Finding the Truth

Exactly 14 days ago, four boys went missing in the Bremin forest on a field trip. I was supposed to be with them, but I was sick for some odd reason. Because I am never sick. Then, exactly two days ago, they mysteriously returned. My name is Katrina Perish, and I made it my personal mission to find out what happened.
Now they have returned and are suddenly friends. But now, there is someone who is trying to discover their secret and wants to know badly. But when old demons return and all hell breaks loose. There is reason for worry from the boys. But when Kat goes missing after ‘hanging’ with the boys, does it call for a search party when she goes where they were?


10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9:

Jake’s P.O.V

I smiled as I looked at Saskia once she let her hand down dropping the water bomb. We finally found the water element… now we can look for Andy, wherever he may be. I smiled at her, but it dulled at the scared look on her face.

“It’s okay; you’re the one we’re looking for.” Sam smiled at her,

“Yeah, you’re the one.” We both turned to Felix for assurance, he nodded grimly and I resisted the urge to growl at him,

“We need to do the spell. But where, we can’t leave school grounds for a couple more hours,” I nodded agreeing with Felix. Sam then made a weird noise making the three of us look at him,

“There’s a classroom with a huge fish tank… do you think we could do it there?” Felix thought about it for a minute,

“Show me.” Sam nodded, and grabbed Felix’s wrist and started dragging him in the direction of the classroom. I stood next to Saskia, who still looked confused about what was going on.

“It’s okay; you’ll get it in a minute.” Saskia nodded, her straight blonde hair sat on her shoulders not moving somehow… weird. Saskia looked at me oddly,

“Magic?” I nodded,

“Come on, we better catch up with the others.” She nodded and followed after me as I walked to where I saw Felix standing in front of the doorway to a classroom. I quickly ran up the stairs to where the classroom was and entered, Saskia and Felix following right behind me.

Felix’s P.O.V

Jake and Saskia had finally arrived, and Saskia went over to where Sam was standing and was watching as he tried to catch the fish in the tank. That was definitely enough water for a scrying spell. I knew everything would be fine, but I was still worried about Saskia… she just suddenly shows up right as we begin looking for a water element, I don’t trust her. I turned to Jake and told him,

“A girl like Saskia shouldn’t have that much magical potential.” Jake scoffed,

“What, more than you?” I frowned at him about to reply when I was stopped by Sam announcing that he had caught all the fish… I sighed walking over to the tank… I so hope this spell works, because if it does the way it should, Kat I am coming to get you, and I am bringing you home to your Dad.

Kat’s P.O.V

I sighed lying on my ‘bed’ bored out of my fricken mind. Lily Lau, Andy’s grandmother had come around and left chicken feet all over the place. I had to hide so she didn’t see me, but not that I care, FOOD! I hadn’t eaten in a day, Oscar doesn’t have many chances to bring me food, and when he does, it isn’t much. So let’s just say I am very happy about the chicken feet. Although they were left by some creepy Chinese lady, I don’t really give a rat’s arse.

I sat up on my bed feeling a bit weird, when suddenly a giant bubble of water came out of nowhere and landed on my head. Literally, the water came from nowhere, and it smelled like fish tank water.

“Ew,” I groaned pulling my shirts off, leaving me in my bra. I sighed; I guess it’s time to go for a swim. I yanked off my pants which weren’t as wet as my shirts, but still needed to dry off. I sighed as I walked out of the shack and down to the river a few minutes away. I felt awkward walking in my underwear, since it’s only the second time I have jumped in the river since I’ve been here.

I walked silently making sure not to make any noise just in case there is some super weird people hanging around. If there are, I really hope they are just drunk townies or at least high, then they won’t remember seeing me. I sighed looking around one last time before arriving at the water.

I looked up to the sky, thankful for it being such a nice day, everything should dry quickly. I separated my shirt and laid them out, then laying my jeans next to them. I pulled my shoes and socks off, sitting them next to me jeans, before jumping into the water, which only went to my waist.

I sighed in contentment, lying back so I was floating atop of the water. From here, I could hear everything, the rushing of the water moving downstream, the animals moving leaves and breaking branches in the bush, my breathing, my heart beating. It was wonderful, it calmed me down. The sun beating down on my face was annoying, making me sit up and dunk my head under the water. When I came up, I looked to my clothes and swore I saw a figure standing on the coast of the bushlands. My eyes widened and I hid my body under the water.

“Who’s there? I saw you, come out now!” I heard more rustling and a man came out. He looked about thirty, with facial hair looking like he hadn’t shaved in months, years even.

