Not Who I Thought


1. Best Friends

Kaitlyn's POV

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm. Today was the first day back from spring break. As I got dressed my phone rang. It was my best friends Michael.

"Hello?" I said in a tired voice.

"Hey!" Michael replied.

"So do you want a ride to school? I know you hate walking." Michael generously asked.

"Yes please!" I said in relief that I didn't have to walk again.

"Also one thing- Do you wanna come with me and my friends to our hangout?"

"Sure but where is your "hangout?" I asked.

"Well I don't know where it is cuz Luke drives."

"Ok I'll come" then we both hung up. I continued to get ready and got dressed. I packed my bag and walked out of the door to see Michael in his car. I hopped in and we headed to school.

Me and Michael were in most of the same classes except History. I had history with this kid named Luke.

As I finished decorating my locker and closed it, there stood this tall, blonde, cute boy .

"So I heard you were 'Kait' Mikey told me to come meet you"

"Ohh you must be Luke then." I answered.

"Well see you in history" Luke told me.

"Oh and hey, you're kinda cute." He told me as he winked and walked away.

I blushed and walked to Homeroom.

Michael and I sat beside each other.(like usual)

"So I met Luke" I whispered to Michael trying not to get in trouble.

"And...??" He asked,

"Well he's kinda cute" I blushed

"Looks like my bestie has a cwushy-wushy!" Michael teased.

"Asshole. I teasingly told him"

"You're so adorable when you do that! In a friend way." Michael whispered as the teacher was talking.

-end of day-

Sorry for terrible first chapter. P.s sorry for horrible name. Its just for now cuz I didn't know what to call it. Also sorry if this fanfic sucks This is my first fanfic.😀✌🏻️👍🏼

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