Finding the Truth

Exactly 14 days ago, four boys went missing in the Bremin forest on a field trip. I was supposed to be with them, but I was sick for some odd reason. Because I am never sick. Then, exactly two days ago, they mysteriously returned. My name is Katrina Perish, and I made it my personal mission to find out what happened.
Now they have returned and are suddenly friends. But now, there is someone who is trying to discover their secret and wants to know badly. But when old demons return and all hell breaks loose. There is reason for worry from the boys. But when Kat goes missing after ‘hanging’ with the boys, does it call for a search party when she goes where they were?


11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10:

Jake’s P.O.V

“Why is she here? How is she here? She ran away they said… then why the fuck is she in another universe?!” I vented out to Felix who followed me out side after I saw Kat… she hugged him, she chose him not me. Why not… I thought I was her friend. I thought she liked me. I liked her… didn’t I? I thought back to Saskia in the other universe, and realised I have feelings for both the girls.

“Jake are you listening?” I turned to Felix who was glaring at me, a pissed off look on his face, why the hell is he pissed off?

“No sorry, say again?” Felix sighed angrily,

“I said, Kat fell through in between the universes again, so I told her to come here if that happened, and it did, right after you refused to go in and see her. Lucky because she wasn’t even inside her own house, she was already back at my place, waiting for me to get back and comfort her, because you had to go and be a huge fucking dick head and hurt her feelings, and hurt me right in front of her!” wow… was he seriously more pissed than me?

I sighed my anger dissipating and turning into fear and sadness. Why did I have to have such a temper, I just…? I really liked her and I didn’t want to hurt her… but I now also liked Saskia, she was cool and nice, albeit a bit weird, but she seemed really understanding. Could Kat be like that if I let her?

“I was just scared.” Felix scoffed

“Aren’t we all? Jake you were being a major dickhead and if Kat were out here to respond, she would probably say the exact same thing.” My frown grew the more I realised he was right,

“But now is not the time for that, we need to try and find Andy, and if we can’t we need to get back. The demon could attack at any minute.” I nodded agreeing with him and ran back inside where Phoebe, Kat and Sam were all standing awkwardly. Felix looked oddly,

“Where’s Ellen?” Sam groaned,

“Sorry dude, I didn’t notice.” Phoebe raised her hands up in surrender, making Felix groan and turn to Kat,

“She wandered off mumbling about how much she trusted you and other really mean things.” Felix sighed before walking out us following.

Kat’s P.O.V

I followed Felix a confused look on my face. How did he get here? Where’s Andy and why on earth was Ellen with them? I don’t understand… well I do, that came here after me actually but do Jake and Sam know that? I turned and looked to the magic lady that was with us as we looked for Ellen. Why was she with them? I turned back to Felix,

“I have several things I need to ask you.” Felix sighed and nodded,

“Ask away,” I bit my lip,

“Where’s Andy?” Felix sighed,

“We were hoping he was here with you. But so far, you haven’t seen him have you?” I shook my head,

“No sorry. But why is Ellen with you?” Felix sighed again,

“She is a water element, and we needed one so we could cast spells and see if we could find you and Andy,” I knew something was up with the way he said that last line,

“What are you not telling me Felix?” Felix groaned,

“Look, now isn’t really the time for this Kat. If you don’t remember me telling you, there is a demon in this universe, hell bent on killing me. We need to try and find Andy and then get the hell out of here.” I growled at him,

“Fine, be that way. But when we get back, you are telling me everything got it?” Felix nodded as we emerged from the cover of the bush, to hear a girlish and then a guyish scream. Felix and I looked at each other confused, when we heard a conversation,

“Detective?” I heard Ellen ask someone. Who the hell could it be?

“Who are you…? What are you?” it was Roland. I walked forward a little more so I could hear the conversation better,

“Look Detective, I know where the boys were when they went missing. They were just outside of town, the whole time.” I scoffed,

“No… you were in another universe. What’s going on with her?” I asked Felix who sighed,

“I don’t know, but we better interfere.” I nodded agreeing with him, so we all walked out of the brush of the bush, and onto the walkway where Ellen was staring at Roland like he was an alien or something. But Roland wasn’t looking at her; he was looking at the boys as we all emerged from the bush. A smile appeared on Roland’s face as he walked past Ellen and came and hugged Felix.

