There's no age to Love


1. Another Summer

Another summer, another boring summer. Dinner with my family, day camp, an absolutely no boys. That was the part that really killed me. How could I get through this summer with out my friends from the city and no one to kiss and cuddle with. I had 2 months until sleep away camp, an I knew I was going to hook up with someone there. Probably not a relationship though. I was planning to date Rory Sandberg when the school year started so all I had todo was wait until August or September. I got to my country house at 2:00 am on a sunday night/ monday morning. I had just done a show that evening since I am an actress. I knew how tired I would be to start camp Monday morning, and I dreaded waking up. First day of camp... Exciting? Am I suppose to feel "excited". I walked in to see my friend Megan waiting for me. We both gave each other the "oh god what kind of kids are going to be here this year" look. We walk in an get seperated into groups. 7-9 and 12-15. Since im 14 I went with the oldest group. I sat in a group circle with all the odd looking teenagers from Ivory County. We did a bunch of activities in the morning and then it was lunch time. I sat with Megan at our own little table.

"Sooooo.. Have you had your first kiss yet? I asked Megan.

"Well duh!" She said.

"Okay I was just making sure.. So get any action lately?"

"Well..." She hesitated.

"Cmon tell me!" I begged.

"Okay so, there is this guy I know an I invited him over one day and we hooked up." She said.

"How far?"

"Blowjob." She giggled.

"Wow.." My eyes widened. I cant believe my friend did that. I mean I dont even know if I would right now.

"What about you?" Megan asked.

"3rd base" I said, "Finger and handjob.."

"Omg! Where!" She sounded excited.

"Dont laugh...." I turned red, "In a movie theater!"

We both had burst out laughing while walking to Recess. As we looked around we saw two girls who looked mostly normal. I started the conversation.

"Hey" I smiled.

"Hey!" Said one of the girls who was short, blonde, and looked about 16.

"This is so boring.." I said.

"Oh we know" said the blonde one "Our grandparents forced us togo" she rolled her eyes. The other girl she sat next too had black hair an was spanish.

"What are your names?" I asked since Megan never really chimed in with anything in the conversation.

"Im Bethany, and this is Lily." Said Bethany.

"Im Samantha and this is my friend Megan."

"Hi" said Megan. She was always very shy.

After we talked for a while I found out that Bethany moved to Ivory County last year. Lily is Bethany's cousin from Ohio who is adopted. Lily was visiting for two weeks with Bethany, and they are both 14. At the end of the day I went home waving goodbye to Bethany and Lily. Maybe we will become good friends? I got into the car with my Grandma, as she drove us home. As we entered our small neighborhood, Blue grove, I saw a boy mowing the lawn. He didnt look older than 18 an he didnt look younger than 14. We both stare at eachother through the car window, wondering "who is that?". The car slowly parked into my house, and now I wanted to know who was this guy.

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