There's no age to Love


2. Never have I ever gotten a glimpse of him at the gym

"Never have I ever gotten high" Said Megan. I watched Bethany put her finger down. She was the only one who did. It was day 2 of camp an we sat at lunch with a couple of random kids playing Never have I ever.

"Never have I ever been horny" said Lily. Everyone put their finger down. It was my turn.

"Never have I ever given a blowjob." I said. I watched Megan and Bethany both put a finger down. So far Bethany had put her finger down for everything. Maybe Its weird that Ive never given a blowjob. Maybe I should. I has recently been dumped by my ex boyfriend Kyle in early June who I had dated since January. I never even thought about blowing him. He was the one who fingered me in a movie theater. I remember it very clearly. Us in the back row of the movie "A Romantic Pleasure part 2". I had been sitting on his lap. We were making out during the whole movie but at one point he had the idea to slip his hand in my pants. I covered my mouth trying not to moan loudly as I felt my cherry pop. It had hurt a bit. Then I remember him saying

"Samantha, want to touch mine?"

I then touched his Dick for about 20 seconds until the movie ended.

"Samantha! its your turn again!" Said Bethany. After recess we all talked an wanted to have a sleep over together the next day. On the way home from camp I had begged my mom to let it be at our house.

"No samantha! I dont even know these girls!"

Sadly, my Grandma agreed with my mom. We all came to an agreement that we would all go shopping an everyone would come over to eat dinner at my house. Megan was busy meeting with her personal trainor, so Wednesday Bethany, Lily, and I would all meet at the mall. I sat at home Tuesday evening watching tv. My phone buzzed with a message from my mom.

"Come to the gym right now! Hot boy with huge muscles working out! Your age!" She had said.

I ran up to my room, threw on gym clothes an sneakers, and ran to the community gym. I was excited to see who this boy was. I slowly walked up the stairs into the gym an found my mom working out on a treadmill, and a boy, maybe the same boy I saw the day before, lifting weights. I got onto the treadmill and pretended to work out. I didnt want to make it obvious that I was trying to get a glimpse of his face. He started running on the treadmill next to me an I didnt know what to say. So I didnt say shit. After a while of nervously walking on the treadmill, the boy left an I had to stop an take a breath. Dammit! I hadnt gotten a good look at him. I walked home with my mom trying to mooch of money from her for shopping.

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