An Odd Assortment of Poetic Assesments On Life

Sometimes life sounds better in rhyme with little reason.


4. Fantasy (In Dactylic Pentameter)

The dreams that we live are all lost if you wait

Our destinies due fully to us will break

A constant and treacherous path will we take

Due If we can handle the path that is set

The power of living is not as we make


The ring of the fools have just placed their best bet

But we have not fallen or simply just yet

When all of our heroes have finally met

The journey begins as a wicked brash storm

The turmoil trembling with all that will let


With battles and questions of morals in form

Yet still will the saviors of kingdoms fall scorn

For lovers in question their faith will be torn

The evil that's dwelling is sure to take heart

But still is there chance for new life to be born


The phoenix will rise from the ashes in part

A new generation of heroes will start

And all from the shadows dark villains will part

When light breaks though darkness in sudden astound

The hope of the nations will break all the charts


A fantasy played out in perfect a sound

The cries through the ages will echo renound

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