“Welcome back the returning heroes.” I smiled and walked over to Ellen who looked freaked out.

“Why is he hugging him?” I shrugged,

“No clue, but I guess it is better they aren’t at each other throats.”  Ellen looked at me weirdly. I shrugged and pulled her into a hug,

“I’ve missed you.” She smiled and hugged me back.

“Where have you been? Why did you run away? I’ve been worried sick, and so has your dad.” I sighed,

“It’s not that simple,” she nodded and scoffed,

“That’s what Felix keeps on saying.” I laughed a little,

“I wouldn’t know, haven’t spent that much time with him.” Ellen nodded before walking over to where Jake, Sam, Felix and Roland were talking and catching up. I looked to Jake who was staring at me. I bit my lip and gestured for him to come to me. He nodded coming away from Felix and towards me. When he was right in front of me I looked down, not having the courage to look at him,

“Jake I… I’m sorry about everything. I don’t know what came over me the other day, I just… acted impulsively and screwed up and messed up our friendship and I…” Jake cut me off,

“Don’t Kat, I just… why are you here?” I frowned,

“Felix told you, I fell through in between the universes but this time I got stuck permanently and so I came here to stay away from myself.” Jake frowned,

“You saw yourself?” I nodded,

“Yeah, we didn’t communicate or anything but that doesn’t matter. Look Jake I just… do you hate me?” Jake frowned biting his lip.

“I…” Jake was cut off by Ellen walking past us, followed by the witch lady, Felix and Sam. I turned from Jake to face Roland. I waved my hand,

“Bye Roland! Thanks for earlier!” he nodded at me,

“You be safe out there, alright?” I nodded and grabbed Jake’s hand, pulling him towards where Felix and that were going. I was suddenly stopped by Jake gripping my hand and stopping me forcing me to turn and face him.

“Jake what are you doing we need to catch up to them?” Jake sighed looking me in the eyes, making me drop my eyes and look to the ground,

“I just… I…” I rolled my eyes,

“Come on Jake, we need to go!” But refused to move, and refused to let go of me. I yelped at the pain he was creating in his grip.

“Please let go Jake…” but it looked like Jake didn’t listen to me. It felt like my wrist was going to break under his grip. I knew it was the muscles he used in football that he was using right now. I cried out again as his grip tightened,

“Jake… please… let… go…” Jake looked at me as if only hearing me for the first time. He then let go of me, making me lash my wrist close to my body before running off to the car where Felix was waiting for me and Jake I ran into his arms crying slightly, and still clutching my wrist.

“Keep him away from me.” Felix nodded pushing me away,

“Hop in the front with Ellen, you should fit.” I nodded as Felix pulled open the front door of the witch lady’s yellow van.

“Move over, I need to fit in the front with you.” Ellen nodded and moved over a little so we could both fit. The ride was mostly in silence until the witch lady asked Felix,

“Where are you going Felix?” Felix sighed,

“I don’t know Phoebe… the restaurant I guess, or maybe the house.” Phoebe nodded and coincidentally we turned up at the restaurant, and Ellen asked a really weird question,

“How is it none of you are weirded out at the fact the detective was acting like a hobo…?” I shrugged next to her, knowing she would be able to feel it. None of the boys answered, they just looked at each other awkwardly. Phoebe cleared her throat and turned to face us all,

“You go into the restaurant and I will go to the Lau’s place, and we’ll meet back up at the school?” Felix nodded and opened the door hoping out, Sam and Jake followed, Jake slamming the door shut. I pushed open the door and Ellen followed me out. As soon as that door was closed, Phoebe started up the car and drove off, leaving us out the back of the Chinese restaurant.

“Let’s go ask Nai Nai.” Sam said in an excited voice, running into the back of the shop. Jake followed leaving Ellen, Felix and I. Felix turned to me, a sad look on his face,

“Are you okay? You looked pretty terrified before.” I nodded slowly,

“I guess, I think I just forgot that Jake is still a bully, and was before we were friends…” I trailed off not really knowing what to say. Felix frowned and held his hand out, causing me to furrow my brow and look at him oddly,

“What?” Felix sighed, grabbing my forearm and rolling my sleeve up to show my bright red wrist that was already swollen and bruising. I bit my lip not wanting to see the look on Felix’s face,

“I’m gonna kill him.” My eyes widened and both Ellen and I grabbed him,

“Now is not the time Felix, you can get mad at him later, we have things we need to get done.” Felix nodded relaxing, making Ellen and I let go of him as he stormed into the kitchen.

