Not Who I Thought


6. Babysitters!

Kati's POV

"Ashton can you and Calum go get my laptop and blanket. I wanna sleep on the couch!" I said in a kid voice.

"Yep. Lets go Calum" Ashton told him.

As they got my stuff I grabbed my nerf gunI hid behind a wall by the stairs and waited till they came down.

I then got them with the nerf gun when they came down.

Woha! Katie please stop! They asked.

"Sorry" "I was just bored and wanted to have some fun" I apologized.

"Oh by the way can I talk to you in the kitchen Ash?" I asked

"Yep one sec Cal I'll tell you after" Ashton told us.

We walked into the kitchen.

"Ashton can we cal Mikey?? Im really worried about him."

"Of course! Just I need to talk to him first k?" Ashton sounded like a dad to me. In a way he was like a father.

"Ok. Thanks so much." I quivered my voice in worry.

We hugged as our hug ended he called Michael.

"Mikey? Its ash. Kait was worried so she asked us to watch her. Is that alright?" Ashton asked.

"Yep no problem but can I talk to her.?" Michael asked.

I took the phone

"Hey Katie you alright?" He asked

"Sorta I just miss you. I'm worried about you." I had a quiver in my voice.

"I'm fine I will be back in about 5 minutes Ash and Cal can just stay the night if u want them to." He said through the phone.

Michael's POV

I was walking home as my phone rang.

"Hey Mike its Ash. Katie really is worried about you and she wants to talk to you."

"K" I told him as he put Katie on the phone.

"Hey Michael I'm really worried about you. Are you coming back soon?" Her angel voice sounding like she was going to cry made my heart sink.

"Ya princess I'll be home in 5 minutes."

"K love you" we both said as we hung up.

Katie's POV

Michael finally came home. But he had bruises all over and had a bloody nose.

"Sweetie what the fuck happened to you!" I asked in complete fear.

"I'm fine just me and Luke got in a fight thats all." He clearly seemed like he was in pain.

"Well lets at least clean you up" I told Michael.

"Calum! Ashton! We need a wet cloth and a towel Please?!" I shouted as they rushed and got everything.

We then got Michael cleaned up and we made snacks to watch a movie.

"You feeling better Mikey?" Calum asked.

"Yeah a bit." Michael tried to lie.

"Michael I can totally tell you're Lying." I told him.

"I'm fine okay?!" He snapped at me.

"Okay I only asked. No need to snap." I told him upset as I ran to my room.

"Katie! Wait I'm sorry!" Michael tried to tell me as I ran up the stairs.

"Damn I wonder what that was about." Calum and Ashton whispered to each other.

I could hear someone coming up the stairs his steps gaining closer to my door.

"Katie can I talk to you?" Ashton tried to ask as he walked in.

"Yeah sure." I sighed.

"Look, Michael said he is really sorry. He told me to come up because he thought you would be mad."

For some reason Ashton sounded like the big brother I never had 1- Considering he was like 20 and I'm 17,And 2- When he has those conversations he sounds like something a big brother or a dad would say.

"Ok can you tell him I'm really sorry for running up like I'm a retarded 5 year old? And by the way, thanks for coming up to tell me." I told him nicely as he chuckled.

"I think he would like it if you said it though." He told me and walked downstairs with me.

"Hey Michael? Katie wants to tell you something." Ashton forced me to talk to Mikey.

"Michael, I'm sorry for acting like a retarded 5 year old." I apologized.

"Yeah I'm sorry for snapping at you." He apologized back.

I then grabbed my mini nerf gun and shot him with it. "Payback" I laughed.

Michael then ran over and picked me up bridal style and spun around as I shrieked.

"Calum?" Asked Ashton.

"Yeah?" He replied.

"I think we should leave these two alone for a while." They both agreed. Me and Michael were kissing as they closed the door and drove home. I honestly felt fireworks as we were kissing, something I've never felt before and I loved it. We then stopped kissing but Michael was still carrying me.

"I love you Michael Clifford." I said softly.

"I love you to future Mrs. Kaitlyn Clifford" He told as we both chuckled.


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