The Boy She Couldn't Forget

He was the nicest person... She was the shy girl... He secretly likes her and his sister is her best friend. It's his sister job to get them together... Can she pull it off?


5. Chapter Three

At school the next day, Lucas was lost in the clouds. He couldn't wait for the evening ahead. He knew Ally would be coming to work on the project. When Biology came, he panicked. Allison's wavy ash-blonde hair bobbed to music that came through her headphones. She saw him and her bright green eyes widened with a smile. He turned his head away from her involuntarily and he walked to his friends, sitting down. His best friend out of all the popular friends he had, Justin, punched him in the shoulder as a friendly gesture.

"I know that look, Dude." Justin smirked knowingly.

"What look?" questioned Lucas.

"You totally like that nerdy girl." Justin said, "What's her name? Allison!"

"Ally isn't a nerd! " shouted Lucas.

The teacher then got involved, "Lucas stop shouting! Justin one more word and your outside."

Justin and Lucas both shut up then and Ally gave Lucas a smile.

The class finally ended not long after and Lucas rushed to go over to Ally.

"Hey Ally, can I give you a ride so we can get to work on our project?" Lucas asked nervously.

Allison nodded and gave Lucas a goofy smile.

Lucas grabbed Ally's hand gently and walked with her over to get Katerina.

Katerina let out a whistle when she saw them holding hands then said, "Are you two a couple?"

Lucas and Ally both stared at each other for a minute then spoke, "I don't know."

*Time skip*

At Lucas's house

Ally and Lucas were working long and hard on their project and they finished it that night.

"Are we a couple?" asked Ally.

Lucas then put his arm around Ally's waist and said, "If you want to be one."

Ally nodded and kissed Lucas.

They both smiled at each other.

"Ready to leave?" asked Lucas.

It was late but it was weekend so it didn't matter when she came home.

"I can see if I can stay if you want." Ally said, her voice filled with hope and excitement.

He nodded.

Allison pulled out her phone and texted her mom.

Ally: Can I stay at Katerina's tonight?

Mom: Sure, be back tomorrow afternoon. We have plans at Daniel's.

Ally: Okay, thanks, Mom.

Allison and Lucas shared a smile and Lucas picked his cell phone up off the table.

Ally furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head.

"Yes, hello. Can I have a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese?" Lucas said into the phone.

Ally laughed lightly.

"Delivery address is 23 Brooke street. 15 minutes? Great. Thank you!" He snapped the phone shut.

"Yum." Ally said.

"Agreed." Lucas replied.



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