“Are you okay?” Ellen asked me as we followed into the kitchen and started to potter around bored as hell while the boys interviewed Andy’s grandmother. I turned to Ellen to see her missing, making me frown and walk up to Felix. I tugged his arm,

“See, 20/20 vision.” My eyes widened as I watched Nai Nai hit Sam’s hand with a wooden spoon. I really don’t want to know… I tugged Felix’s arm again, making him turn to me,

“What?” I sighed,

“Is it not obvious? Ellen’s gone.” Felix groaned, before turning from the boys and heading to the doors that lead to the part of the restaurant you eat in.

“Go outside and wait for us okay.” I frowned and nodded,

“Sure, I’ll just stick close to Sam; use him as a barrier, probably the only good thing he will be good at.” Felix laughed and nodded, before opening the door and talked to someone. I quickly walked out the door we came in, keeping Sam in between Jake and I.

What came over Jake before? I had never seen him like this, why was he so mad at me? What did I do wrong; did I screw something up again? I knew I tended to do that a lot and it always ended up on the bad side for me. I groaned leaning against the wall as Ellen and Felix walked out.

“Come on, we need to check the school.” We all nodded and booked it for the direction of the school, which should be just about ending right now. My eyes widened when I realised that I could run into the other me,

“Felix, I need something to cover my face.” Felix looked at me confused,

“Err, why?” I sighed about to talk,

“She has a double up,” I turned to see it was Jake who was talking. He was taking off his hoodie, and while not looking at me, he passed it to me,

“Put it on, you need it.” I nodded, slipping into the jumper that was way too big for me. But I liked it, even though I should be so mad at Jake right now, I’m sort of not… he was sorry for what he did… right? I sighed pulling the hood so it covered my face, turning to Ellen who was slightly smaller than me,

“Can you see my face?” Ellen shook her head,

“Well… not much of it, just your chin and lips.” I nodded happy with my new appearance. I pulled the jacket around my body, basking in the warmth of it. I never knew Jake was so warm… my eyes widened and I shook my head, dropping the thought. Why would I think of something like that… that’s just so weird!

“Hurry up; we need to make sure the demon doesn’t find us.” At Felix’s I remembered something from earlier, I quickly moved up to him tugging his arm,

“Felix, what does it feel like to think you’re being watched by something?” Felix turned to me confused,

“What do you mean?”  I sighed,

“Does it feel like every time you turn around, you think someone will be there? Or does it feel like tingles up your spine, or the hair on the back of your neck standing up?” Felix turned to me as he walked,

“How do you know that?” I sighed,

“That’s what I have felt the whole time I was here. Like someone was watching me, but they never showed their face. Then, right before you guys showed up at the shack, it went away… only for a while, but when you found me, it was back.” Felix nodded frowning,

“The demon must have been following you but didn’t attack… but why?” I sighed,

“Maybe because it knew that my coming here was completely someone else’s fault, so it knew things would sort itself out.” Felix shook his head,

“No way, the demon is saving its energy for something, and I think I know what it is.” I frowned about to ask what he meant by that, but we were arriving at the school. We kept on walking not really knowing where we were going, but was cut off by Oscar talking to us,

“Felix, guys, you’re back.” Felix nodded and smiled at Oscar, as Ellen walked up to him, fascinated but what was happening in front of her.

“Oscar… how are you walking, since when?” Oscar looked terrified but also mad,

“What is it Halloween already Ellen?” Ellen was staring at Oscar’s legs and poking them,

“Since when could you walk?” Oscar sighed and rolled his eyes, now officially freaked out.

“Since I was eleven months and six days old.” He then turned to Felix and smiled,

“Are you back for good? It would be so awesome to have a brother again.” Felix shook his head,

“No, but have you seen Andy? We think he might have come back here, Have you seen him?” Oscar shook his head,

“No sorry.” Felix growled ruffling his hair.

