The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


2. !

I walked out of the steaming bathroom and looked at my bed .

"Um Hello?" I said to the other 3 boys sitting on my bed besides Luke

"Ali! This is Ashton This is Calum and this is Micheal. They are my best friends and we have a band in our college(I know they weren't in college but stay with me) 

"Oh um nice "  I said and opened the door to go downstairs

"Feel free to stay um here but um don't go in the drawers and stuff" I said and they nodded . I walked downstairs and into the kitchen where I smelt food. I hope she cooks good

"Hello Ali!" Liz said and  I smiled at her. I had to get comfortable I was gonna be here for a while

"OK so I got you into a high school! You start tomorrow!" she said like it was amazing. I hated school! Not the homework and stuff but the kids there ..

"Oh that's great" I said and she nodded . I got you a backpack and all the supplies you'll need " she said and I smiled a fake smile then sat at the table

"Do you like Mac And Cheese?" She asked and I nodded

"Good that's what I'm making" she said and stirred something in the pot

"LUKE ASHTON MICHEAL CALUM ALICE! DINNER!" She yelled and the boys came running in with loud steps and they all barged through the kitchen door

"We're here!" Calum I think said and I looked down trying not to laugh

"Hey Ali hey mom" Alice said walking in . Then another girl who was like 15 walked in

"There you are Taylor! This is Ali! We are gonna be her home for a while" Liz said and Taylor nodded

"Hi I'm - " I started but she cut me off

"Save it I don't care" she said . She was a bad girl . She had long tattooS and black hair (obviously dyed) and it had purple streaks in it . She had black lipstick and black make up on and her nails were painted with skulls on them . She wore a leather jacket and had a ton of piercing . I could see her belly button piercing too because she was wearing a slutty crop top

"Ignore her she is craZy" Luke whispered in my ear before sitting down next to me and putting food on his plate . I ate my food and then went upstairs to go to sleep

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