The Boy She Couldn't Forget

He was the nicest person... She was the shy girl... He secretly likes her and his sister is her best friend. It's his sister job to get them together... Can she pull it off?


2. Chapter One

It was just a regular school day for Allison, she would go hang out with her best friend Katerina and talk about Katerina's brother, Lucas, at lunch. Allison liked Lucas, but they were totally different; they ran in different crowds. The only time they saw each other was at his house. Unbeknownst to Allison, he liked her, but he couldn't tell her. He was convinced she was far too beautiful for him. Katerina knew they liked each other because they talked about it constantly, it was almost annoying for her.


The school day was almost over and Allison and Lucas had last period together, Biology. The teacher was assigning a boy/girl  partner project, and he went down the roll assigning partners. "Allison, you're partners with Lucas. Get to work on it right away. You must talk about babies, the production, the development. The stages of a baby's life. I expect you to write an essay to conclude your research."

Allison's heart was pounding, she was so nervous. Lucas was similarly nervous, but did a poorer job of hiding it, he nearly tripped on his way over to her.

"Hey, Allison." Lucas said nervously.

"Hi Lucas, looking forward to starting our project?" Allison  asked.

"Yeah, but quick question." he paused, searching for a way to word it,  "Do you maybe wanna hang out tonight and work on the project?"

All Allison could do was nod. Then the bell rang, school finally over for the day! Allison scurried out of the classroom, desperate to get away to compose herself for the evening ahead.

"Hey, Ally, wait up a minute!" shouted Lucas. 

She turned back towards him, "Ally?" she queried.

"Yeah, short for Allison. Can I call you that?", asked Lucas, suddenly regretting his quick decision to give her a cute nickname.

She nodded and smiled, then said," So... what did you need?"

"Oh. Err. Do you maybe wanna ride over to my house? So we can get to work quickly."

"Yeah, thanks Lucas." she replied.

Lucas swiftly grabbed Allison by the wrist and ran to get Katerina; she would be waiting for Lucas by his locker. Allison winced in pain, Lucas was holding her a little too tight. He looked over at her and noticed her discomfort, quickly loosening his grip and smiling apologetically, eager to get home for the evening together that awaited them.

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