Finding the Truth

Exactly 14 days ago, four boys went missing in the Bremin forest on a field trip. I was supposed to be with them, but I was sick for some odd reason. Because I am never sick. Then, exactly two days ago, they mysteriously returned. My name is Katrina Perish, and I made it my personal mission to find out what happened.
Now they have returned and are suddenly friends. But now, there is someone who is trying to discover their secret and wants to know badly. But when old demons return and all hell breaks loose. There is reason for worry from the boys. But when Kat goes missing after ‘hanging’ with the boys, does it call for a search party when she goes where they were?


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

What the hell would the cops want with me? I haven’t done anything wrong have I? I had a confused look on my face I sat down opposite Sergeant Roberts and another cop.

“May I ask what is it you want to talk to me about?” I asked hesitantly. Roberts nodded and answered,

“What do you know about Felix Ferne, Sam Conte, Jake Riles, and Andy Lau going missing?” I frowned,

“Um… not much really, I was sick that day so I couldn’t go on the trip like I was supposed to, but I do know I was supposed to be in a group with them. But I woke up vomiting so dad pulled me from the trip. I was on the couch the whole day. And I know they got back this morning. Dad came in cheering. He told me how Mr Ferne invited him to help celebrate Felix coming home, so I went out and brought a card for him. That’s all I know and a little too much information.” Roberts shook his head.

“That’s okay. But I do need to know, did you make yourself sick so you wouldn’t have to go on the trip, and you planned something to get rid of them?” I gasped,

“What the hell? I… no, I don’t even know how to make yourself sick. But no, I really wanted to go.” Roberts frowned,

“Why did you want to go so badly? Were you planning on hurting the boys yourself?” I gasped again.

“Why would I hurt them? I hate the thought of even hurting animals…” I stopped myself from talking and covered my mouth. I knew the feeling. It was the impending feeling of my body waiting to vomit,

“Miss, is there something you’re not telling us?” I shook my head at Roberts and that did it. My eyes widened and I ran from the table to the bathroom.

“Miss Perish! Freeze you have nowhere to go.” I rolled my eyes and I threw open the toilet lid and chucked. I heard the rustle of cops coming into the room and stopping.

“Katrina Perish step away from the toilet and stand up.” I nodded, quickly grabbing some toilet paper and wiping my mouth. I put it in the toilet and stood up.

“What?” my voice was croaky from vomiting. I felt hands grab my wrists and pull them behind me.

“Hey. What the hell? What are you doing? Let me go, I haven’t done anything wrong,” the cop holding me laughed,

“Then why did you run?” I sighed,

“I just vomited you idiot. Look in the toilet. I have had a rollercoaster of emotions put on me today and the stress of them got to me, so I vomited. Look is vomiting illegal now or something? If not… oh god, let me go quick.” I felt it coming back up my throat. The cop laughed again,

“As if, I’m not falling for that.” I scoffed, but it was a bad decision,

“Let me go unless you want to see vomit everywhere.” The cop scoffed and pushed me to the toilet on my knees. I vomited the second I was close enough to not miss.

“Deputy Kane, let the poor girl go. She hasn’t done anything wrong.” Kane scoffed,

“Please. She’s doing this so she doesn’t have to talk to us.” I rolled my eyes and stood up with Kane still holding my wrists. It was starting to hurt and I winced at the pain of it shooting all the way up to my shoulder.

“Please just let me go. I don’t know anything, and I couldn’t hurt them. Felix is Ellen’s, my friend, friend. Although he is a bit scary, I haven’t talked to him more than once. I haven’t even talked to Andy Lau or Sam Conte. But Jake’s my friend; I couldn’t do anything to hurt him ever. Sarah needs him, and if I was to get rid of Jake. That would hurt Sarah, I could never hurt anybody. Please just let me go,” Kane sighed and unwillingly released me. I instantly ran over to my dad and threw myself into his arms.

