The Horror of Hilarious Horror

Here I'll be making fun of lots of horror movies, and maybe making a few funny stories on my own!


1. The Funny Cliches of Your Average Horror Movie/Slasher Film

Hey, hey, hey! Yeah, you! I'm talking to you! You better read this useless Movella on horror movies or I'll... I'll... Well, I can't threaten anybody. But I can tell you that this might actually entertain you. But, that's just a thought. I am not responsible for death of boredom.

Here, I just wanted to go over some cliches that you'd find in a lot of horror movies. Enjoy, or don't enjoy. I really don't care because I am doing this mostly for myself...

Cliche #1. "Ooh, a scary noise! Let's check it out!"

You see this pretty much... I don't know...EVERYWHERE! This has got to be the most used cliche of all slasher movies. Some stupid character in the movie will be doing something normal, like watching a movie with a nice bowl of popcorn, then they hear some kind of weird noise. Like a bang, a smash, whatever is creepy enough. This is even funnier if the character is watching a scary movie! They watch somebody get murdered and then follow their same footsteps. They'll go outside to find the creepy man in a mask that wishes to kill them.

Cliche #2. "Hey, we should split up."

This happens all the time. It mostly happens when the movie takes place in some abandoned home. There will be some group of friends, just talking in this old and creepy house, wanting to explore it for some reason... Then somebody mentions: "We should split up!" Once everybody is walking in that creepy house all alone, the killer picks random people in the house to kill. It's way safer to stay together as you can protect each other when you start to notice him.

Cliche #3. The Main Character (Person Who Doesn't Get Killed) is Always a Girl

This is in pretty much every single horror movie. (Except you, A Nightmare on Elmstreet 2!) The main character is always a girl! Possibly because we sound better when us girls scream? I don't really know. Maybe it's because we are so emotional. At least most of us are.

Cliche #4. "Ughhhh, nothing works!"

When the killer is coming, a smart person would call the police, right? Oh, sorry, no cell service! They try to get out, but... Oh no! Every single door is locked from the inside! Try getting out the window. Sorry, it's jammed! The directors want to kill off this character in the most stupid ways!

Cliche 5#. "The killer is in the house! I better hide!"

I get very irritated at this. People can be that stupid? Woah... So, the serial killer is now in the house. What does a smart person do? Try to get out as soon as possible. But a dumb person... Let's go down the stairs! Let's hide under my bed! Let's hide in the closet! Why? WHY? The killer is easily going to find you and corner you.

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