Not Who I Thought


3. Nerf. Gun. Fight.

As i hid in my bedroom closet i herd Michael go downstairs.

Michaels POV

I was walking downstairs and on the table I saw a nerf gun, the foam amo things, and a note. It read-

Dear Mikey,

You probably know what this is. A nerf fight. Here is your basic gear you need. I am hiding somewhere in this house. Start looking!;)


Your epic girlfriend in the world,


I put on my amo belt, grabbed my nerf gun (btw a nerf gun is a plastic gun you shoot foam bullets out of if u didnt know) and looked around the house.


Kaitlyn's POV

I heard Mikey walking up the stairs towards my bedroom. -shit- i thought. There was a crack between my closet door and his back was facing me. I jumped out of the closet

we dodged each others bullets. Then bam! A bullet right to the eye!

"Oh my god are you okay Kait I'm so sorry!!!!" Michael yelled in fear.

"That..... Was........AWESOME!!!!!!!" I yelled excitedly. "I've been doing nerf wars a lot and no one can aim so well!" I applauded to Michael.

"So your not upset?" He asked confused.

"Why would I be?" I smiled as we hugged.

"And thats why I love you" Michael whispered looking down At my ocean blue eyes. I gazed at his eyes and we kissed. (But it wasn't gross. If u want gross then u might wanna check the rater r fanfics)

I pulled away as he looked at me as I said

"So you like it when I get poked in the eye with foam?" I dramatically teased.

"You're so adorable!" He laughed. We then walked downstairs in the living room and cuddled and fell asleep on the couch.

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