“Okay, thanks Oscar.” He nodded smiling whilst still being creeped out by Ellen. I looked in the distance to see Trent and Dylan being their usual dickhead selves, and was hanging on Mike, a boy our age, that bring stuffed unicorns to school. Jake growled and called out,

“HEY JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!” but Oscar cut him off,

“Just leave it to me.” before running off and interfering stopping the bullying session. I smiled at him, wow; I didn’t peg Oscar as that sort of person. I turned to Felix, who was sighing,

“Where do we look now?” Ellen lit up oddly,

“The library, let’s go.” We shrugged and nodded before walking off and following Ellen into the school where we ran into Bates. Oh my god seriously? I silently groaned and stared at Ellen who was looking down the hall at something. I furrowed my brows before looking to the boys who were talking to Bates about netball… really?

I rolled my eyes and started in the direction Ellen was walking in, it looked like she was following someone, oh crap, what happens when two of the same person from different universes meets, whatever it is it can’t be good. I followed her keeping to the shadows as she headed off to the gym. I smirked before running in the other direction and ran into the boys again.

“Kat, have you seen Ellen?” I nodded to Sam,

“She was heading for the gym; I think she was following herself.” Felix’s eyes widened and he started off behind Sam whom I hadn’t noticed had run off already, leaving Jake and I. The thought of Jake and I being alone made my stomach turn. I knew if I tried to run, he could easily catch me, but we were in a public place right now, he wouldn’t make a scene would he?

“Kat about before…” I cut him off,

“Now is not the time for this conversation Jake, we need to find the others.” Jake nodded sadly; something in his eyes tells me he was hiding something. I sighed knowing I would need to talk to him to get it out of him.

“What happened?” Jake looked at me oddly,

“What do you mean?” I sighed groaning because I had to explain myself.

“Something happened while I was gone… here. I can see it in your eyes,” Jake sighed and let out a little laugh,

“You could always read me couldn’t you?” I nodded lightly and bit my lip looking down, not wanting to see Jake anymore. I just wanted him gone, or me gone. I’ll just dig a hide out somewhere and live in it until I die, that way I don’t have to see Jake again, and he doesn’t have to see me.

“I me… there was… a new… grr, why can’t I just say it?” I shrugged,

“I don’t know, why can’t you just say it?” Jake sighed,

“Because I know it will upset you.” I rolled my eyes scoffing,

“You clearly don’t know me as well as you thought.” Jake nodded,

“Fine… there was this new student, and her name was Saskia, we thought she was the new water element, but she wasn’t and almost turned me into stone, something about too much earth being in a spell we did.” I nodded; there was something else he just wasn’t telling me. Why won’t he tell me?

“What else?” Jake feigned confusion,

“What do you mean?” I sighed,

“I’m good at reading people, what else happened between you and this Saskia girl.” Jake sighed, real tears sitting in his eyes,

“I think I like her… and I think I like you too.” I gasped, both pissed off and happy at his words,

“That’s not possible, one person cannot like two people, it’s not normal.” Jake nodded,

“I know I just… I didn’t want to tell you… until I made up my mind.” I growled,

“Made up your mind… mind about what exactly?!” I think I just defaulted to pissed off. He was about to talk when I cut him off,

“You know what… forget it. Just leave me the fuck alone Jake,” the throbbing in my wrist reminding me of what he could do to me if I stuck around for too long. I still can’t believe he hurt me. I didn’t think he was actually violent, I guess it was just the football, or lack of it. I haven’t seen him play football ever since he got back.

“But Kat,” I shook my head effectively cutting him off.

“No Jake, we have things to do and we need to get back. Andy isn’t here, I would have seen him. But there is a demon nearby and it is not the time to be arguing over something so stupid.” Jake growled and was about to talk when I walked off to where Felix and Sam were. They were standing in the doorway of the gym, staring as Ellen walked in using the other door. She looked around not really knowing what she was doing here, but she was looking for someone, that was obvious.

“Who is she looking for?” Felix sighed,

“Herself,” I frowned but remembered that Ellen had a double up like I did. I felt someone behind me, and I knew it was Jake. I bit my lip and moved closer to Felix, and further from Jake.