“Ah, sorry miss, I was just huntin’.” I frowned,

“Why would you hunt out here? Why are you hunting at all?” the man sighed and went over to my clothes feeling them,

“They’re dry if you would like to change.” I nodded and watched as he turned around. What the hell? This guy has manners; he looks like a hobo for god sakes. I was hesitant, but when I realised he wasn’t going to turn around and attack me, I quickly climbed out of the water drying off in the sun instantly, and pulling my clothes back on. I walked up to the man and tapped his shoulder,

“I’m clothed.” He nodded and turned around to me holding his hand out,

“I’m Roland.” I smiled lightly, taking his hand and shaking it.

“I’m Kat. Just out of curiosity, why did you say you were hunting?” the man… Roland sighed,

“Well, I live in the Bremin Ranges, and a man needs to eat, so I hunt.” I frowned,

“So you’re homeless?” Roland let out a loud laugh making me cover my ears at his volume,

“God no! I have everything I need, I just sleep in a tent, under a tarp cover, and I have a solar powered car… well actually I have a lot of solar powered things, I cook scrambled eggs on my fryer, the eggs come from my chickens, the Henrietta’s, and I saw you living in that old shack, and notice you weren’t really comfortable there, so I decided to finally come and talk to you, and invite you back to my place for something to eat, because you were going pretty hard at those chicken feet that lady left.” I frowned biting my lip before asking a gutsy question,

“Do you know Felix?” Roland froze and looked at me with a smile on his face,

“Why yes I do… he and his mates were stuck here. Camped out in the forest their first night here and ran into my camp screaming they were being chased by nature… oddest story I had ever heard, but I knew it was possible. Sam, Andy, Jake and Felix, that’s who I am talking about, is that who you are?” I nodded my eyes widening at the knowledge of having someone I could trust other than Oscar.

“That’s them! I remember you now; you were possessed by the demon, twice!” Roland laughed,

“Yeah I was… I think, I don’t really know, I can’t remember.” I laughed at him,

“You can’t remember being possessed, I would, because I think I would be able to remember being forced out of my body and being controlled my something else!” Roland nodded,

“You’re right about that one. Now… how about we go back to my place and give you something to eat.” I nodded vigorously,

“Yes please, that would be wonderful!” Roland smiled and we started on our way to his place. We walked through bush in silence, I didn’t really know what to say, and I don’t think he knows me well enough to have a proper conversation with me.

I sighed looking up to the sky and almost fell over a root in the ground. I groaned quickly regain my balance and catching back up to Roland. He was pretty tall, taller than Felix and Jake… I groaned again, don’t think of him. I don’t need Jake in my thoughts when something came through my head again,

“Wait Roland,” Roland stopped walking and turned to face me,

“Yeah Kat?” I frowned,

“You were possessed by a demon, why?” Roland sighed,

“It was after your friends, trying to kill them… no wait, only Felix.” I gasped,

“It was trying to kill them?!” he nodded,

“But why?” Roland shrugged,

“That is something I will probably never know the answer to.” I laughed a little and we stopped coming to what actually looked like a camp. There was a car under a cover tarp, while a little shabby tent was sitting under a tin cover. There was a stove connected to solar panels and a group of five chickens were trapped under a cage.

“Aw, cute chickies,” I squealed as I ran over to the chickens. I sat looking at I didn’t notice Roland was standing right behind me, causing me to jump when I finally did. I screamed a little, putting my hand on my heart covering it, feeling the beat accelerate,

“Roland, you scared the shit out of me!” Roland laughed a little,

“Well that’s the most fun I had ever since I was possessed.” I laughed in return standing up,

“I hope Felix comes for me soon.” I sighed looking at my clothed body, I want my jacket back.

“What do you mean Kat?” I sighed again and turned to Roland,

“Well I think he is coming soon. I fell through like a rip in between the universes and ended up here, and Felix said he was coming to get me; he just has to get the boys on board and get here. He said to be at the shack so he knows where I am and so I don’t run into the other me.” Roland looked confused,

“Other you?” I nodded,

“Yeah, some people are in both universes, and I am in both, which is a bad thing because I might create a paradox if I touch the other me, so I have been hiding out in the shack, living off whatever food Oscar brings me, which isn’t much, so those chicken feet were wonderful to eat, I was starving.” Roland nodded understanding what I meant,

“So how do you know that Felix is coming for you?” I sighed suddenly sad,

“I don’t know, but something happened today and that’s why I was in the river. A bubble of water came out of nowhere and landed on me, and so I hopped in the river to get rid of the waters smell, it was fish tank water, and I’d rather smell like a river than a fish tank.” Roland nodded,

“So we better get you back to your shack shouldn’t we don’t miss them should we.” I nodded and took the eggs sitting on the plate Roland was holding, and ate them.

