Not Who I Thought


10. Shopping!

Michael's POV

I still haven't told Katie about the tour. But I think she would be thrilled when she found out. I just decided to tell her in the morning.

Kait's POV

I woke up to Michael beside me on the couch with his arms around my waist and Luke, Ashton, and Cal were on the other couches and the floor. Michael looked absolutely wonderful when he is asleep.

"What time is it?" Mikey asked half asleep.

"Its only 10:00am." I replied

"Okay because I need to tell you something." He told me as he sprung up from the couch and told me-

"Well, Me, Cal, Luke, and Ashton have a band and....... WE ARE GOING ON TOUR!!!!!" He excitedly announced.

My heart sank. I have to be away from the only thing I have left in my life?? That broke my heart but I had to be nice.

"Michael thats great, but what about us? I can't deal with being ripped apart from you for a year." I tried to hold back tears.

"Thats why.. You're coming with us!!!! Well us and one direction."He shouted.

My jaw dropped as I shrieked.

"When are we going?!??" I asked excitedly. Going on tour? With one direction? I literally flipped out In my head I was that excited.

"Well we are going in 3 days. So you might want to pack now since we will be gone for a year" He recommended.

"Well, first I am going shopping!" I happily said as Luke, Ashton, and Calum woke up.

"Did you tell her?" Luke asked half asleep.

"Yeah she's Going shopping now. Katie can we come?" Michael asked.

"Yeah why not?!" I told them as they all got in the car. We spent like 3 hours going around town shopping. We finally got to the mall.

"Guys I'm going through the girl stores so if you want we could meet at the food court?" I suggested as they agreed and we all split up through the mall.

As I was walking through the mall into Aeropostale, a girl came up to me. She looked around like 9 years old.

"Oh my gosh are you Katie, Ashton's friend?! She asked.

"Uh yeah. But who are you anyways? I bent down as I asked nicely smiling.

"Well, I'm Ashton's sister. He showed me a picture of you guys at Disney. He also said something about liking you to Calum, his friend." She explained.

Wow... I thought to myself. Well I can't tell Ashton...

"Oh. Well why don't I bring you over to Ashton. He's probably worried." I told her as we walked around the mall to find Ash.

We finally found Ashton with Luke, and Calum. I guess I was gone for a while. This girl and I were walking behind their booth to spy on them. We began listening to their conversation.

"So do you actually like Kait??" Calum asked.

"Yeah but don't tell Michael or Katie." He told them.

When they finally got up to throw out their garbage, we pretended to walk up to them.

"Hey Ash is this your sister? She said she was." I asked.

"Yeah I've been looking everywhere! Where was she?" He asked as Luke and Calum stood behind Ashton.

"She was in Aeropostale. Another thing... Where is Michael?" I questioned.

"Well...... Here's the thing Kait.... We should probable show you...." Luke looked so sad as he told me. I worried a lot.

Ashton, Calum, Luke,Ashton's sister and I walked to a building. And I saw blood. That's all I saw as I broke down crying.

"It's okay Katie." The girl told me as she knelt down and hugged me. I hugged her back tightly.

"Why did he do this?!? I loved him more than anything! He was the only thing I had left I just wish I could tell him I love him once more. Did I do something? Was I not good enough? This was all my fault!" I shouted as a puddle of tears were around me. I broke down on my knees.

"Well. It's not that it's--

I then saw Michael and One Direction run out with a sign saying 'Happy Almost-Tour'.

I ran up to Michael and we hugged and began to kiss. I literally felt fire works through my bones. I swear I heard the boys all clapping for Michael.

"You know I hate you right?" I told them all.

"We figured that. But that 'blood' was just paint from the sighn and it was never meant to be there. You were supposed to just stand and wait but I mean this worked too" Luke explained

"Guys… we have to go like now." Ashton quickly suggested.

"Why?" I asked.

Teenage girls began screaming and rushing towards us all. We ran into the tour bus although we weren't going for two days. We got the bus to drive away to my house.

"Wow this house is nice!" Niall and Louis complimented.

"Well it's not just my house." I told them as Mikey put his arm around my shoulder.

"Wait so you two---- live together?" Harry asked confused.

"Long story short- Mikey got kicked out, and now he lives with me. And pays half of the rent." I assured.

I then elbowed him playfully.

"You pay half rent. Right?" I acted all tough.

Michael ended up running from behind me and picking me up bridal style and spinning me around.

(You probably think they make out while their foreheads touch... Well… kinda.)

Our foreheads touches as I asked…...........

"Wanna get nandos with these weirdos?" I teased.

"Sure!!!!" Niall butted in.

I kinda didn't notice but I pushes Niall's face back as Michael put me down. We all began walking to the mall parking lot to get my car and drive to Nandos.

-after Nandos-

We all just crashed out at my place. I think.


"Hey Ashton?" I asked

"Yeah?" Ash replied as he had a sip of his Beer

"Can I try that?" I begged.

"Sure." He handed me a Beer. Michael ended up being drunk and dancing on the table. Niall, Liam, and I were the only ones who weren't drunk. I picked up Mikey from the table and put him in his room.

"Woah! You are strong! Like the hulk or some shit." Michael laughed as we headed up to his room. I put him down on his bed . I then walked out of the room and shut the door. I just crashed in my room.

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