " He handed me a large arrow, " Everyone gets one," he explained. " It's tradition, we light 'em on fire and throw them at the mound." He grinned, " Boys like to play with fire!" And we laughed for a good five minutes while people started taking places in a circle around the pile that was to be the campfire.

Newt lit his arrow then passed the fire source to me, the fire source was just a long stick of wood this fire burning at one end, i lit my arrow the passed the fire to Thomas and so on.

Once everybody's arrow was lit, Newt yelled out " Throw!" and none of us hesitated to throw the flaming arrows, I definitely did NOT want to be burnt because that would just add to my confusing day...

Once everyone had thrown in their arrows the fire had grown to be much taller than myself and many of the boys, I found a seat resting on a log. Newt came over with a large jar of brown liquid and sat next to me,

"Evening greenie, how's ya first day been?"

"Unusual, weird, and just downright confusing!"

"It's Normal... happened to all of us." He takes a gulp of the brown liquid then hands it to me, 

"Go on, try it." I raise the jar to my mouth and take a gulp, then instantly spit it out.

"what the heck is that?" I grimace, 

"Gally's recipe, trade secret."

"He seriously needs to try out some different flavor combinations." Newt laughs


Behind us someone yells,

"Okay! I quit! Surrender! I said I surrender!" Newt turns around, to see that there's a fight going on.

"CUT IT OUT SHUCK-FACES!" Newt yells. "KEEP IT TOGETHER!" He stops yelling, "We, are supposed to be a team, we got into this shucking maze together. So we'll get out of it together." One of the boys starts to disagree, newt gives him a look.

"GALLY, I WON'T SAY IT AGAIN. LISTEN CAREFULLY. CUT, IT, OUT." He quietens his voice so he's not yelling but everyone can still here him, 

"Before anyone else gets hurt."


yeah! Nobody messes with Newt! Hes the boss ;) 






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