Finding the Truth

Exactly 14 days ago, four boys went missing in the Bremin forest on a field trip. I was supposed to be with them, but I was sick for some odd reason. Because I am never sick. Then, exactly two days ago, they mysteriously returned. My name is Katrina Perish, and I made it my personal mission to find out what happened.
Now they have returned and are suddenly friends. But now, there is someone who is trying to discover their secret and wants to know badly. But when old demons return and all hell breaks loose. There is reason for worry from the boys. But when Kat goes missing after ‘hanging’ with the boys, does it call for a search party when she goes where they were?


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8:

Jake’s P.O.V

Don’t think about Kat. Think about getting Andy back. Kat is better off without me. STOP THINKING ABOUT KAT! I growled jumping up from my bed and flipping the mattress from the base. I heard someone yelp from outside of my room; hope suddenly lit up in me against my will as I went and pulled the door open. I was hoping to see Kat there, forgiving me for the other day, but it was just mum. I frowned,

“Why did you yelp?” Mum looked to me, a sad look in her eyes. This weirded me out,

“Mum? What’s happened?” Mum sighed, before placing her hand on my arm. Come to the lounge, we need to talk.” I nodded, pulling my door shut and headed towards the lounge where there was detective Roberts and another cop next to him. My frown grew and I suddenly got angry, if this is about fucking Andy, I am going to blow a bolt! I sat down on the couch and Roberts looked to me,

“Ah, Jake, good to see you.” I nodded, being polite,

“Likewise… what’s going on?” Roberts sighed,

“So word around the town is that you’re friends with Kat Perish yes?” I nodded confused.

“Is this to do with Andy?” Roberts frowned,

“Possibly, did you know she is missing? We have been lead to believe she has run away.” I gasped, tears suddenly filling up in my eyes. My hands went to my mouth to hold in my sobs. I stood up,

“You’re lying!” I growled. Roberts sighed, looking to the other cop before shaking his head and standing up, and turning to my mum,

“We are very sorry for this.” Mum nodded,

“You better be. Are you sure she’s run away?” Roberts nodded,

“Yes, her jacket was missing which contained a small amount of money. They were missing from her house; it seems she left right before Andy Lau went missing.” My eyes almost blew. I stalked over to Roberts,

“SHE DIDN’T RUN AWAY! SHE COULDN’T HAVE!” I frowned, my energy suddenly gone, but I didn’t stop.


“It seems the pair of you are more than friends.” I shook my head,

“Not anymore, the other night... just find her and make sure she gets home safe. I don’t want to hear about her anymore.” I walked back to my room. I don’t care what the fucking cops say; I am not going to say her name ever again. We are not friends, we are not even friends of friends, and I will never classify her as anything but a stranger to me.

Felix’s P.O.V

I sat down on my couch as Oscar closed the door after following me in. I laid down taking up the whole couch, but it’s not like it mattered, Oscar rarely left his chair. I turned to Oscar who was holding a sketch book on his lap, pencil in hand. We learned that because Oscar is spirit, in this world and the other, he sorta kinda has the ability to draw the present and future. Mainly the future, only having drawn the present once, and that was Kat yesterday morning.

“Do you see anything?” Oscar shook his head,

“Not yet. Are you sure she’s in the other world?” I nodded,

“Yeah, Sam had this ‘evil’ twin as he called it, named Sammy, who basically replaced him in that universe, and when we found Kat yesterday morning, she kept on saying it was Sammy’s backyard she was in, that Sammy was the last person she saw.” Oscar nodded,

“Okay, I get cha now. But still, we don’t know what happened to Andy either.” I scoffed,

“Please, we know what happened to Andy. He got jealous of the fact that I had this worlds Ellen and was… is going on a date with her, once this is all sorted out. I think… maybe, I don’t know, it’s confusing. But still, he got jealous, and I think he cast a spell to give him more power, it was something I had never seen before, and he got sucked up into the sky. Then when we tried to bring him back, it turns out he was a demon that sure as hell seemed like the one that was hell bent on killing us while we were in the other universe.” Oscar sighed before looking up from his book,

“But what are you going to do about Kat? She’s officially missing now, or run away. What about her dad? Who’s going to help him?” I sighed sitting back, suddenly grumpy,

“I don’t know Oscar! I don’t know!” I sighed lying down again. I rubbed my hands over face and sinking into the couch.

