There's no age to Love


3. Shopping and Leaving

Another day of theater day camp. Nothing interesting happened until Bethany told me about Lily when we were alone.

"Shes a complete bitch! She never helps with the dishes at home and she excepts me and mom to wait on her hand and foot. Her moms crazy too! Super overprotective.. Acting like she can parent me!" Ranted Bethany.

After camp, Me, Bethany, and Lily met up at the mall.

"Cute?" I asked Bethany holding up a lacey purple top.

"I love it!" She said. We both kind of left Lily out of the conversation, but what the hell. After shopping for an hour we were ready togo.

"Alright, lets go!" I said.

"I think my mom is picking me up here," said Lily.

"Then im going with Lily." Said Bethany.

"Oh...okay... I guess i will see you guys tomorrow then. I walked to the car and told my parents Lily's mom was picking them up.

"Are you sure?" Mom asked, "I made a whole plan with Bethanys mom..."

After we started driving to my house I got a text from Bethany saying..

"Apperently your parents are picking us up..? Come back!" She said.

"Shit..." I mumbled, " Uh mom, we need togo back and get them.."

My mom freaked out saying that we left them unsupervised, as my dad frantically drove the car back to the mall. Everything was sorted out an we drove home. We all went upstairs an started going on Omgele. Its a website where you randomly face chat with random people. Megan met up at my house with us at 5:00 since her trainor session was over. Lily was being so weird. She wouldnt show her face at all but she kept saying odd things to the people we chatted with. I kind of wished she wasn't here and that we could just hang out with Bethany. The next day Lily didn't show up for camp. I didnt know why until Bethany explained that she was visiting more cousins in a different area of ivory county. That night we had to have monologues prepared to share the next day from Shakespeare.

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