Not Who I Thought


5. Trouble

Kait's POV

I went up to my bed and changed to my pjs. I grabbed my macbook and my phone. As soon as I got comfy with my blankets on, I got a text. It was from Luke and it read:


I think I had an idea what he meant

"What do you mean 'why'?? I'm dating Michael and you get mad about it? Look I'm sorry he got mad at Disney but please do not try to break us up. I still love being ur friend but just please don't try and break me and my boyfriend up because I love him. Okay?👍🏼"

Luke then sent:

"Look I was the first one to compliment you and tell you your'e cute. And now I regret saying that. You are a piece of crap and I never want to see you with Calum and Ashton or Michael. They are my friends. Not yours. Okay just continue to be a worthless piece of shit okay? Goodbye."

Tears then filled my eyes. I screamed for Michael to come in my room.

Michaels POV

I heard Kaitlyn scream my name from her room and I ran straight up the stairs scared why she would call me name.

"Michael!!!" I heard her scream again with her voice quivering.

I finally got up to her room and saw her sitting there with tears streaming from her face.

"What the hell happened??!!!"I yelled.

"Look at the texts" Kait said while crying.

I can't believe Luke didn't leave my girlfriend alone!!!

"Luke is gonna pay for all of this" I told Kait angrily.

Kait's POV

"Luke is gonna pay for all of this" Michael told me angrily

"I love you Michael please don't get into trouble" I asked.

"I won't babe. I'll be fine" Michael said as he walked towards the door.

"Wait Michael! I'm coming with you." I yelled

"Okay" he replied.

I got dressed and went with Michael as we held hands. Michael texted him

"Meet me at the alleyway ASAP."

We waited in that alley for 10 mins then saw Luke come.

"I thought I didn't want to see you with him Kaitlyn!" Luke shouted.

"Shut the hell up Hemmings. You called my girlfriend a worthless piece of crap and you are going to pay" Michael threatened.

"Ya Luke back- back o-off" I stuttered. I wasn't crying but my face was stained with tears.

"Listen, Kaitlyn you need to back off of Michael or els." Luke said as he came up and then grabbed me by the neck of my sweater.

"You got it?" Luke then let go as Michael came up and punched him right in the face. They began to fight after that.

"Stop!!!!!!!" I screamed as I used my full force to push Luke off of my boyfriend and then punched Luke.After me and Michael tried to walk away, Luke pushed my back really hard and I fell. Michael ran up to him and knocked him out.

"Babe just run home and I'll take care of this!" Michael yelled as I ran home.

I texted Ashton and Calum-

"Please come over ASAP! Emergency!"

They then came over and I showed them the texts.

"Why the hell is Luke doing this?" Ashton asked.

"Ya Luke has been being a douchebag lately." Calum continued.

"I honestly do not know what or why he is doing this." I explained. "He said I was cute one day. Then he tried to ask me out at disney. He knows Michael and I are dating so why would he do this??? Does he want me and Mikey to breakup?? Like what the hell?!?!" I yelled as tears started going down my face.

"Its okay Kait. While Michael is gone we will be here. Almost like we are babysitting a little sister!" Ashton brightly tried to cheer me up.

"You're right Ash. I'm not going to ruin anything while you "babysit" me" I smiled.

"What about me? I wanna help babysit?!" Calum pouted.

"Don't worry you can help." Ashton told him.

Hey guys! Sorry for cliffhanger sorda.


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