“Sorry Aaron. None of this was meant to happen. But we do still need to talk to her, just bring her in when she’s feeling better and then I will talk to her one on one okay?” I felt dad shift a little,

“Yeah, that’s fine. Just as long as that deputy doesn’t go anywhere near her.” Roberts sighed,

“Of course… sorry about him though. I have never seen him act like this.” I pulled away from dad,

“Maybe he was having a bad day. Like Felix was when I bumped into him. He was just having a bad day, but he has a bad day every day.” Roberts smiled at me,

“Yeah… maybe he was just having a bad day.” I beamed at him as he walked out. Dad put at an arm’s length from him,

“Are you okay? You said you’ve had an emotional day.” I nodded,

“Yeah I’m fine. My brains just been a bit silly today must be the excitement of the boys coming home.” Dad nodded,

“But Darl, you said Jake was your friend. You never told me this.” I frowned,

“No one knows except for Sarah, Jake and me, and well now you and the cops too.” Dad nodded,

“Okay, just make sure he doesn’t hurt you. If he does, he’s dead okay?” I giggled,

“I’m not dating him Daddy. He’s been my friend for years, since year eight. But don’t worry Daddy, we both know he’s my friend.” And with that I walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom, where I fell asleep.


I was woken by Dad shaking me on the shoulder. He smiled at me,

“Hey Darl, I’m heading over to the Ferne’s now. If you’re feeling a bit better, why don’t you go hop in the shower and meet me over there okay?” I nodded and sat up in my bed. I got up and walked over to my dresser where I pulled out a black long sleeve top, my Bullet for My Valentine t-shirt, and red leather leggings. I went to the bathroom, taking a quick shower before getting dressed into the clothes and quickly doing my make-up, which consisted of black eyeliner, mascara and black lipstick. I smiled and ran out of the bathroom and into room where I slid on my black buckled ankle boots. I grabbed my bag which held a range of sketch pencils and my sketch books and phone with my headphones attached.

I walked out of the house and started my way down the street. We were a small town so there wasn’t anyone out at five thirty at night. Still it was early enough for it to still be light out.

When I got to the Ferne residence, I could people laughing from in the back yard. Should I just go straight out into the backyard or knock on the door first. I chose the second option seeing as it was more polite to do so.

I quickly walked up the steps to the door and pressed the doorbell. I heard someone yelling faintly, and the door was opened by someone in a wheelchair. I knew who it was instantly. It was Oscar Ferne. He took one look at me and scoffed,

“Great another one of Felix’s fan girls I have to deal with.” I frowned,

“What no. I’m Kat Perish, Aaron Perish’s daughter; he’s here because Mr Ferne invited him to thank him for helping to look for Felix.” Oscar made an ‘oh’ face,

“Sorry. I um, ever since Felix went missing, we keep on getting fan girls coming by. You know, normal people dressing all gothic and coming over trying to be my friend and stuff.” I wince,

“Geez that must fair suck,” Oscar nodded,

“Yeah, but I’m used to it.” I giggled at Oscar’s joke,

“As if anyone can get used to something like that, I reckon my dad still isn’t used to my mood swings when watching Criminal Minds. Probably because he thinks if I learn too much, I might start to profile him.” It was Oscar’s turn to laugh at me.

“You watch Criminal Minds?” I nodded,

“Hell yeah, it’s my favourite show. What’s yours?” Oscar smiled,

“Criminal Minds,” I smiled,

“Wow. I didn’t know you were so cool. Now I know why Ellen talks about you all the time. You’re pretty funny and fun.” Oscar beamed,

“You really think so?” I nodded,

“I know so. Now come on, where’s the party at?” Oscar smiled and started to wheel himself around the house,

“Follow me. Now, just letting you know Felix is in a really weird mood. I don’t really know what has caused it, but he’s been acting a little too nice and isn’t really telling me what had happened.” I replied instantly,

“Well maybe it’s PTSD. And it was caused from being lost for so long, he can’t actually remember anything that happened properly for him, so he’s waiting till he remembers everything so he can tell you it all correctly. Or maybe something happened out there. Something bad maybe and he doesn’t want you to know?” I shrugged shooting off answers. Oscar had stopped rolling and was looking at me in amazement,

“You really do watch too much Criminal Minds. But then, maybe you’re right. I shouldn’t push him. He’ll tell me when he’s ready.” I smiled and nodded,

“Okay. Enough of that, want to go get to know the nowhere boy.” I beamed and Oscar came confused,

“Nowhere boy?” I shrugged,

“I literally don’t know. I came up with it on the spot.” Oscar smiled,

“Nice one. The nowhere boys! That could be like the name of like a band or something.” I giggled,

“Yeah maybe.” And with that we were at the back door. I stopped myself before stepping out it and preparing myself in case something might happen.

