The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


3. school

I woke up to the sound of knocking on my door and I slowly got up and walked over

"Ali get ready I have to take you to School in 30 minutes !" Luke said to me and I nodded

"Why do I have to go Luke?" I asked and he smiled at me

"Ali it's ok! You have to go ! Or else you can't stay here " he said and I nodded.

"Now go get changed" he said and I smiled

. I grabbed a pair of jean shorts and a cream loose tank top . Then I got a pair of cream colored converse and Put it on. I grabbed my phone And stuck it in my pocket and out my hair in a ponytail

"Here's a homemade breakfast bar" Liz said and handed me a bar wrapped in foil

"Thanks" I said and took the foil off slowly and took a bite

"Here's your backpack all you need is inside of it" she said and handed me a brown chevron Backpack

"Thanks Liz I am really thankful of all of this" I said and she hugged my side

"No problem. Now Luke is waiting in he car go ahead . And have fun" she said and I opened the huge grand doors . Did I mention this house was huge ?

"Hey Ali" Calum Ashton And Micheal said from the back of the car and I sat in the front

"Hey " i answered and finished the bar.

"don't be scared of anyone and if you need anything call my mom" Luke said before I got out of the car .

"ok" I said and got out

"Um Hi can I have um help" I said and poked a boys shoulder

"haha um no .. Who are you ? Oh yeah the new kid" he said and I looked at him. He was wearing w blue and yellow varsity jacket and had a football in his hand . There was a girl in a cheerleader outfit next to him. They were sitting on a bench. I turned around and hit a rock and fell . They all laughed and then the girl kissed the guy and looked at me

"Ok then" I said and got up . I walked away and asked another girl

"Hi can I have help to class please?" I asked hoping this time she would help

"Yea sure ! I'm Anna!" She said and I smiled at her

"hi I'm Ali! " I said and she shook my hand . She had short brown hair and really pretty blue eyes .

"I saw you and Mr. football .. His name is Louis Tomlinson, the most popular kid in school. The other girl is Ashley! She is a popular too. Her and Tomlinson over there are dating . They are huge assholes" she said and i laughed

"Whatever .. " I said and we walked toward the door

"I have Science and Gym with you. Your first class is English.. Your in the advanced group ! That's awesome.. " she said and i smiled at her

"Heres your room see you later !" She said and I smiled and thanked her

"Hi I'm Ali " I said to the teacher and he looked at me

"Ah welcome .. Why don't you sit next to .. Mr. Tomlinson over there " he said and I closed my eyes hoping it wasn't Louis but who was into have my wishes granted . I sighed and walked over there and set my bag on the floor next to me . Louis smirked at me and I rolled my eyes

"Aha what's up with your clothes ? Born in a trash can huh?" Louis said to me and the girls near me laughed . I looked down and he looked at me

"aww is Ms. Smarty pants sad?" He said and the teacher looked at us

"ALI LOUIS!" He said and I looked at him

"I swear I didn't do anything !" I said and he looked at Louis

"Well you Louis DETENTION!" He yelled and Louis laughed

"Well done Tomlinson!" I said and he looked at me as if I said something crazy

" aww she talks " he said and smirked

"SHUTUP " I said and he teache looked at me

"ALI YOU TOO DETENTION" he said and I groaned

"Haha" Louis said and the bell rang

"LOULOU! Baby come here " I heard Ashley say when I walked into the Cafeteria. Louis ran up to her and sat at the table and she sat on his lap. She kissed him and they had a makeout session then she fed him fries. It was disgusting

"Hey Ali having fun eating crap?" Ashley yelled across the cafeteria and everyone laughed . I got up and ran over to her . I slapped her and she gasped before slapping Me again . I screamed and pushed her off the bench and then starting punching her and she punched me back before Louis pulled me off of her and tossed me to the side like I was trash

"Ashley are you ok?" He asked picking her up bridal style

"Baby she hit me " she said all innocent and Louis glared and me then put her down on the bench before walking over to me and holding me against the wall

"LEAVE HER ALONE YOU ASSHOLE" he yelled at me And let me go and I then fell on the floor

"Bit*ch!!" I screamed at her and she looked at me like a devil

"Aha that totally hurt" she whined and Louis kissed her .

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