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1. Rules and policies

Hello there! My name is Sophia Fletcher and I create free Movellas book covers. All large file, high definition covers made by me are in Movellas standardized 4:5 ratio, so no cropping is required! I try my best to get covers done right away, but if I know my schedule is busy and your cover might take a few days, I will be certain to let you know! Fan fictions are welcome, but I won't make covers for any R-Rated stories. If you want a cover, fill out the form below in the comments. I do not do custom drawings for covers as seen on some of my own stories, due to the time and work it takes to create, but I can promise top quality for the covers I provide. Didn't like the cover I made for you, or you want me to tweak it? Sure! I can do that (most of the time), but please be nice about it! Also, please give me proper credit if anyone asks you who made your cover. All covers are made with the purchased computer art program Corel Painter 2015 or Picsart. If you would like to see some of my personal artwork, you can find me on instagram @technicolorartist. Please make sure to fan me if you want a cover as I've recently had quite a surplus of requests. I will check! If you unfan me afterwards, I will no longer except any of your cover requests. Please respect these policies as I put a lot of work into these covers to make them unique for each client. My style is not to just slap text onto a photo but rather add details, accents, backgrounds, enhancements and effects to your cover (accordingly) to create a real book like feel that is certain to get you more reads.


FORM: *Starred* sections are optional. 

The following questions are for my personal help and will not really effect the look of your cover:


Name of Book which I will be making the cover for:


Book Genre:


The following questions are directed to the look of your book. All are optional. If you specifically would not like something to appear on your book's cover, let me know (Title, author's name, etc.)


*Book Title: (Please let me know specifically if you would not like your book's title on your cover)


*Authors Name: (This can be your pen name, real name, or a different name you aline yourself with. The authors name is optional as well so please let me know specifically if you would like your name on the cover)


*Cover Credit: (This is completely optional, so please don't feel pressured about this. This is only if you would like to support me in helping others. "Cover Art by Sophia Fletcher" will appear in very small font at the bottom of your book cover if you would like to select this option. If you don't say anything about this selection, I will assume you don't want it. I will take no offense id this is your choice)


*Description of how you would like your cover to look: (This is optional and a big help to me, but please note, if you don't specify, I will go off my own creativity, the genre of your book, it's title and it's description to make you a great cover to the best of my abilities. Descriptions could involve a character you would like on the cover and how he/she looks, symbols, images, etc.)


*Effects: (This is optional. I can do most effects like greyscale, negative, color layer, distress, woodcut, sketch, painting, etc. If you know of a specific effect that you would like me to use, please specify,)


*Photo: (If you have a specific photo you took personally that you would like me to use, create a movella with the picture inside and tag me. Or, if you have a specific photo you found on the internet, copy the link in a comment or do the same as you would with a personal photo. NOTE: Please also know I am not responsible for any copyright issues over photos. If you would like photos only in the public domain to be used in your cover, please specify. If this is the case, please realize the options for your cover can become strictly limited due to amount of photos available to me that are certified free for public use. )


*Color Scheme: (This is optional. Examples: Pastel, blues, greyscale, neon, etc.)


*Cover Quotes: (This could be a short description, a catch line, a review on your book, a quote from your book, etc.)

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