An Odd Assortment of Poetic Assesments On Life

Sometimes life sounds better in rhyme with little reason.


3. Hope

In the war torn section

When all is forgotten and you're protection-

It's nothing more

You continue to battle but all It seems to do is rattle your head

Because you can't control it

The overflow...

It goes throughout your mind

When you always thought you must be in total divine control

Because they told you so

And you listened

And now, You're f







Into the trouble, the toil, the pit

The pit that you call your own mind

But it's not as sublime as you thought?

Because those thoughts corrupt you

They smear and brand and boil

All but for your hope

Which cannot be broken or damaged or snaped

Because in human existence,

There is a constant in the flood,

When all are there seems to be is blood

If you only remember to turn on the light


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