“Sorry, Oscar, I just… everything over the last few days has been really confusing. I’m worried about Kat, and then Andy had to go and fuck up. We need to find him, but then I don’t know how… oh my god I have it!” Oscar jumped at my sudden change,

“What? What do you have?” I jumped up from the couch, running over to my bag, which I had dumped by the door on my entry to the room. I pulled out my little black book of shadows, and opened to a new blank page.

“Oscar, if I make a locating spell, and find a new water element, we can find out where Andy is, and hopefully get him back.” Oscar smiled, but then remembered something. I groaned remembering it too,

“Alice,” we groaned in sync. I collapsed on the couch again; we need to find a way to keep Alice off our backs. Wait… I need to try something. I quickly pulled Kat’s phone from my pocket and gave it to Oscar. He looked confused,

“Why are you giving me this phone?” Oscar suddenly froze up, picking up the pencil he had just dropped, and began drawing something… or someone. I looked over to see Oscar drawing two girls that were completely identical. Kat… she met herself? That can’t be good. Oscar then stopped drawing and looked at the picture,

“You really were right. She is in the other universe, I saw a shack… she was there, with another me. I don’t… it was too quick. But I guess this was the most important one if it was the one I drew.” I nodded,

“Something bad must happen if they touch. Being near each other mustn’t be too bad, so it must be touch that will screw everything over.” Oscar nodded. I sighed re-opening my book and grabbing a pencil.

“I need to make that locator spell for Andy. Hopefully, it won’t be that hard,” Oscar nodded before heading towards the door.

“I’ll leave you to it.” I nodded, barely listening as I began on the spell.

Kat’s P.O.V

“You said you wouldn’t run into yourself!” I winced at the pitch of Oscar’s voice. I sat at the shack Felix said I would go to if I ever came back here. I went and got Oscar a few minutes ago and brought him here so we could talk with no worries of getting caught.

“I didn’t think I was almost going to walk into myself. It was pure chance, I did everything right. And I didn’t touch her so I didn’t create a paradox if I haven’t already. But still, I don’t have to worry about. I just need to wait. They’ll come and get me.” Oscar sighed and nodded,

“Yeah, do you know how long it will take?” I shook my head,

“I guess it all depends on Jake.” I felt a tear slip past my eye at his name. Oscar was confused,

“What do you mean, ‘It all depends on Jake’?” I sighed,

“You might want to sit down for this.” Oscar, who was still standing up, took my advice and sat down. I smiled weakly at him from the bed I was sitting on. Well, kind of bed. It was just a door frame on a couple of camper mats and a sleeping bag. Of course I grabbed the other mats to make it comfier.

“So with Jake… umm where do I start? You see, Jake and I have a complicated friendship. A few years ago, we came across each other in the school library, and we became friends. He stopped people from bullying me, but I only had him and Ellen as friends.” Oscar became confused,

“You’re friends with that monster?” I cocked my head and frowned.

“What do you mean by that?” Oscar sighed,

“She must be different in your world. Here Ellen is a popular mean girl… well, kind of mean. To me she is, but that’s because I’m her neighbour.” I bit my lip,

“Weird. But yeah, and so I only had Ellen and Jake as friends, so when Jake went missing, I only had Ellen, but she was helping Felix’s family out, that and she didn’t know I was friends with Jake. No one did,” Oscar looked sympathetic.

“I’m sorry you had to have a friendship like that.” I shrugged, another tear falling down my face.

“You get… used to it.” My voice broke. Oscar came over to me, but I pushed him away.

“I think you need to go.” Oscar nodded, standing up and walking to the exit.

“Just… come find me if you need me okay?” I nodded and watched as he walked away. I took this as a chance to allow the tears to truly fall from my eyes as I lay down on my ‘bed’. I never really told Jake how much I hated our friendship being a secret.

Felix’s P.O.V

*Four days later*

I have finally finished the spell. Now all we need it a new water element, I need to tell the guys. I quickly pulled out my phone sending a text to Sam and Jake saying to ‘Urgent! Meet me out the front of school, I have good news!’ Sam replied instantly saying he was already at school, but I didn’t get a reply from Jake. I frowned; lately Jake has been acting so weird. I don’t get what’s wrong with him. Ever since Kat ‘Ran away’ he hasn’t been as… how do you put this… he hasn’t been Jake? All he cares about is getting Andy back. He won’t even say Kat’s name, and he just… I don’t get it.

I sighed, standing up from my couch and walking over to my door, bag on shoulder, and walking out. I didn’t bother going inside to get breakfast or grab a lunch for the day. I need to concentrate on finding the new water element.

