Without you...

It has been over a year since Jamie lost her Finance in America's biggest terrorist attack. She is still in moaning. Without him she feel completely incomplete. Her family starts bringing guys toward her hoping that she could take her mind off her ex-finance for a while. Now Jamie has to go through an awkward time in her life when she has to stop feeling upset for what happened.
Will she change and continue her life in a happy phase or will she be upset about what she finds out about her ex-finance


3. He's alive!

I could feel the tears run down my face as I run through every red light just go get to smithavilla as soon as possible. As I get closer and closer to the city I notice traffic, people running, police cars, firefighters...blood.

The traffic on the freeway was so slow! I was just about to crash into the red car in front of me. 

"Why isn't there anybody hurrying up?!" I yell and beep my horn. 

I raise up the radio and change it to a news station..


"...California was the first state to put on a state of emergency following New York and Texas. So many people  are saying that this attack might be Isis related just like what happened nearly twenty years ago during the 9th of September  in 2001. Traffic seems to be extremely heavy as people try to reach out for their young ones. Police officers are trying to remove as many people off the freeway as possible just in case there happens to be another explosion. How do you feel about the police officers doing their job even though they fear they might die soon, Jon?"

I stop listening to the female voice on the radio and start to cry again. I sob. Tears flowing down my cheeks and making a puddle on my arms.  My head seems extremely light headed and my whole body seems weak. I tried to call James over a thousand times. 

I get so emotional. 

James was everything to me. 

He was going to be my husband.

He was my best friend.
He just cannot be gone right now.

He can't!
Not this soon.

We are suppose to grow old together.

Maybe even have a couple of kids...

But now it's all gone.

All of it was gone...


I felt such pains that I have never felt before. James meant everything to me and it's as if God just wanted to take him away from me.

I start to cry so loud it almost sounds like I'm yelling.


Everything went on in a quick phase. Screaming... cursing....crying...

A police officer stopped my car and sent me to the hospital....

They put me of suicide watch...

I lay on the hospital bed... crying and sleeping.

I could tell that I looked very horrible but my heart...

It physically hurt.


My nose started to run extremely fast. James, dead?

Please... if there is a caring God out there... please don't take him away from me. 

I might not be extremely religious or go to just every Sunday but at moments like this the only thing that I can cling on is hope. 

I am awoken by steps coming towards me.

"Miss. Parker, we have great news." I her somebody say. I turn around and notice that it's the doctor.

I try to reply but my voice is gone so I just shrugged my shoulders on the hospital's bed. My eyes feel very heavy and dry. 

"Your boyfriend James. He seems to be doing alright. " I cannot tell if the doctor is happy because of the news or if he is sad because he's black eyes and his facial expression is hard to read.

As if by magic, I feel so much energy rush through my body. 

I make a smile. A huge one. Something I haven't done in days.

"Can I see him?" I ask the doctor, trying to remove myself from the bed.



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