“Thanks for this Roland, I’m really grateful.” Roland shrugged my thank you off,

“It was nothing, now just as long as you get back home to you friends and family.” I frowned,

“My Dad… I completely forgot about him… oh my god, what does he think I’ve been doing? Does he think I ran away? Does he think I was kidnapped, or dead? Oh my god.” My eyes widened and I dropped to the floor and I blacked out.

Felix’s P.O.V

I groaned as I climbed into Jake’s window, following Sam who just climbed right on in. I was confused as to why he did that, and because it is Sam, I will never understand, and quite frankly I don’t want to know, the dudes more of a freak than me… oh god, I just said ‘dude’ I have been spending way too much time with Sam.

“What are you doing?” I asked Sam as he finished climbing through the window, and gestured for me to follow.

“Dude, he’s right here.” I groaned, throwing my bag over my shoulder more and hoping up on the windowsill and half climbing, half falling through Jake’s open bedroom window. I was nearly through, when I start falling forward, causing Sam to catch me around the arm and waist, making me groan and pull away from him as soon as I found some form of balance.

I then looked to Jake who looked like he was on his death bed. I groaned and bit my lip wanting to look away. Sam looked happy as Larry, but sad at the same time,

“We think we know what went wrong with the tracking spell.” I muttered out, not really wanting to be here. I wanted to be in the other universe looking for Kat, I hope she did what I said and is at the shack, I want to get there as soon as possible when we get there.

“Well, Felix thinks he does.” I rolled my eyes and started explaining what was going on,

“So I think what went wrong was that the water didn’t show us where Andy was because he wasn’t here, in this universe,” Jake sat up slightly, groaning at the movement,

“You think he’s in the other universe…” Jake dead panned, making me roll my eyes again,

“Even better, he wants us to go back there.” I sighed at Sam’s aggressiveness as Jake nodded,

“But not right now, something’s happened,” I frowned.

“What happened?” Jake sighed sitting up in his bed and pulling the duvet off his feet to show his foot which was turning into something like the Thing, off Fantastic 4. I stopped myself from groaning at the sight, what the hell was that? We need it fixed, and soon by the looks of it, it had started to move up his foot and onto his leg.

“Jake, this is magic, not man flu. Why didn’t you tell us?” Jake sighed,

“Well I haven’t really had the energy for it.” I sighed,

“Quickly get ready; we need to go find Saskia so we can fix this.” Jake and Sam nodded and I had to drag Sam out of the room so Jake could get ready. Five minutes later Jake came out ready for school. I nodded and started out the door leaving the house empty, since its only inhabitant was Jake at the moment.

***Time skip. Location- Nai nai’s restaurant***

We had collected Saskia, but were put off of casting the spell because Roland…, who was detective in this universe, wanted us to replay what happened when Andy went missing. When I finally pissed him off enough to let us go, we arrived back at school were Saskia was waiting for us. From there we went behind the school do cast the spell wasn’t working and the talisman wasn’t glowing like it should have been.

Jake then said something about no magic, and we wound up here and Andy’s grandmothers restaurant. I groaned shoving the door open, Jake hanging off one of my arms. I was piss weak so Sam was carrying most of Jake. When we got inside, Lily Lau, the grandmother started arguing with me,

“Please… we’ll wash up for a month.” Lily looked at me contemplating it, before turning to Jake,

“You were in my house…” she then turned to Sam,

“… And so were you.” Sam groaned his knees buckling under Jake’s newly found weight. Saskia then stepped forward,

“Mrs Lau, the more people out there looking for Andy the better. We need Jake,” Lily sighed before nodding. Sam smiled and pulled a stool out and sat Jake on it, who looked like he was about to pass out. He just sat there staring at Lily,

“Show her.” I muttered. He nodded and rolled up his sleeve, showing Lily where the clay whatever it was, had reached up to. I winced and watched as Lily exclaimed before pulling away,

“Obvious, Silly boy… too much earth.” I frowned, what does that mean, too much earth? We nodded and started out when Saskia was stopped, I wasn’t close enough to hear, but I did manage to hear Lily say too much earth again, and trouble. I frowned, but she’s our new water element isn’t she?

