Not Who I Thought


2. Roomies! Or More Than Friends??

Kaitlyn's POV

After school Mikey drove me to his place. We sat down for a bit and then drove to get his friends. He told me we need to pick up his friends at Luke's house. We walked in and I saw 3 guys- Luke, a guy with darker hair and a blonde streak, and a guy with curly blonde hair.

"Guys this is my best friend, Kaitlyn."

"Kait this is Calum and Ashton. You already know Luke" as Luke smiled.

We all walked out and hopped in Mikey's car. We went to this hill, the arcade, and went to a fair. Michael won me a teddy bear, so I won him one in return.

We all just went to my house and played call of duty, watched Movies, and just crashed at my house.( I live alone because my parents died in a plane crash.)

I had a bad dream of the plane crash and woke up crying.

"Oh my god Kait are you okay???!!! I heard Michael ask with fear in his eyes, as he hugged me tightly.

"Yeah just the dream." I told him with tears filling my eyes. The rest of the boys woke up and Michael told them.

"Uh guys Heres what happened. she was dreaming and had a nightmare of watching the plane her parents were on land, and watched the plane crash and her parents, ya know.. Passed away."

Michael told them and Luke, Cal, Michael, and Ash hugged me.

We all fell asleep after that. At around 9:00 am we all woke up and I apologized that I woke them up.

"Its okay" Calum said generously.

All of us just decided to skip school that day and we went to our hangout.

"Hey can I talk to you Kait?" Michael asked worryingly.

"Yeah anything Mikey" we walked down the hill. "One sec guys Michael just need to talk to me" I yelled up the hill.

"Whats up??" I asked

"Well I got in an argument with my parents, and they kicked me out." Michael said with sadness in his eyes.

"Oh my god! Thats horrible! If you want you can stay with me?" I suggested.

"Really that would be great!" Thank you so much!" He hugged me and we walked up the hill.

Michael dropped off Calum, Ashton, and Luke. When we got up to my house, Michael stopped the car at the driveway.


"Yeah" I replied.

"Uhh will you be my girlfriend?" He asked with his voice quivering.

"Yes!" I said in joy as Michael kissed my cheek.

We watched a couple of movies and fell asleep hugging each other. While watching a horror movie, i flinched as Michael hugged me tightly. "Thanks for letting me stay" he whispered.

"Anything for you." We leaned our foreheads onto each-others

(You probably guess whats going to happen, they u know... Make out. Nope.)

"Wanna go get some pizza?" I asked

"But its 11:00pm" Michael yawned.

"But im weawwy hungwy!!!!!!" I pouted teasingly

"Fine" he said getting up and getting his phone.

"Hello? Can we please get one medium peparoni and extra cheese pizza for ####### ##### street?" Michael said to the pizza guy.

-15 mins later-

-pizza guy comes-

"Ill be right back kait" Mikey told me. I had a plan. Nerf. Gun. Fight. I quickly put the note, his amo, and his gun out for him on my table. I new he was going to the washroom so i had 5-10 minutes. I put my army stripes, and amo belts, and my Camo stuff on really fast. Then i grabbed my nerf gun and hid in my spot. My bedroom closet.


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