I Just Want To Fall Sometimes A Black Veil Brides Fanfic

Katie lives in a foster home. One day, when she goes to the Social Services to see if anyone wants to adopt her, she finds none other than Andy Biersack. He takes her under his care... but things could take a twist. What will happen when he leaves to go on tour? Will she be left to deal with normal school life, or will she go with him?


2. Heart Of Fire

                   I jumped up and started dancing.  I couldn't believe it, I was getting out of this place.  No more kids chasing me through the halls, calling me horrible names, no more getting my food stolen by other people, no more having to put up with the girl in my room constantly wanting to talk about her boyfriend.  "YES!  FREEDOM!"  I leaped onto a chair and fist-bumped the air.  Andy chuckled at my reaction while Lynda just sighed and yelled,

"settle down!"  She was pinching the bridge of her nose.  Oh no, what did I do this time to make her mad?  If it was me getting excited about being adopted then she can suck it up and go dance in a tutu.

"I have to send everything to Social Services," she said.  Oh, right.  I almost forgot that takes time to go through.  But as far I'm aware that only takes a few days... right?  I made a face.

"Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine," I whined, looking over to Andy and seeing him make faces behind Lynda's back, mocking her slightly as she talked.  I had to suppress a laugh and try and focus on her.

"Is something funny?" She asked, giving me a look as I was biting my lip, still suppressing the laugh.

"Nothing is funny at all," Andy butted in, saving my butt so I wouldn't laugh.  A ringing sounded out from a couple door down, Lynda's "office".  I almost rolled my eyes in annoyance, but was also grateful.  I knew that was Social Services, they always call when one of us stops by.  This means I accidentally sped up the process, good job me!

"I'm going to have to take that, and I'll get the paperwork while I'm at it."  She said, walking to the room she renovated to her office to take the call and get papers.  The one room I've never been in, nor do I ever.  Kids that go in there normally come out crying, so I avoided going in there.

"This is gonna be a long wait," I said, looking at Andy.  He gave a slight look and answered,

"In that case, I'm calling one of my friends to chill with us."  A smile now stretching across his face.  Oh god, what's he up to?  He tried calling his friend but he didn't answer, so he texted him instead.  His smile got bigger as he texted his friend before he looked up at me and said, "my friend will be here soon, he's surprisingly close by."  What did he mean by this?

"Aright, if you say so," I said, pulling out my mp3 player and turning on Avenged Sevenfold.  I didn't trust the look on his face what-so-ever.  All I hear is a loud gasp before I look over at the smiling Andy.

"You like these guys?!?! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!"  He yelled the last the part, fist pumping and dancing in his seat.  I gave a dramatic gasp,

"Of course I would, you said the reason yourself!!!"  I yelled, jumping up and starting to dance around, Andy joining me in my horrible dancing.  It was great.  At that moment, his friend, which happened to be CC ran into the room, slamming the door open and yelled,

"I'M HERE!!!"  He then proceeded to walk into the room trying to look like a model on the runway, failing miserably I might add.

"Work dat sexy body," I choked up through the laughter that was now shaking me like a rag-doll.  CC busted out laughing and Andy fell to the floor laughing.  This caused CC to join him on the floor, only he rolled around dramatically.  Then I was on the floor next to Andy, I was laughing so hard I swore I saw some kid look at us like we are on drugs.  By the way, don't do drugs people!!!  So what I gathered from this laughter I was gonna have fun living with them.  We all heard a cough, and we all froze at the speed of light.  Oops, there was Lynda not looking amused at us rolling around on the floor.

"Having fun?"  She asked, giving us that serious look that made you feel like pins and needles were in your skin.  I decided to break this tension... here goes nothing!

"I wish we have some mud or something, then we could make the prettiest mud angels together."  I said, looking at Lynda with the most innocent look I could muster out of the core of my being.  The serious look broke and the tension instantly lifted, causing the guys to actually sit up and smile.  Then we all got up and went to Lynda's "office," to get everything over with so I could leave.

(A/n:  Okay, so I know this chapter isn't as long as the first one, but I will try to keep some longer chapters if you want.)

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