I growled, this is getting way to confusing, and I need to get to Kat before the demon does. What the hell are you going to do; we need to get Jake to water, and fast,

“The bath at my place,” I quickly said. Sam shook his head,

“Too far, how about the river?” my eyes widened and I nodded,

“But we can’t carry him, he weighs too much.” Sam nodded and I looked around seeing the wheelbarrow. I pointed to it,

“The wheel barrow,” Sam nodded and quickly got up from his spot next to Jake to empty the full wheel barrow. Saskia looked sad,

“What did she mean too much earth? Everything was the same except… for the new element,” I turned to Saskia, trying not to be mean,

“It was you.” Saskia looked confused, so did everybody actually,

“But the spell worked, how do you explain that?” I groaned rolling my head back,

“I don’t know, but Saskia isn’t the water element.” Sam looked at me,

“So if she isn’t the water element, what is she?” I thought about it for a moment, too much earth,

“You’re an earth element?!” Sam nodded,

“You can’t come with us,” I said. Jake growled,

“I want her with us.” I rolled my eyes,

“She can’t come; she’s the one doing this to you.” Jake sighed and nodded. I watched as Saskia got down next to Jake, putting her hand on his shoulder causing him to tense up and cry out. Fuck she just speed it up, I pushed her away from him, and got under his arm to lift him up. Sam got on the other side and helped me lift Jake into the wheel barrow, where we started on our way to the river, leaving Saskia where she was. We were most of the way there when we were stopped up Ellen, calling out to us.

“Stop and tell me what you did Jake. I am recording everything,” I groaned and turned around to see Ellen holding her phone up at us, really recording everything. Jake called out too reply to her,

“They didn’t do anything.” He was getting weaker and it was obvious in his voice. I groaned at Ellen,

“Please not right now,” Ellen scoffed,

“What, so you can do whatever it is you did to Andy to him. It doesn’t have to do that magic mumbo jumbo I found in your bag does it?” I froze,

“You went through my bag?” Ellen softened up a little until Sam called out,

“Now is not the time for a lovers tiff doofus!” I growled and turned as he started to run off wheeling Jake, when suddenly the wheel barrow tipped and Jake rolled onto his back. My eyes widened and I ran over to his right side as Sam was on his left. The clay was now up to his neck and moving fast. I growled frightened, not knowing what to do,

“Dude look,” I looked up to see Sam pointing at the talisman. I was glowing,

“It’s calling to us like when we were casting the spell.” My eyes widened,

“Ellen was outside the classroom, it’s her.” Sam smiled and stood up walking over to her as she said,

“I’m calling the cops.” Sam was smiling like a creep,

“You’re the one we want.” I quickly pulled the talisman from my neck and started saying the spell,

“Water, fire, earth, air, elements that we all share.” But it wasn’t working, and the talisman was starting to lose its glow. I groaned and called out to Sam,

“She’s too far away the elements need to be together!” Sam nodded, and did his wind thing using his powers, blowing Ellen’s phone out of her hand. He picked it up and started walking towards me and Jake, taunting Ellen with her phone. When they were close enough, the talisman began glowing again, so I did the spell. This time it worked, just as the clay was about to reach the top of Jake’s head, and it disappeared with a puff. Jake sat up and turned to Ellen,

“Everything’s okay now, see?” Sam said to Ellen.

Kat’s P.O.V

Ever since I came to this universe, I always felt like someone was watching me, and stalking me, and I had felt it constantly, up until thirty minutes ago. Now I felt cold alone and scared. I was sitting under the desk in the shack, with a whole bunch of chicken feet in front of me, but I was too scared to eat.

That feeling wasn’t normal. I think I was being followed by the demon… but why wasn’t it attacking me, was it because I fell into this universe by accident? And it knew it wasn’t my fault, and I wasn’t really doing anything that would mess with the order of things? I sighed lying down and closing my eyes.

Why did I have to fall though into this universe? I guess I did want to get away from Jake… but still. I groaned and hit myself on the head, I shouldn’t be thinking about him. My thoughts were cut off by the sound of an engine running. I froze, holy shit it must be the cops. Just as long as I am quiet they won’t know I’m here hopefully.

Eventually I heard footsteps and talking, but it didn’t sound like the cops, there were too many feet, about five from the sounds of it. The talking from outside came into the shack and I knew it in an instant… Felix and Ellen! My eyes widened and I crawled out from under the table and I saw him. I smiled and ran over to him and tapped him on the shoulder,

“KAT!” I smiled and he pulled me into a hug, lifting me up and spinning me around. I hugged him back best I could,

“You came.” He nodded,

“Duh, plus, we’re looking for Andy, you haven’t seen him have you?” I shook my head,

“No sorry, I have barely left here. Just in case I ran into myself,” Felix nodded but froze, looking at something behind me. I knew what it was… Jake. I felt a tear slip down my cheek as I turned to look at him. I bit my lip and looked at him in his school uniform,

“Jake…” I muttered out, my voice barely above a whisper. I watched as he glared back at me, causing me to whimper and take a step back. Oh god… he really does hate me.

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