Little Red Riding Hood- The Untold Tale

You think you know what happens in Fairytales? You don't this is what really happened to Little Red Riding Hood.


1. The Untold Fairy Tale

There was once a little girl, who was given a wondrously magical, crimson cape- made by her 'Grandmother'. How nice, you would think, however, it was not so.

 As when the little girl put on this beautiful red robe, try as strenuously as she might, she could not remove it; adding to her misfortune, she was compelled the unmerciful bidding of the witch( who had posed as her beloved relative). 

Everyday, Little Red Riding Hood did tiresome chores for the imposing pretender: chopping wood since the crack of dawn; cleaning rancid clothing and sweeping unforgiving floors; buying food to her 'Grandmother' - who lived in a forest, many miles from the nearest village.

One evening, on her way through the fearsome woods, Little Red met a colossal( but half-starved) wolf;hanging around its neck was a broken, rusted-iron collar. At first afraid, the young girl locked eyes with the wolf, staring into its huge chocolate eyes: seeing a kind, intelligent and good-willed creature.

The wolf strolled with her,and, much to her astonishment- spoke to her, as any human might,revealing himself as her Father( who had been bewitched by the same evil wretch that was holding Red Riding Hoodcaptive). Having finally broken his chains, he had come, intending to save his juvenile daughter who had been taken from him long ago.

When the old witch appeared at her door, expecting Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf pounced- gobbling her up quickly. The spell vanished with the witches death,relieving the girls cape of its duty to command her, and it fell heavily to the ground as Red's father returned to his human form.

Returning to the nearby village, they were United with Mother and Wife- living happily ever after just as they had so long ago. 

                                                                The End




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