Finding the Truth

Exactly 14 days ago, four boys went missing in the Bremin forest on a field trip. I was supposed to be with them, but I was sick for some odd reason. Because I am never sick. Then, exactly two days ago, they mysteriously returned. My name is Katrina Perish, and I made it my personal mission to find out what happened.
Now they have returned and are suddenly friends. But now, there is someone who is trying to discover their secret and wants to know badly. But when old demons return and all hell breaks loose. There is reason for worry from the boys. But when Kat goes missing after ‘hanging’ with the boys, does it call for a search party when she goes where they were?


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7:

Kat’s P.O.V

I looked at Felix confused. I did but didn’t believe him, so I was quite sceptic about the whole situation. The story of what happened to them is quite weird. I mean, first they fall off a cliff, then spend a night camping out in the bush where they keep on hearing weird sounds and scaring the hell out of themselves. And when waking up, they find a homeless guy in the bush and he gives them a ride into town. Do you realise how crazy this sounds? But then, oh this is the best part… no one remembers them, because they aren’t in the same universe… aka this universe. They were in a universe where they don’t exist and I was a full on Emo. Please! As if that would ever happen… right? I frowned falling back on the couch, finally talking to Felix,

“So because you were in another universe where you didn’t exist, there was a demon hell-bent on killing you or getting rid of you, whatever it was. And then there was this talisman that stopped the ‘demon’ from killing you, but then Sam broke it, and then you had to fix it with the help of Oscar’s… spirit… do you know how crazy that sounds?” Felix nodded sighed,

“Trust me, I knew it was magic from the start, just the other guys were stubborn, especially Andy who was full on going ‘Wormholes, wormholes, wormholes’ I was seriously about ready to blow his head up. It took almost the whole time we were there to convince him magic was real, and that only happened because we were being attacked by Roland in the forest because he was possessed by the demon and Andy was holding the talisman when I cast the spell.” I gaped at him,

“Wait… this demon possessed people?” Felix nodded sadly,

“Yeah, first it was a freak storm, but I don’t think that counts…” I shook my head,

“…Then it was bees, then crows, then dogs… ohh and this is the best and most terrifying one, Andy’s grandmother.” I gaped at him,

“You can’t be serious!” Felix nodded laughing,

“Way too serious. I was having dinner with Oscar and my ‘family’ and Sam, when she came out carrying this massive butchers knife, almost cutting my head off, when I was saying the spell because the talisman was glowing and Oscar wanted to know how it worked, so I dispelled the demon, and she ended up chopping the duck right next to me. Holy crap it was terrifying.” I nodded laughing,

“It would have been. Then what else?” Felix laughed at my enthusiasm. I had jumped up on my knees like a little kid and was staring at Felix like he was someone famous… because right now he was. And I knew the real story.

“Well after Andy’s grandmother it was Roland, and then it was Mia, which was when Sam broke the talisman, and I was thrown everywhere. It really hurt, but then she dispelled herself and was fine. Then Bates came after us,” my eyes widened,

“No way, get fucked, fuck off!” I laughed at her and nodded,

“Yep, then at the same time he possessed Oscar and Gary Riles, who was a cop instead of a lazy douchebag, and that’s when we made it home.” I gaped at him when I felt it again. I placed a hand on my head,

“Felix… I don’t…” Felix knew instantly what was happening. He quickly grabbed me, holding me up,

“No Kat… don’t go to sleep, stay awake. Look at me, LOOK AT me!” Felix raised his voice slightly, causing me to jump and move into his arms,

“Felix, I can’t stay awake.” Felix shook his head,

“You have to Kat… unless you want to go to the other dimension, where you might be stuck for good this time.” My eyes widened and I was feeling awake again. I quickly jumped up and walked around, keeping myself awake.

“I don’t want to be stuck there.” Felix nodded standing up with me.