“What happens when the same person from two different universes meet,” Felix shrugged turning to Jake,

“No clue… but it can’t be good.” Jake nodded, frowning. I looked at our Ellen as a girl turned around to run for a ball, stopping once she grabbed it and looked up. She looked like Ellen if she was normal. My eyes widened and I gasped,

“Is that?” all three boys nodded,

“Yep,” Felix muttered. Ellen looked mad and happy at the same time. It was as if she didn’t believe Felix when he said they were in another universe, and now seeing herself she believed him. Ellen then turned to face us all, a look of disbelief on her face, before running out the door she came in. Felix groaned before running off back the way we came chasing after Ellen. Sam smiled widely and walked into the gym and over to Mia, and began talking to her. Jake didn’t look at me and walked off to go talk with Mike, the boy our age that brought stuffed unicorns to school. I stood in the doorway, not able to go anywhere or talk to anyone in case they thought I was the other Kat.

I relaxed into the arch of the doorway when I felt it again, the nagging feeling of something watching me, like something was about to touch my shoulder. I jumped up and turned around to see Sammy standing there. My eyes widened and I gasped quietly,

“Sammy… I thought I told you not to talk to me.” Sammy sighed,

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. I see you all the time around school and I ask myself, why can’t I talk to her, and then I realised I’m just doing what you asked me to do.” I frowned,

“Then why are you talking to me right now?” Sammy sighed,

“I can’t say, but I can show you.” I furrowed my brows looking down when I saw Sammy’s hands coming for my face, holding my cheeks and leaning into me. My eyes widened and I jumped back, but I couldn’t move due to his grip,

“Sammy let me go… I don’t like you, please stop.” Sammy didn’t stop. I closed my eyes giving up and waiting for it, when suddenly Sammy’s grip was gone and he was on the floor. My eyes widened and I watched as Sammy looked up from his place on the floor, to glare at something next to me.

I frowned but then held in a yelp as a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. I knew the warmth of them, it was Jake. I sighed moving into his arms, relaxing into him, I never knew being in Jake’s arms felt so nice,

“Stay the hell away from my girlfriend you pervert.” Sammy groaned and let out a light laugh,

“Yeah right, as if she would date someone like you.” I scoffed, as Sammy stood up,

“What makes you think we aren’t dating?” Sammy laughed,

“Because it’s just obvious, and I can prove you aren’t dating.” I rolled my eyes about to talk but Jake bet me to it.

“Okay, prove it.” Sammy smirked,

“Kiss.” Jake shrugged and pecked me on the lips. Sammy smirked,

“No, I meant she has to kiss you. Next time let me finish what I’m saying,” I sighed rolling my eyes. I turned around in Jake’s arms, looking up to face him; my hood had fallen down, my eyes looking into his. I mouthed the word ‘Sorry’ making Jake frowned and mouth back ‘Don’t be’ and with that… I leaned up to kiss him. My tippy toes were the only things left touching the floor, Jake using his strength to hold me up and close to him.

I sighed at the feeling of his lips on mine. My arms moved to wrap around his neck pulling him the tiniest little bit closer. Jake’s arms tightened around my waist pulling me up so my feet weren’t at all touching the ground. I squealed breaking the kiss because of the lack of touching the ground.

“Sorry,” I turned back around in Jake’s arms which still hadn’t left my waist to see Sammy had gone. I furrowed my brows,

“When did he leave?” Jake shrugged,

“The second you started leaning towards me.” I growled at him,

“Nice, you could have stopped me? Just… bugger off back to Mike.” Jake frowned, biting his lip and nodded,

“As you wish.” And started back towards where Mike was but stopped next to Sam, a scared look on his face. What the hell? I looked at Mike, who Jake and Sam and everyone else in the room were staring at.

Mike was convulsing around on the spot, his bag falling from his shoulders and two unicorns falling from the top. I furrowed my brows and watched as the other girls on the netball team started to do the same as Mike. My eyes widened when I felt it, the feeling of being watched was gone… because what was watching me is gone and is now in front of me… I screamed as Jake and Sam came running to me, Jake grabbed my hand and pulled me along behind him as we ran.

