I Just Want To Fall Sometimes A Black Veil Brides Fanfic

Katie lives in a foster home. One day, when she goes to the Social Services to see if anyone wants to adopt her, she finds none other than Andy Biersack. He takes her under his care... but things could take a twist. What will happen when he leaves to go on tour? Will she be left to deal with normal school life, or will she go with him?


1. Goodbye Agony

    (A/n: bare with me please, this is my first story and I don't really don't know what I'm doing.)


I sat down on a bench and ate my lunch.  I really didn't like all the other kids at this school.  They were all rude and hated me for how I dressed and what I listened to.  Luckily no one came to bother me.  As the rest of the school day passed, I started towards Social Services, seeing if anyone had talked about trying to find someone like me.  No one had to sadly, so started walking towards my current home.  I lived with a woman named Lynda who had turned her house into an orphanage basically.  She was one of those, "I'll take care of them until someone wants them," type person.  Anyways, the place I lived in, three story house, two bunk beds every bedroom except for her room, large dining room, she even went as far as putting in a receptionist desk.

"Hello, dear.  How was your day?"  The lady- that Lynda so graciously hired to be a receptionist- asked me as I walked in the front door.

"Boring, as always."  I replied as I sat down in a chair kept in the room.  I pulled out my earbuds and MP3 player and turned on my music.  I started listening to Falling In Reverse, deciding to listen to one of their albums before listening to some Black Veil Brides.  Hearing a door open, I quickly turned the volume down so I could hear the conversation.

"Thank you for your time and support."  Lynda said as she came out of the area she called her "office" with whoever she was talking to.  I knew she would sound like an orphanage lady.

"You're welcome," the voice replied... wait... that voice sounded familiar.  I looked over then realized just who had been talking.  Andy Biersack, lead singer of Black Veil Brides was walking out with Lynda.  I just stared in complete astonishment at the fact he was even here.  He looked over at me and noticed I was staring, so I did the only thing I could think of that wouldn't make me look like an idiot.

"S'up bro?"  I asked, flicking my hand in a quick wave.  He smiled then walked over to me, then raised an eyebrow at me.

"I don't know, and why are you sitting there?" He asked.  Ah, all the others must be in the backyard or dining room or something.  I made a bit of a face at his demanding curious face.

"Waiting," I stated, very bored with where this was probably going to go.

"For what?"  He seemed very confused at my response.  I had to resist chuckling at his confusion.

"Life," I said, before promptly turning up my music, but still leaving it low enough so that I could hear them talking still.

"She's not the most liked here," Lynda explained, offering Andy a shrug.  I turned up my music so I didn't have to listen to what anybody else had to say.  I didn't want to hear the same thing I always did.  I saw Andy say something before walking in my direction.

"Yeeeees?"  I asked as I pulled out one of my earbuds.

"I wanna get to know you," he said, grabbing my hands and pulling me to my feet.  I didn't see this coming... Oh well, things happen.

"How shocking," I said, for once being genuinely shocked by the fact that he, let alone anyone, actually said that sentence.  Lynda led us to the room that was used for people interested in one of us poor, unfortunate souls.  Yes, I did quote Disney.  You're never too old to watch Disney movies, anyhow, I walked into the room and just mentally face-palmed.  Of course, she had the room set up in a stereotypical manner.  Do I really need to explain what that looks like?

"So tell me something about yourself," Andy said awkwardly sat down.  Poor him, he didn't know what he was getting into.

"I'm 15, and I listen to a lot of music."  I said, feeling the awkward feeling flood the room.  Wow, I need to work on my people skills.

"What kind?"  He asked, looking suddenly interested in that.  I could see why, I could mention his band, Black Veil Brides.

"Rock, and I'm speaking in general.  No sub-categories, just in general."  I said, rambling slightly.  He chuckled, shaking his head with a smile.

"What bands do you listen to?"  He asked.  Is he trying to figure out if I'm a fan or not.  I mean, yeah, I am, I'm just procrastinating and dragging out the conversation.

"Falling In Reverse, Avenged Sevenfold, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Blink 182, Attila, Motionless In White, Escape The Fate, Asking Alexandria, Bless The Fall, Black Veil Brides, etc."   I said, making sure to put Black Veil Brides on the end, just to make sure he heard it.  He smiled, a mischievous one at that.

"Oh, so you like my band?" He asked.  Oh deary me, what am I getting myself into?

"Yeeeeeeeeeees," I answered, unsure of where this was going.  He suddenly jumped up from his chair and started singing extremely loud,

"IN THE END, AS YOU FADE INTO TO THE NIGHT.  WHO WILL TELL, THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!"  I leaped up and decided to join his loud singing contest,


"WHO WE ARE, ISN'T HOW WE LIVE WE ARE MORE THEN OUR BODIES.  IF I FALL, I WILL RISE BACK UP AND RELIVE MY GLORY!!!"  I gave him the dorkiest smile I could manage then we both just sat back down laughing.

"You know what would be funny?  If CC just walked in here while we were yelling that and tried to look like a model."  I said as I regained my breath back.  He nodded, then said with the most serious face I had ever seen in my life,

"He would be one sexy model, then."  Then as we looked at each other, we cracked up laughing again.  I couldn't sit and laugh anymore so I decided to roll around on the ground.  After we managed to calm down, I stayed on the floor and decided to compliment the floor.  Rolling onto my belly I looked at the floor then I took a breath, paused for a moment- simply to be dramatic- and said,

"Why hello floor.  Thank you for holding me, and might I say, you, are one sexy floor."  Andy basically roared with laughter and joined me on the ground.  It wasn't even that funny... was it funnier because we were laughing for no reason earlier?  Well, we managed to calm down and have some normal-ish conversation.  We cracked a few jokes here and there and talked about our favorite things, our goals in life, how awesome Batman was, etc.  Then Lynda walked back in and looked to Andy.

"So, what do you think of her?"  She questioned.

"Katie is bad ass.  I'll adopt her."  I looked over to him with a hardly contained grin, I was basically trying to not jump, scream for joy, and hug him at the moment.

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