“I know you don’t. But if you do, go to the shack you saw us at yesterday okay? You know that old one outside of Bremin, where you followed us to?” I nodded, catching on to where this was going. It was getting harder to pay attention to Felix, and everything was getting blurry. I shook my head trying to get my vision to focus again but it wasn’t working. I couldn’t hear Felix anymore and it happened, the impending feeling of falling asleep.

Felix’s P.O.V

I froze as Kat started to collapse. I quickly moved to catch her but she fell straight through my arms… literally. My eyes widened as I looked down at her on the floor, and then she was gone. I bit my lip to stop myself from screaming out… this is not right. I have to get her back… just let people think she ran away, and then I don’t know… trick the boys into going back to the other universe and getting her back. Suddenly my door opened and Dad came in,

“Oh good you’re already dressed.” I frowned,

“What’s up Dad?” he sighed,

“You forgot didn’t you?” I was confused,

“Forgot what?” Dad laughed lightly,

“Your friend Sam, his brother is throwing you all a welcome back party. It starts in a few hours, and I know how lazy you are so… yeah,” I frowned,

“What time is it?” I quickly looked around to try and find some form of time when I saw it. Kat’s phone was on my couch. My eyes widened slightly, not letting dad see… I picked up my phone which was right next to Kat’s and sat down, hiding it from Dad. My phone said 09:57am holy crap how long was I talking to Kat for?! It was the fucking crack of dawn when I woke up… weird,

“Oh okay… sorry I didn’t know the time. What time does the party start?” Dad shrugged,

“About 11ish,” I nodded,

“Cool, thanks Dad.” Dad nodded and left. Ever since we came back, things had been better. My parents weren’t arguing as much, and Oscar has been the happiest I have seen him in the last two years… well aside from the other universe, because he didn’t have his accident there… no thanks to me. I sighed sitting down on the couch. I went to go and turn my lip ring, but there wasn’t one there. I smiled; I can’t believe I forgot again. When we were in the other universe, I took my snakebites out and lost them. It didn’t bother me, I just thought it was funny when I went to go turn one of them; I couldn’t because they weren’t there.

I groaned and lay down on my couch almost falling asleep, but then I decided to get up and get ready properly. I changed my jeans into new clean ones, and put my normal long-sleeve under my short sleeve. I frowned thinking about Kat again, I hope she comes back. I just feel bad because I feel it is my fault that there are metaphorical rips in space because of the boys and mainly myself.

I sighed walking out of my room and into the house where Mum was standing in the kitchen cooking up breakfast. Dad was nowhere to be seen and Oscar was sitting at the table. I smiled and walked over to him, sitting next to him,

“Hey Oskie,” Oscar turned to me, looking up from what looked to be a sketch book. Oscar smiled,

“Hey, how was your sleep?” I shrugged,

“As good as one could.” I didn’t really know what to say. Mum came over carrying two plates of food, sitting one in front of me and the other in front of Oscar. Mum then walked out of the room and Oscar turned in his chair to talk to me properly,

“Felix… where’s Kat?” my eyes widened and I shrugged, turning to my food.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Oscar sighed, turning a few pages in his book before pushing it over to me. I grabbed it and saw a very quick and rough drawing of what seemed to be Kat sleeping in a… tent. Next to her was someone who resembled a better looking Sam. That’s Kat in the other universe. I turned to Oscar,

“How did you draw this?” Oscar shrugged,

“I don’t know… but it’s been happening all the time. I have just been drawing random things just ever since who went missing. But here, I want to show you something.” I smiled at him and turned as he pulled out a little book with the words ‘Nowhere Boys’ printed on the front of it. My smile grew and Oscar blushed with embarrassment.

“It’s just what I imagined happened while you were missing.” I didn’t know what to say. I turned the page to see a bunch of comic like pictures obviously drawn by Oscar. I then came across a picture of hundreds of bees… what? This isn’t possible,

“Oscar, why did you draw this?” I showed him the picture. I then moved onto another one, it was of Sam jumping over a bunch of bins on his skate board.

