Not Who I Thought


7. Worries

Kaitlyn's POV

As I closed my locker, guess who was standing there.. Yep. It was Luke. Out of anyone it was Lucas fucking Hemmings!

"What do you want Luke." I told him irritated

"Looks like someone is grumpy." He said.

"I'm not grumpy, I'm sick of you not leaving me alone. You have physically and emotionally hurt me and I'm at the point were I feel like I am going to explode. And I already showed Ashton and Calum those texts. When you told me not to hang out with them. So just leave me alone. You have called me more names than most people get called. I'm sick of it. Just back off Hemmings!" I felt like a bomb just exploded in my brain as I scolded at him as people circled around clapping and cheering for me including Calum, Ashton, and Michael.

"Well look what you did you attention whore! You got everyone around cheering for you! Wow I have never known such a complete bitch in my life. You are a piece of shit and no one likes you! Not even your boyfriend or Ashton and Calum in fact they hate you more than anyone!" Luke yelled as tears started streaming from my face. He was about to gram me by the collar of my shirt then--

"Get your fucking hands off of her Luke! Katie clearly doesn't deserve this! And why would you say that no one likes her. I don't like her.. I love her and Ashton and Calum are her friends because they were at her house with me last night. So fuck off Luke" everyone cheered for Michael although Luke did shove me so I fell. Luke then walked away and said-

"Screw you and your boyfriend katie."

"you okay Kait?" Michael asked as he reached down to help me up.

"Yeah. Thanks for standing up for me. That was awesome of you." I smiled although I was hurt.

-skip to end of day-

I was still upset because of Luke calling me that. Michael was gone getting us Starbucks so I just sat on my bed going on my macbook in my pj's. Then someone knocked the door. I ran down to see who it was. I thought it was Luke but thank the llama gods above it wasn't. It was Ashton.

"Hey Ashton " I tried to smile although I was really hurt.

"Kaitlyn, I know you are upset."

"Ashton I'm Fine" I lied

"Kait, You and I haven't known each other for long but I know when you are upset and when you are lying. I can definitely tell you aren't fine at all." He still sounded like an older brother or a father to me.

"Yeah I'm not fine, not fine at all. Because I thought me and Luke were close friends. I want us to be friends, but he hates me so much. I wish I could go back in time and just be friends with him and forget about those stupid tiny arguments. He was a friend, like family." I started to almost cry then...-

"Kaitlyn, why don't you tell him.?" He asked.

"One sec Mikey is calling" he added.

"Hey whats up?" Ash asked.

"Just getting Starbucks. You?" Michael asked.

"I was just wondering if me you and Kait could hang out but you weren't there. Is it okay if I wait at your place?" Ash replied.

"Yeah no problem" Michael said as they both hung up.

"Anyways, I won't tell him because he'll just call me names and punch or push or hit me. I'm scared of him. I don't want to be scared of my best friend." I quivered.

Michael then came back with 3 Starbucks drinks.

"Yay Starbucks!!!!" I shouted. I then heard a buzz as Ashton checked his phone.

"Well I gotta go, I have to watch my brother. bye guys." Ashton awkwardly told us.

"You okay Kait?" Michael asked.

"Oh yeah just thinking about stuff." I lied

"Do you want to talk about it? You seem upset." Michael came over and put his arm around my shoulder as we sat on the couch.

"Well I want everything to go back to normal. I wish we could wake up one morning and forget about this whole argument. I hate the feeling of something being impossible to go back to normal. I miss going to the hill with Luke Calum Ashton and you. I feel like its all my fault. Mikey, am I that horrible?" I asked almost in tears.

"No its not you at all. you are the best thing that could have happened to all four of us.although Luke may be upset, deep down, he doesnt hate you. not at all" 

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