Not Who I Thought


11. Tour!

Kaitlyn's POV

I woke up at 7:00 to drive to Starbucks. As soon as I got back,I changed. I had a bunch of the guys' clothes so I wore one of Ashton's band muscle tees with a black tank top under, black skinny jeans, navy blue Vans, a black beanie, and a few bracelets.

"Guys! Gotta get up! Tour bus is gonna be here in an hour!" I shouted as they all hopped out of bed. Michael came up and kissed my forehead. After, we all grabbed our luggage, phones, and other essentials.

"Mikey, when is your show???" I asked.

"It's at seven. but you get to come early with us." Mikey smiled.

I saw that my ex texted me again. it read- "Just because your boyfriend is famous doesn't mean anyone ACUTALLY cares about you. they only care about your pop- band douche of a boyfriend. you little bitch. Just kill

Micheal was at the other end of the bus so I screamed his name.

"MICHEAL!!!!" I screamed. one by one, the boys rushed in and came to sit beside me asking what happened.

"Cal, Luke, Niall, Liam, guys.... we need to find this guy and tell him to STOP being this way to Kait." Micheal said.

"Micheal, can you come with me to my bunk to just sit there for a while?" I asked.

"Of course, my princess."

We just sat there. In silence.



"I don't feel so good." I said as he rushed with me to the bathroom. I threw up.

"You okay baby?" he asked as I began to stand up.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't know why I have felt so bad lately." I said.

"Well, we should take you to the ER then." Micheal suggested as we headed to the hospital.

-Fast Forward-

"Well, Kaitlyn, It seems you have cancer." The doctor told me the bad news. The only ones in the room were Micheal, Louis, Niall, Luke, and Ashton. The rest had to stay in the waiting room to hear the news.

I began sobbing.

"I'll give you guys some alone time" the doctor left the room.

"Mikey, I don't want to lose you! I love you so much!" I pleaded as I held him as close to me as possible.

"Don't worry, Princess. You'll be fine. Let's just hope for the best." he whispered. The doctor came back and told us-

"Well, here is the good news, You'll be able to get surgery considering it's only a miner case. Bad news, you need to get it now. so you wont be able to go to tonight's concert." the doctor said.

"Don't worry babe. all of us are hoping that the surgery goes well." Micheal said as he kissed my forehead. all of the guys waved at me as I got pulled away in one of those bed things.

-Fast Forward to a few hours after surgery-

All of the guys were in the hotel room and I was in the hospital. After taking and uber back, I walked in the door and hugged Michael as tight as I could.

"Yay!! You're back!!!!" Ashton yelled rushing in from the other room.

It was hours after the concert but I wasn't that upset considering there's like a lot of them to come.

I went to the bedroom to rest for a while cause I was exhausted, and saw Michael walk in.

I got up and gave him a giant hug. We hugged for what felt like an eternity. I felt so safe, and happy in his arms. I've needed that for so long.

"I love you so much Michael, and I hope you know that." I said as my head was nuzzled into his chest.

"And I love you even more Kaitlyn." He whispered. I loved him so much, and I wanted him to know that. I was broken but He was the only thing that could fix me.

"Can we just stay in here for a while? Please?" I asked.

"Anything for you, princess." Michael whispered.

And of course, someone was at the door for me. I heard it knock thinking it was one of the managers, but nope. It was Bradley. Fucking bradley.

I saw him at the door as I looked in fear.

"Uhh- H-Hi. Bradley." I gulped in fear.

"Where is He??" He asked angrily.

"Micheal!!!!!" I yelled in fear not knowing what would happen next.

Before Any of the guys could come in, Bradley had pinned me up against the wall shouting at me.

"Niall!! Micheal!!! Ashton!!! Harry!!! Someone!!!" I shouted.

All of the guys rushed in.

As soon as Michael saw me pinned against the wall by Bradley, he pulled Him off and started beating the shit out of him.

While all of this was going on, Niall took me and placed me on one of the beds. And just sat with me for a while. I didn't notice but I was crying into his chest as he was rubbing my back.

"It's gonna be alright. The other guys are taking care of it."

To be honest, his Irish accent was kinda cute.

"But, what about Michael? Is he going to be okay?" I questioned.

"Don't worry, Kait, everything is going to be okay." He kissed my forehead and walked out of the room to see what was going on. A couple minutes later, Louis and Calum rushed in.

"Kait, we gotta go to the hospital. Like now." Cal, said.

I was balling my eyes out the entire way there. Louis was in the back trying to comfort me.

"Don't worry, sweetie. Everything will be alright.."

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