“I don’t know… I just drew whatever came into my head.” My eyes shown with amazement,

“Oscar… these things actually happened,” Oscar was confused. I then flicked to the end of the book where there was a picture of Oscar standing up in front of his wheelchair. He could walk in the other universe. How did he know? I was about to ask him when mum came back into the room. I quickly shoved the book into my bag and started to eat. I can’t believe Oscar knows what happened!

Kat’s P.O.V

I sat up on the floor of Felix’s room. But it looked different… it looked nerdy. I frowned standing up; I turned towards the door to see a figure walking in at the exact same time. We both screamed and I moved away. I froze when I saw it was Oscar… and he was walking.

“Oscar since when could you walk?” Oscar looked at me properly. And then looked at me confused,

“Your name’s Kat right? We go to school together right?” I was confused,

“Oscar this is Felix’s room. Where is he? Where am I, what the fuck happened to Felix’s room.” Oscar’s eyes widened,

“You’re from where he is from, aren’t you?” I cocked my head,

“What are you talking about Oscar? And how are you walking?” Oscar sighed,

“Okay, so right now you are in a universe where Felix and his alie… friends don’t exist. I know Felix is my brother, he told me that before he left. But anyway, they were stuck here for about two weeks, and went sent them home the other day.” I frowned and then it struck me.

“I’m in the other universe… but you knew who I was. Do I exist here too?” Oscar thought about it for a bit.

“You must if I think I knew who you were.” Oscar thought for a bit longer and it struck him,

“You are the really creepy goth girl that lives down the street! You’re like a complete loner and bullied and stuff.” I frowned; right… no Jake in this world to stop people from bullying me. I sighed sitting down on the couch that was still there, just in a different spot.

“This is so confusing.” Oscar nodded,

“You got that right.” I frowned,

“But Oscar… if there are two versions of me in this universe, wouldn’t that create a paradox?” I don’t know, possibly if someone was to think about it hard enough to get the answers.

“I should go see myself.” Oscar’s eyes widened, he quickly stood up.

“Yeah I don’t think that’s a good idea. What if you do create a paradox? I don’t think you really want to kill everyone do you?” I sighed shrugging when I remembered Sammy,

“But I have to go out at some point. Less than a few hours ago I was camping out in Sammy’s backyard. Right now, he could either still be asleep, or be wondering where I am and is out looking for me, and all he will find is the other me. Oscar I have to go stop him!” Oscar sighed,

“Look Kat, neither of us fully understand the whole multiple universes thing, but if go out there, and see your other self, you really might create a paradox. I remember right before Felix went home, we were running from Bates who was possessed by a demon, hell bent on killing Felix and the guys. He mentioned something about… uhh, what was it? Come on, I know what it is… it was something to do with the universes. But I can’t remember right now,” I laughed lightly at him and stood up.

“Okay, I get it. If I find the other me, run in the other direction. I just need to find Sammy and make sure he won’t approach the other me. Then the other me won’t be fucked over,” Oscar sighed nodding,

“Fine… just don’t get caught.” I smiled and nodded, starting towards the door. I stopped as Oscar called my name.

“Kat,” I turned and looked to Oscar who had a sad look on his face,

“What is it?” Oscar sighed,

“How’s Felix?” I frowned, but then smiled. Even though they aren’t brothers in this universe, it was cute to see Oscar cared deeply for his older brother.

“He’s good, some weird things have been happening, and they have only been back for what? The whole of two days,” Oscar smiled,

“Yeah, you’re right. I just was so used to having him around. The four of them have changed this universe so much.” I frowned,

“Seriously?” Oscar nodded,

“Yeah, everything is so different now. I won’t go in depth, but yeah, things are really different.” I smiled,

“I guess change is good sometimes.” Oscar nodded. I then turned and walked out the door, and started away from Feli… Oscar’s house. That just sounds weird… I am so used to it being Felix’s house, not Oscar’s.

I shook the thought from my head, and started in the direction of the skate park, where I saw a bunch of figures. Maybe Sammy’s there. I sighed and moved closer to the park. When I arrived at the edge of the first dip, I surveyed the area looking for Sammy. I groaned when there was no sign of him.

