The Boy She Couldn't Forget

He was the nicest person... She was the shy girl... He secretly likes her and his sister is her best friend. It's his sister job to get them together... Can she pull it off?


3. Chapter Two

That evening, Allison worked with Lucas on the project for several hours. They did research on the reproduction of human beings, even though they mostly knew what to expect because of Health class in about 8th grade. They both flushed whilst reading the information they found online. Allison tucked a piece of hair behind her ear shyly and sighed.

"I ought to get going...My Father will wonder where I am if I'm not back by 10:00." She said.

"I can give you a ride...I mean, If you want." He fumbled over his words.

"Oh, that's okay. Katerina can give me a ride...Or something." Allison smiled, heart thumping her chest. She was nearly sure he could hear it pounding against her ribs. Katerina heard them speaking and rolled her eyes from the other room, out of their sight.

"Lucas! Can you give Allison a ride?" She called, a smile on her face, "I have a ton of Algebra homework!"

From the living room, Allison smiled briefly and let out a small breathy laugh. Lucas looked back at her, nervous she could be unhappy and that the laugh could have been a frustrated or sarcastic laugh. 

Damn, she's gorgeous. He thought, looking a Allison a bit. Allison stared back her beautiful eyes beaming at him.

"You don't have to drive me home if you don't want to." Allison said.

"It's not a problem." Lucas replied hastily.

They sat in the car in silence for a short while.

"Thank you for the ride." Allison said reaching for the door handle. Lucas unbuckled quickly and grabbed her wrist, tightly like he had at school before.

Now or never, Lucas. He thought to himself.

They were only inches apart. Allison was much to scared to speak, too nervous to ruin the moment. Lucas closed the gap between them and their lips touched, only briefly, but it was like magic. 

"See you, Ally." He smiled.

"See you." She smiled back, a little bit.

He watched her walk away, into the safety and comfort of her home.

Allison tucked herself into her bed. All she could think about was him. She would never forget him.

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