As I walked to school, I never stopped thinking about who could possibly be the water element. It was already hard enough finding the first three, now I need to find a fourth? I groaned and stopped walking when I saw my school in the distance. I saw the small figures of Sam and Jake looking around, I had a nagging feeling that they were looking for me.

I groaned starting up my walk again when I knew I really had to get to school now or we wouldn’t have enough time to look for the new water element before classes start. I get the feeling we need to discuss who to consider.

Finally, I had arrived at school and so I went and stood next to Sam as the two of them were surveying the area looking for people. They sighed and Sam turned to me, I smiled weakly at them,

“What do we do?” I shrugged,

“We pick people who we think could possibly have magical potential, follow them and if they show any, report back to me. But first, we need to figure out whom to follow exactly.” The two boys nodded and continued looking around. Sam was the first to talk,

“What about Mike? He’s pretty smart, the same as Andy yeah?” I nodded and wrote his name down in my book. I looked around searching for another candidate.

“What about Trent? I once saw him throw a water balloon at someone through a moving bus.” I frowned remembering that. That person was me…

“Odd, but I guess.” I wrote his name down looking around. I then saw Lachlan.

“What about Lachlan?” Sam looked mad,

“No… no way, never in a million years,” but Jake agreed with me,

“He is… captain of the swimming team. You can’t get closer to water than that,” Sam groaned before giving in,

“Whatever.” We all nodded and started off to class when we stopped. Trent was calling out,

“LOOK OUT!” we all looked up to see a stray football heading our way. We ducked slightly as the ball went over our heads and was caught. We turned to see a girl our age holding the football looking at it oddly. There’s something odd with her… I just can’t tell what it is. I bit back a growl before looking at the girl.

She had light blonde hair that went most of the way down her back, with brown eyes. She was wearing the schools dress, which went down to her knees, where the dress is meant to be. Jake’s attitude suddenly changed,

“Nice catch.” I rolled my eyes and walked off with Sam not wanting to be around that, knowing I would just get mad and freak out at Jake.

Jake’s P.O.V

“Nice catch,” I said. The girl nodded and smiled,

“Thanks,” and kicked the ball back to Trent and Dylan who were across the quad. My eyes widened as I watched the ball fly.

“Whoa. That was awesome,” the girl blushed. My eyes widened and I held my hand out,

“I’m Jake.” The girl frowned, taking my hand and shaking it. Her hand felt weird, it was dry and soft at the same time… creepy. But she was really pretty, so maybe she can help me to forget about Kat who hates me.

“I’m Saskia,” I smiled at her. Yep, she is perfect…

Felix’s P.O.V

*End of the school day*

“INCOMING!” Jake screamed out as Trent threw water bombs at us… okay maybe I should go back a bit, just so everything is clear.

*1 hour before*

 I sat there sitting on the bench in the quad of our school, drenched in water. It was my job to follow Trent around school all day, and this is where is got me… water bomb attacked. I groaned pulling off my school shirt leaving me in my normal t-shirt and grey long sleeve.

“Felix, you need to tell me what’s going on.” I froze looking up to see Ellen moving and sitting down on the seat next to me. Oh god I am fucked…

“I don’t know what you mean.” I feigned confusion. Ellen sighed,

“Look, if you didn’t want to go on a date with me, all you had to do is say so.” my eyes widened and I shook my head,

“Ellen, it’s not that I swear. There’s just been so much going on, and it been really confusing, but I really do want to go on a date with you.” Elle sighed,

“Well it doesn’t seem like it.” I frowned; she is going to butcher me for this. I quickly leaned forward, placing my lips on hers. I pulled away instantly blushing, I went to say something, but Jake came running over.

“Dude, we need to go.” I frowned,

“Not right now.” Jake shook his head,

“Yes sorry, but we need you,” I sighed standing up and walking away from Ellen,

“I am really sorry,” and with that I ran off with Jake, where we met Sam in the teachers parking lot. I frowned,

“What’s going on? Has something happened?” Sam shook his head,

“That’s it. Nothing has happened,” I frowned,

“What do you mean?” Jake sighed,

“They were all a dead end.” I frowned.

“There has to be someone.” Jake shook his head, his eyes suddenly widening. I looked to him oddly and noticed what he was staring at… Trent and Dylan plus water bomb equals,

“Incoming!” he yelled when all of a sudden, the bomb froze just a metre away from us. My eyes widened and dropped lower to see the new girl with her hand held up in a catching motion. I smiled and turned to Sam who said to me,

“The new water element?” I nodded,

“The ability to control water…she has to be.” I smiled wider… finally; we can bring Kat, and hopefully Andy home.

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