I then turned away and started down the familiar street. I didn’t really know the way to Sammy’s house; I just kept on looking for the white house with the basketball ring out the front.

I almost cried out when I finally came across the house with the basketball ring. I smiled quickly running up to the door and knocking lightly. I heard a commotion coming from inside, causing me to take a step back. I then heard someone yelling to another,

“Vince, get the door!” the name sounds familiar but I can’t put it to a face. I sighed and yelped as the door opened surprising me. I turned to see a boy about a year or two older than I, I assume this is Vince.

“Can I help you?” my eyes widened, suddenly intimidated by Vince,

“I was looking for Sammy.” Vince made an ‘oh’ face,

“Were you the girl that crashed out the back with Sammy last night and suddenly disappeared this morning when he woke up?” I bit my lip nodding lightly. Vince looked like he was about to laugh.

“You forgot your shirt and I swear to god, Sammy has not let go of it.” My eyes widened and I blushed,

“Umm, is he home? I need to talk to him,” Vince guffawed and moved aside letting me in.

“Thanks for this,” Vince nodded,

“I’ll go get him.” I smiled weakly,

“Yeah… thanks,” and with that Vince walked off down the hall only a little bit, before opening a door and sticking his head into what I assumed would be Sammy’s room. I took the time to take in what I could see of Sammy’s house. It had a nice interior, and seemed like the family was good with their money. I smiled at the photos on the walls. In the photos were three boys, one was Sammy, another was Vince, and I think the third one was Peter or Pete… I don’t know something like that. Both parents were in the picture, causing my stomach to turn. I frowned, looking away to see Sammy heading towards me. Vince was right about my shirt… I was kinda freaked out, but it was also kinda nice to know that he cared about me a little.

“Hi Sammy,” Sammy blushed and hid the shirt behind his back. I rolled my eyes at his action,

“I already know Sammy, so don’t bother hiding it.” Sammy blushed before pulling the shirt back out and handing it over to me. I grabbed and slid it back on, instantly feeling more comfortable.

“Sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to ditch you,” Sammy shrugged,

“I was just a bit worried. I didn’t know what had happened to you, and I wanted to see you again.” I frowned,

“That’s also kinda what I came here for.” Sammy looked confused,

“What do you mean?” I sighed before starting,

“Look Sammy. Last night you did me a huge favour, and I am forever grateful, and in your debt. But I just wanted to say that if you ever see me in public, or anywhere at all… just ignore me, don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, okay?” Sammy looked even more confused.

“What do you mean? I thought we were friends?” I frowned,

“I’m sorry Sammy… it’s just, last night shouldn’t have happened. None of this should have. I just came back here to get my shirt and ask that you don’t talk to me. Sorry Sammy,” I quickly walked out the door after that.

I moved quickly down the street when I felt it. The tingle down my spine telling me something was wrong. I turned around to see nothing, but I felt it… a presence, it was weak, but there was definitely something nearby. I frowned and started forwards, and almost crashed into someone. Thank god it was an almost. I looked up to see that I was basically staring in the mirror. Oh crap… this isn’t good.

Felix’s P.O.V

I swear to god Andy is the most stubborn, the most annoying person I have ever met. He fucking got himself turned into water, and sucked up a vortex. Now the cops all think Sam, Jake and I have done something to him. Now we have to find a way to get him back, just like I need to find a way to get Kat back. Ever since this morning, Jake has barely said two words unless it was Andy related. At the party he didn’t socialise with many people, he kinda just stood there.

I frowned dropping to the ground out front of the shack at which the party was being held. I was a different shack to the one we were at the other day, but it was still a fucking shack. I didn’t care about that… all I cared about was getting Kat back; I don’t really care about Andy because he almost drove me fucking crazy! But we do need to get the both of them back, no matter the cost. It is just going to be really hard to get the cops off our asses. This is gonna be fun… not.

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