Without you...

It has been over a year since Jamie lost her Finance in America's biggest terrorist attack. She is still in moaning. Without him she feel completely incomplete. Her family starts bringing guys toward her hoping that she could take her mind off her ex-finance for a while. Now Jamie has to go through an awkward time in her life when she has to stop feeling upset for what happened.
Will she change and continue her life in a happy phase or will she be upset about what she finds out about her ex-finance


2. Chapter two: 9/11 ALL OVER AGAIN!

It has been three days since James asked me to marry him. I couldn't help myself but to spread the news to all my friends and family. I even told the news to the hot head, Rebecca. You could see the envy in her eyes. I couldn't have felt happier. We decided that we were going to move in with each other tomorrow. I already packed all my bags from my mothers house and I am on my bed texting my best friend, Sydney, Sydney has been my friend since... well forever! It was our mothers that brought us together before we even reached the age of one. Sydney is a very beautiful girl with long,silky, natural red hair and sharp green eyes. Her face was covered with light freckles. She is my definition of perfectness. 

"HEY SYD!!!" I text Sydney.

She replies just a few seconds later.

"I was literally on my phone waiting for you to txt me." 

I lightly laugh right before responding....

"Why didn't you just text me?"

I wait for what seemed forever before she replies....

"I didn't want to be wasting your time!!"

Before I could send my text she texted me again saying,

"You're going to get freaking married and I'm still here w/o a bf. :/ "

Oh... Man, I never thought on how Sydney would feel all about this. I hope she doesn't get lonely. 

"I will never stop talking to you just because I'm getting married Syd." I reply. 

She doesn't reply so I start getting a little worried.

"Are you still there?" I text her.

After I send my message she starts to call me.

"Jamie, I was wondering if you can re-tell me how you met James? I know we won't stop talking but I feel alone, being the only person that I know that isn't dating somebody." Sydney starts to say with a clearly depressed voice.

"I'm not dating anybody." I say trying to risen the calmest of this conversation. 

There was a few seconds of silence before she replies in a stern voice, "You know that I don't mean that." 

I sigh. Plan failed.

"I know..."

"Syd... I don't know if I can help you because James and I met each other back in the time we were still in school." I tell her being completely honest.

I hear some time of rustling noise before she replies saying, "I know. Well I got to go because I have a date today. We met through p.o.f and he doesn't seem that bad."

I laugh in my head before saying, "Okay. Have fun."

When we hang up I can't help but to call James.





"Hey Jamie." I hear a lovely voice say.

"Hi James." I reply. I feel like a goof, smiling as big as I am without anybody near me.

"Listen, Jamie. Can I call you back later? I think my boss is looking at my like a hawk."

"Okay." I say almost giggling.

Jame's boss has recently given him a hard time since he heard that we are getting married because he thinks that we are  automatically going to start having kids and that he would have to skip work constantly. 

I hang up on James. 

I don't know what to do on my free time so I literally unpack EVERYTHING and repack back everything.

By the time I finish packing everything my mother comes back from work. She is planning on working for for another  25 years before retiring. She works as a cashier at the local supermarket and use to work as a maid after the supermarket closed to pay our bills when my father got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Thank God that he's alright now.

When she drove in into the parkway I greeted her with a warm smile.

My mother hugs me and asked me how I am doing. I tell her that I am okay and that I didn't have to go to work today since the hospital was closed. 

"That's okay honey." My mother tells me. As we walk inside she takes a deep breath in before asking in a loud voice, "What is that AMAZING smell?"

I take a deep breathe in so confused. I don't smell anything. 

"What are you talking about mom?" I ask her as her brown eyes seemed focused at the kitchen.

She laughs at me before saying, "It's the amazing dinner that we are having tonight!"

I smile and ask, " What are you making? "

Her smile vanishes as she tells me, "You and James are going to make the dinner. I'll be in my room."

Then she crouches as if she's old and continues to talk, "Your old lady needs to rest. She's been making your food for over twenty years!"

"But ma..." I start out, "James isn't here."

My mom starts talking RIGHT after I finished my sentence, "Oh yes he is he's right-"

Before she could finish her sentence I feel something cold get a hold of my bare shoulders and I jump in utter scariness.

I turn around and notice James standing right there.

"How-what-when?" I wanted to ask him so many questions like how he got there and why did he scare the noodles out of me.

He puts his cold hand against my lips and says, "Shhh. First we cook."

The night was amazing. James and I failed so bad at cooking that we actually BLEW UP my mother's microwave.

My mother wasn't happy about that and neither were the firemen that thought the fire was huge...

My mom ended up making us dinner and we had turkey with mash potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Since my mom only had a two bedroom house James and I had to share a bed. It was kind of unconformable for me since I've never slept with him more than three times.

When it was morning I woke up and did what I normally did. Something kept on telling me to go and check the news so while I was eating my pancakes I flicked on the t.v.

There was a male with dyed black hair.

"Over 3,000 people died in northern California today. There are bodies being found dead as we speak. The FBI have released an announcement saying that they are guessing that this was plotted by either Isis or Russia."

Wait.... Northern California? Holy cow! How did this happen and I didn't hear a thing. I must be far away from it.

"There seems to have been at least 39 bombs placed at different areas in northern California. The major bomb seemed to be placed in Smithavillia , a place where many people work. There is an emergency hospital there and a lot of stores...."

I nearly chocked on my pancake.

Did he say SMITHAVILLIA??!?!

My whole body starts to shake...


He works at smithavilla...

I NEED to call him.

With my hands still shaking I call his cell.

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