Not Who I Thought


4. DisneyLand Drama?

Kait's POV

The next day it was the weekend and Michael and I planned to go to disneyland with Luke, Calum, and Ashton. We were going to leave at 5:30am.

"Wake up sunshine!" Michael woke me up and surprised me with starbucks.

"Thanks but it cant be 5:00am

"Its actually 5:09, you slept in." Michael corrected me.

"Well meet me downstairs when you're ready k?" Michael said.

"Mkay" i yawned

First I straightened and then put my hair in a braid and put on my makeup- smokey eyes, wing tipped eyeliner, and some lipgloss. Then I changed- flow tank top that says no one cares, hight wasted shorts, black vans, a few of my bracelets, and a pair of black sunglasses. I grabbed everything I needed and ran downstairs with my purse and wallet. I was just going to stop and get a bagel somewhere.

"Michael?" "Im ready!" I yelled happily


BAM!!! Him with a nerf gun popping out from under the stairs! Luckily I had my spare mini nerf gun on the table and amo so I got him back.

"Wow I didn't think you had a spare?" Michael surprisingly said.

"Always have it with me" I smiled.

"Anyways lets go, the boys are waiting for us" Mikey yawned as he opened the door for me. We drove to Luke's, and then Calum and then Ashton's. The drive was a while but we played music and had a great drive there.

Getting to Disney was even better! First we went in the park and went to the games. Michael won me a stuffed tie dye gorilla.

"Aww I love it thanks so much!" I thanked him

"Looks like the two lovebirds are having fun" Calum teased.

"Shut up" I teased back.

"Hey Kait can I talk to you?" Luke asked

"Yep" "one sec guys Luke just needs to say something to me" i told the boys as we walked a few feet away.

"Well I kinda like you and just thought I would give you--" Luke said before giving me A flower

"Luke thanks but i can't--"

"What the hell are you doing?!???!!!!!!" You know she is my girlfriend!" Michael raged.

"I'm sorry Mikey I just didn't know" Luke worryingly said.

"Michael please stop he didn't know!" I shouted at Michael and then grabbed him off of Luke.

"Fine. But back off my girlfriend Hemmings. You can be friends but just back off"

"Okay fine" Luke told him.

"Kait I'll catch up with you but I'm just gonna talk to Luke. Wont be long" Michael shouted as I walked towards Ashton and Calum.

"I didn't think Michael would be so...mad." I told Ashton and Cal.

"Well, Heres the thing. Luke is trying to....Make you and Michael break up" Ashton told me in regret.

"Seriously??" I thought Luke was a great friend." "Why would he do this?" Tears filling my eyes.

Ashton and Calum hugged me as Michael ran over seeing the tears in my eyes.

"Kait all you need to do is not believe Luke. Ashton suggested.

"Kaitlin what happened???" Michael asked in fear.

"Oh nothing I'll tell you when we get home." "Lets just all try and have fun."

We all went on the rollercoasters, and other rides. After a few hours of awesome rides, epic games and candy, we had to go home. We walked to the car with our prizes, candy, souvenirs, and our bags. The trunk was filled completely with our stuff. The day was great. By the time we got back it was 10:30pm.

"See you guys later!" I yelled at the guys as they went out of the car. Luke just gave me a weird smirk, but the other guys smiled. When me and Mikey got home we got our stuff out of the car.

"What did you talk to Luke about??" I asked Micael.

"I asked why he did that." He told me

"Did what?" I asked again

"He knows you are my girlfriend kaitlyn, he knows that I'm your boyfriend. And he wants to ruin that." Michael spilled.

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