A Sign to Share

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  • Published: 28 Aug 2015
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2015
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A poem about a girl and her dream (peace)...hehehe don't really know what to write here so...this is my second post and hope you'll like it.


1. A Sign to Share


They were silenced by a strange voice.

It thundered through the walls,

destroyed objects like toys

and everything hangin' falls.


It spoke with great authority.

All with deep voice and power,

speaking, lecturing about humanity,

that's been prisoning us in a tower.


"Who are you to complain!" it says,

"You humans did these all!

Now we are collecting all those distorted days!

You all ignored the signs and call!

So be ready for the consequences.

Be ready for the great fight,

for I have all the evidences.

These will all start tonight!"

Eunice then woke up unaware

Drilling a hole in the wall, a long stare.

For she thought of her dream is a sign to share.




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