The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


46. 46

Ali's POV

We all sat on the couch, squished together. It's just how we like it, Close to each other at all times.

"Ok. I'm Barcelona!" I said

"ARGENTINAA!" Mikey yelled and the others laughed. First it was me and Michael. Whoever won would go against the other

"You guys better get ready I had like teach me " I said

"Oh it's on" CALUM said

We started playing and my character kicked the ball into the goal .

At the 3rd goal. The time was up, and I won.

"Hah" I said. "WAIT I WIN" I yelled


"Losers" I said and flipped my hair, jokingly

"YAS. See guys I'm a good teacher" Luke said and I sat down next to him and hugged him.

"He is." I said

"Ok. Ali against CALUM" Mikey said handing the remote to CALUM

I also won against him

"Ya know you guys really suck at this game" Luke laughed and I threw a pillow at CALUM

"Give the remote to Ash" I said.

Again... I won.

"THIS IS SO AWESOME!" I yelled, fist pumping Luke.

"Lukeeeeee. It's your turn" I said

He scored the last goal and smirked at me

"I win , loser" he said and the other laughed

"Oh SHUTUP I kicked your asses" I said and they Stopped laughing, but smiled

"Well played Lucas" I said and he smiled

"Hah. You can't beat the master.." He said.

"ok. Now I'm gonna go visit Lou... I feel so damn bad. This whole thing is cause of me." I said

"Ok.. But be back soon and be careful" Luke said and I nodded


A/N- I had the worst weekend ever. On Friday I forgot my keys so I couldn't get into my house and my older brother missed his bus so I couldn't get inside. So I waited like a hour! Saturday I almost got HIT BY A CAR! And I'm not exaggerating. And today out car wouldn't start. So we had to wait and we were already late. I'm freakin DYIN over here. I'm in the car at the moment so I updated ... Bye :)

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