“Hey Oscie, was it another fan girl…” Felix trailed off when he saw me. Ellen turned in her chair and saw me and smiled,

“Kitty Kat you made it.” I made a grossed out face,

“Kitty Kat? Really Ellen? I thought the worst you were gonna call me was Trina?” she laughed,

“Har har, Kat nice one. But come on, I was wondering if you were coming or not.” I smiled lightly,

“If I say I’m doing something, then I’m going to do it,” I froze when I realised Felix hasn’t said a single word since he saw me. I tensed and quickly walked over to him. I bit down on my lip and held up my hand in a waving fashion,

“Hi… I’m Katrina, but my friends call me Kat. I don’t know if you’re my friend yet, since the only time I ever talked to you was me saying sorry for bumping into to you, which I am really sorry about, geez I can’t even remember when that was do you, because I sure can’t. But still I mean… hi.” I rambled damn it. I quickly ran and stood behind Oscar and Ellen using them as a shield to hide from Felix.

“What the hell was that?” I shrugged off Ellen’s questions and turned to Oscar when I realised something. I should ask him,

“Hey Oscar can I draw you? I don’t normally ask permission but I think I should. Can I?” Oscar eyes widened and he nodded,

“Yeah sure, just as long as I don’t look stupid.” I smiled, 

“Of course not, can you go over there?” I pointed to the far side of the deck. Oscar nodded and rolled himself over to where I pointed. I quickly grabbed an empty chair and moved to sit in the corner, while Oscar sat just in front me. I smiled at him,

“Try not to move too much but feel free to talk just not to me. I need to concentrate okay?” Oscar nodded and sat still as Ellen came over and sat next to him, striking up a conversation with him.

I quickly pulled out my container of sketch pencils and my A4 book. I quickly flipped to an empty page and started with my light pencil, doing outlines and basic features. Soon enough I was moving on to parts of more detail and hair, by using my darker pencils, I was able to erase my basic lines, and already having more feature.

Time passed and at last I was finished. I smiled quickly giving it a once over and erasing a few odd lines, and soon enough it was perfect. I looked up to Oscar and turned the page around. I smiled at the look on his face. He was shocked, amazed and weirded out all at the same time,

“That’s brilliant Kat. How could you draw something like that in under ten minutes?” I frowned,

“I drew that in under ten minutes?” Oscar and Ellen nodded. Felix replied from across the deck,

“Eight minutes and forty-nine seconds.” I smiled and turned my head oddly at him.

“What else can you draw?” I turned to Ellen who was asking the question.

“Umm not much. But I think you might want to go hang out with Felix. He… doesn’t seem happy.” Oscar and Ellen nodded and left to go walk over to Felix and having a conversation with him. His profile changed instantly, before he was cranky and mad. But now he seems more relaxed and happy.

For the rest of the night I drew the entire scene before me, everyone sitting at the table, all the decorations, and the furniture. When I was near finished, I took my eyes from my book and saw Mr Ferne place the fire starter on the table.

“Well, that things cactus.” I frowned when I heard this. When suddenly Felix stood up,

“Give me a go,” I rolled my eyes at his egotistical gesture. But frowned, when in the corner of my eye, I watched a bright orange flame glow from where the barbeque was, where Felix was standing with a fire starter in his hand.

I quickly erased where Felix was sitting previously and made him standing where he is now. I furrowed my brows as I drew the fire I saw glowing from the corner of my eye. How is no one else seeing this? I asked when suddenly I felt the ground lightly shaking. My eyes widened, but I didn’t move. I scanned everyone and it seemed as if they didn’t see or feel anything that just happened.

“What the hell is going on?” Either I’m going crazy, or there is something wrong with Felix and that fire. And whatever made the ground shake definitely wasn’t natural.

From this day forward, I swear I will do everything in my power to find out what is going on with Felix Ferne and his new ‘friends’ even if it means following Jake too. But Jake would tell me if anything was happening… right?

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