I was soon out of breath not used to running around. As I ran more, I thought about before. Jake said that Sammy walked off before we had even kissed… does that mean he wanted me to kiss him again? I mean, that kiss… was awesome. Way better than the first one… my first one. Was it Jake’s first? I highly doubt it was I mean… someone as attractive as Jake has to of kissed someone.

“The entire netball teams been possessed,” I looked around properly to see that the three of us had arrived to where Felix, Ellen and… Ellen was sitting. I will never get used to seeing that.

“How could you tell?” Jake sighed giving Felix a look as if asking if he really was that stupid.

“You could tell.” He bluntly muttered. We turned around to see the netball team right behind us; I jumped at their closeness, pulling Jake with me to stand next to Felix and the gothic Ellen.

“What do we do?” Ellen and I asked. Felix was freaking out; he then pulled one of his necklaces off and held it out in his palm. I furrowed my brows, what the hell is that supposed to do?

“Water, fire, earth and air, elements that we all share.” I furrowed my brows staring at Jake, when I was suddenly blinded by a bright light coming from the necklace.

“What the hell was that?” I asked Felix as he placed the necklace back around his neck. Felix sighed not answering me, making me growl and have to be held back by Jake.

“Not right now Kat.” I sighed nodding, knowing I would get answers later. The normal looking Ellen walked up to Mia and asked,

“Are you okay?” Mia shrugged confused as hell,

“What happened?” Ellen shrugged, and suddenly started convulsing like the others before, and they then again joined her. My eyes widened and turned to Felix who was freaking out more than I was,

“It’s not supposed to wear off that fast.” He said, Ellen turned to him, a scared look on her face,

“Felix…” he nodded and was about to pull off the necklace again when Phoebe showed up,

“I found the book of shad… ows. Possessed netballers and I thought team sport was character building.” I would have laughed at that… but right now I scared for my life, knowing that demon or demons… want to kill us.

“We need a place to get home.” Jake nodded,

“I know a place, follow Me.” we all followed Jake as we ran. I realised I was still holding his hand, I went to pull it away but Jake wouldn’t let me. I sighed knowing now is not the time to argue, so I let us hold hands as we ran away from the demon.

We were on the basketball court when we were stopped by what looked like Jake’s dad. I furrowed my brows confused, I knew Jake’s dad. He was a loser, he didn’t have a job and he was lucky to have a roof over his head, and food to eat at all. But right now he looks like a cop… if the boys don’t exist in this universe, are they basically saying that Jake… ruined his dad’s life. Oh my god… we are so going to talk about this when we get back.

“Jake… good to see you, Phoebe told me you went back to your folks.” Jake sighed,

“Yeah we did. Look Gary, this isn’t the time to talk about this.” Gary sighed moving closer to Jake,

“That day in the forest… I can’t remember it all.” Jake sighed but fear took over his face as the netball team came into our view again.

“Look Gary, we can’t talk right now, we’re being chased by a whole team of netballers.” Gary laughed,

“Yeah, in your dreams,” Jake made a face that said turn around, and Gary did so seeing the netballers. While his back was turned, we took the chance to run wherever it was Jake was taking us, which in truth was the little ditch just behind the school’s footy oval.

“Make the circle quickly.” Felix yelled at us, as he was grabbed by Phoebe, who started talking to him about something, when she too started to shudder and shake. My eyes widened as I tugged on Jake hand, scared for our lives.

Phoebe had a huge hold on Felix who was freaking out. With a spare hand, he reached into his bag and pulled out a little brown bowl and a bottle of water. I looked at the two items oddly as Felix called out to us,

“Start the spell.” And started a rhyme, most of the words I was unable to hear. Sam blew into the bowl, while Ellen poured the water, and Jake grabbed some dirt from the ground and placed it in. Gary had now caught up to us and ripped Felix away from Phoebe’s grip allowing him to run over to us, his lighter in his hand and placed it under the bowl continuing the spell.

I closed my eyes gripping on Jake. I wasn’t holding his hand anymore, we had finally let go so I could wrap my arms around his waist and bury myself there. I dug my head into his body not wanting to see anymore. That demon was going to get us wasn’t it? I just want to go home.

Jake’s arms tightened around me when I felt it, it felt like being squeezed and pulled from behind. The feeling made me yelp and open my eyes when I saw it.

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