Don't you ever know!

Martin just got a neighbour in which he falls deeply in love. Follow him on his avetur in love.

The Idear for this story came when i saw "The great Gatsby". I'm not a 100% sure in witch direction this story will go, but one thing I know is that this is going to be a love story.


1. A meeting can change everything

I have never been so close to a person and on the same time so far from the same person as I was to her. She was the love of my life and my worst enemy. But the best time we shared was that time where she didn’t even know me. Well it’s a long story that I have always loved to tell.


It was summer and I just got of my job to start the best couple of months of the year. Or so I thought. I was 26 and lived near by a saml lake. My nearest neighbours had just moved out off their giant house. They had sold it to a young girl who had stumbled across a big sack of money.

It didn’t take long for ours path to cross. She lived in her house for a couple of days and I must have been the only neighbour that haven’t been to her house to welcome her to her new neighbourhood. Not that I was embarrassed of it. Why should I go over there?

One day I was out walking my little afternoon walk. Down by the lake into the forest that lead back to my little house. I’d just passed the lake and I was about to step into the forest when I bumped in to someone. I looked up at a girl in purple gym cloth. She had long blond hair and wonderful green eyes. On her chin I saw a couple of freckles. Everything was perfect. She looked perfect. The sceneri was perfect. I was in a wonderful mood. Everything was just perfect. I opened my mouth to say hello. But nothing came out. BAM! I just ruined the perfect moment.

She smiled at me and opened her mouth “Hey” did she said more or less laughing. “mmmm… mmmm… mmm… Hi.” I manage to mumble out of my mouth. A shy smile escaped from her lips. “I’m sorry” She said a bit embarrassed. “I… I… I’m Martin” I mumbled continuously. “Hey Martin! I’m Mirra” She said “I just moved here so I’m not known around here so I’m kind of hoping you can help me”. Without really knowing, I fell more and more into my own little fantasy. A fantasy about her. I don’t really know what happened but when she stopped talking nothing came out of me. When I finally realised that we stood there in complete silence. I shook my head a couple of times before I said “What can I help you with?”. I wasn’t sure if she already said it. But it couldn't hurt anyone to get thing repeated once in the whil. She smiled at me and said “Could you please tell me the way to sct. Adams road?” She smiled at me “I just moved there and I’m not really sure of the way back.” I tried to stare at her but it was hard to me. Was this really my new neighbour? It couldn’t be. I don’t know what got into me but suddenly it flew out of me “Hey I live at that street too!” I said and continued in a shy tone “I could show the way back if you want me to”. Another laugh came out of her mouth when she said “I would love you to show me the way.” I turned around and we started walking.

When we got back she send me the nights last smile.

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