I Just Want To Fall Sometimes A Black Veil Brides Fanfic

Katie lives in a foster home. One day, when she goes to the Social Services to see if anyone wants to adopt her, she finds none other than Andy Biersack. He takes her under his care... but things could take a twist. What will happen when he leaves to go on tour? Will she be left to deal with normal school life, or will she go with him?


3. Devil In The Mirror

              It felt like forever but I was FINALLY going back to Andy's place with him.  I was pretty excited to meet the other guys in Black Veil Brides,  and they might not like me, but oh well.  That's life and there's nothing I can do about it.

"Andy, can we get some ice cream pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase?!?!?!"  CC begged him, clutching onto his arm as Andy was trying to drive.  Poor Andy.  He was making a slight face at what CC was doing.

"If you can get Katie to ask then yes." he responded, never taking his eyes off the road.  CC turned to me with the biggest puppy eyes on the planet.  I finally understand how he got his girlfriend to melt all the time.  It was cute, and NO! I don't like him like that.

"Please Katie?"  He begged, sounding like a small child.  I gave a slight sigh and then I caved.

"Fine, Andy, can we please get some ice cream?"  I asked.  Last time something like this happened to me I messed it up because they wanted a well mannered kid.  I didn't use my manners apparently so they took me back.

"Yes, and we were going to go anyways.  I just wanted to see if you would ask."  He said, giving me a smile through the rear view mirror.  Wow Andy, so mature.

"YEAH!  ICE CREAM!!!!!!"  CC yelled, man, he really wanted ice cream.  I looked at Andy and he had that look on his face.  We were gonna mess with CC at the ice cream shop.  We walked into the shop and walked up to the counter where a strange looking woman was working.  I don't know if it was the makeup she was wearing or the weird look she was giving Andy...  wait a second...  Oh god, this isn't gonna end well.  Her name tag said her name was Cally.(sorry if this is your name)

"Hi, what can I get you guys today?"  She asked, batting her eyelashes at him when we got to the counter.  I noticed CC glancing from her to me before he did something I would call embarrassing.

"WE HAVE A CHILD WITH US!!! DO NOT MAKE SEXUAL LOOKS IN FRONT OF HER!!!"  He yelled, covering my eyes with his hands in the process.  I pulled his hands off of my eyes to see Cally looking extremely awkward.  On top of that, her boss walked over to her and asked her to go to the backroom and apologized for making us wait to order.  A new cashier who was obviously not going to flirt on the job came over.

"What can I get you three?"  She asked, looking at us.  Before Andy or I could answer, CC piped up.

"Chocolate chip please."  I looked to Andy as he made his order then looked at the choices available.

"I'll take the chocolate."  After they payed for the ice cream we went and sat down in a booth, well, except for CC.

"Hold this, I'll be right back."  And with that he went off to get something.  I took his ice cream and the moment he was out of sight I handed it to Andy under the table and he kept it hidden under there.  When CC came back and couldn't find his ice cream he started to flip out.  We gave him back his ice cream when he got the look on his face that he was about to cry.  Then he wouldn't stop glaring at us until we promised him he got to pick the movie we were watching when we got back.

"So long as we aren't watching a baby show, I'm fine."  Andy muttered to me under his breath and I silently agreed with him.  When we got back to Andy's (and my) house, CC shot out of the car, grabbed one of my bags, then raced to the door as Andy and I grabbed my last bag, WALKING to the door

"HURRY UP AND OPEN THIS UNICORN OF A DOOR!!!" CC yelled as he bounced on the doorstep like a child.  He clearly was excited.

"CC, how about we put my stuff up first so that way I can find my fudgelpopping(I made this word up) room later?"  I suggested as I adjusted my small bag on my shoulder.

"Maybe we should pick out what he wants to watch first, then do that."  Andy said, watching as CC shot inside for the selection of movies he got to pick from.  I looked after, then looked down at my bag that he dropped.

"Good idea."

"I wanna watch Fantastic Four!"  CC yelled as he sat down on the floor waiting for us to hurry up.

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