The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


47. 47

Ali's POV

*3 months later*

(not much has happened. Louis is still deaf... Bullies died down. Ali is friends with the football team.)

I walked into the schools football field and took a seat next to Harry. Harry and I were friends now. And so were Niall and I. Today is the football game, and Louis is playing. He always does. But I don't know... Today seems important. I've always made it to his games. Me and him are in a relationship. And it's going good. He's too amazing.

I had a jersey with TOMLINSON on the back.

After we had been winning louis' team was smiling and looked really happy when Lou told him something. By this time it was the afternoon.

The coach came into the middle of the field where all of the football players lined up. Even the other team... Hm. This doesn't usually happen.

"Quarterback Louis Tomlinson has something to say to Alaina Collins?" The coach said and handed Louis the mic.

"Ali. Say something. Anything, just yell it out" Louis said. What...

The whole stadium was quiet, and Louis' team members were smiling crazy

"I love you Louis." I said. He wouldn't be able to hear me though.

"Ali. I love you too" he said back.

He heard me

"I can hear you, love" he said into the mic and my eyes widened. Harry looked at me.

"LOUIS!" I screamed and the whole crowd was 'awwing'

I ran into the field and to Louis. I cried and he hugged me. Connor groaned.

"I love you so much Ali..." He said and kissed me. The other football players gathered around.

"I can't believe you can hear again.." I cried. Tears ran down my cheek and Louis dried them wth his finger.

"Love, you sound beautiful" he said and that made me cry more.

But then to my surprise... Lou got down on his knee. But I knew he wouldn't engage. The coach handed him the mic

"Ali. Take this ting? It's a promise ring. I'll be with you forever... And one day I WILL marry you for sure" he said, pulling out a ring with a diamond on it. I nodded and he smiled, slipping the ring on

I kissed him once more and he smiled

"Forever and always" he said to me

"Forever and always"

A/N--- I have sad news. This is the last chapter of this book. IDK IF I SHOULD MAKE A SEQUEL. Idk if anyone will read it or idk. But comment ;) I loved writing this book and u guys are THE BEST fans ever. And readers. U guys have supported me so much like omg. I wouldn't of ever continued if it wasn't for u :) I love u all and keep you heads up, don't let your crowns fall. XXXXXXXXXXXXX lots of love.

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