The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


5. 5

"So Tay Tay Hows life my lovely sister" Luke said and smirked . Then Taylor looked at him like she was gonna kill him in less than 5 seconds

"Luke what the hell leave me alone what did I ever do to you and your stupid life!?" She snapped at him and I looked down trying not to laugh .

"You think this is freakin funny ?" She looked at me wide eyed and got up and walked over to me . I leaned into Luke and he got up too once I did too

"Woah Taylor calm down ! Calm down !" Luke said and Ashton got up. Taylor pounced up on me and Luke put his arm around me to Protect me from the crazy girl who was literally about to kill me . Michael held her back and Ashton stood infront of her trying to get her to not touch me.

"TAYLOR HEMMINGS DONT YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" Liz yelled at Taylor and she ignored her and pinned me down once she got me away from Luke . I screamed and I didn't do anything . She slapped and punched me . I was too scared to. I never ever reacted to my parents because then they would hurt me even more

"TAYLOR GET OFF OF HER!!" Ashton and Calum yelled different words to Taylor and Luke's face got red . He jumped up and Picked Taylor up and threw her on the carpet and ran over to me and picked me up because I was too weak to do anything .

Liz scolded and spanked Taylor in the background and Luke grabbed first aid while Ashton held me carefully

"Oh my gosh Ali you look- um horrible I think you have a broken nose " he said while he examined me and he picked up his phone and called a ambulance . There were sirens and Louis and his

"Gang " we're looking at me AAND they were all laughing except Louis .

"don't worry Ali you'll be fine" Luke said and got in the back of the ambulance with me .

"Luke what's happening " I asked because I had no absolute idea about what was happening .

"Nothing just nothing " he said and grabbed my hand . The last thing I remembered was Luke's worried face and the swift moving of the ambulance

(• •)


/ \. Hehe look at my little person lol😀😀👣

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