Don't you ever know!

Martin just got a neighbour in which he falls deeply in love. Follow him on his avetur in love.

The Idear for this story came when i saw "The great Gatsby". I'm not a 100% sure in witch direction this story will go, but one thing I know is that this is going to be a love story.


2. Fall in love in a hurry

The next morning I got woken up early by a wired sound outside my front door. I went out to take a look at it. But when I opened up the door there was nothing there. I did go further outside to take a more overall look at my lawn. “Hello anyone there?” I shouted out over the newly cut grass. But no one was to see. Suddenly I heard someone stepping around in the neighbour lawn. “Do you live in there?” a girly voice screamed. I turned around and looked right at Mirra. Another embarrassing moment just started for me. Once more I choked me forwards in a sentence. “G…. Good…. Good… Good Morning Mi… Mi… Mirra!” I manage to say and walked over to a part of the hedge there wasn’t as high as the rest of it. It was here the schoolkids used to cross my lawn on the way back home. “Good morning Martin!” She said while walking over to the same part of the hedge on the other side of it “I didn’t know that you was the one there lived just next to me”. I smiled at her and said “Well I’m sorry I didn’t got the time to stop by and say hey. But I have been so busy lately. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to come.” She laughed “No worries I haven’t had time either”. We looked up at each other at the same time. This time it was like something magical happened between us. I was pretty sure that she saw the same as me. Because her smile got wider and mine did too. I looked at my watch it was past nine and I was actually in a hurry. “Oh Shit!” I shouted. I ran away without saying goodbye. I ran into the house jumped into my work cloth and continued running out of the door.

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