Normally people worry about deforestation, global warming and carbon dioxide levels rising astronomically throughout the years. But they never consider the other side of the spectrum where carbon dioxide levels are in decline while oxygen rises and trees are over populating the planet.
People don’t fear trees.
But they should.
They are what really started the apocalypse after all.


1. Day 0


Day 0


The apocalypse started and nobody noticed.

Not one single eye was bothered about a small tree growing abnormally fast and tall in the middle of nowhere. It was a single, small (yet not for long) fir tree somewhere in Britain that started it all and ignited Hell. It was just the beginning and then trees were growing faster and taller and better just about everywhere. Scientists didn’t really take note of this until a few months of this growth, and forests were breaching society walls and roots were uprooting concrete. At first people were secretly glad of the extra trees, more fruit and resources, more wood and more paper, more trees to cut down with an excuse and use for their own advantage.

It wasn’t until efforts against nature became futile that people became worried.

The growth of nature was so extensive that attempts to contain everything were practically worthless. Grass, yes something as small as grass, started to grow quicker and plants joined the race to the sky. Every bit of nature was in an endless competition to reach the sky and gain rays of sunlight. And no matter how many machines went in to cut down trees, or knives and swords were used to hack at vines, or chemicals attempted to rot plants at their roots, or how many lawn mowers were used, it just wasn’t working.

The planet then started to panic.

Scientists tried to come up with a why and a how and a cure. Then oddly enough, Russia acted first and then China, Australia, Canada, and the United States followed, throwing more money into research and safety. Britain was one of the last and one of the worst effected to join in on the fight against trees.

How stupid does that sound? ‘The fight against trees’. The planets populace had fought many wars and yet they were being torn apart by trees?

By the time the anniversary of two years hit, oxygen levels had nearly doubled. It was no longer twenty one percent but more like in the forties and rising.

By the end of two years of suffering from this affliction, traveling in between countries was banned, by then scientists believed it was a disease that caused it all. Growing plants willingly and contributing to the increase of oxygen levels became an offense punishable by imprisonment. At first there were protests. Riots. Nobody liked having their attitudes changed so dramatically and quickly. Some finally saw sense and formed small governments, building small and safe societies among the trees, in the treetops and underground.

Now, they wanted global warming to happen, they wanted carbon dioxide levels to rise whereas before they wanted them to decrease. 

The world fell to its knees to nature.

Humans didn’t have much of a choice really. 

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