The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


45. 45

Ali's POV

I got back to Lukes house and saw the boys on the couch on their phones.

CALUM got up and hugged me before leading me back to the couch.

"Well... I better get sleeping" I said

"you want me to come with you?" Calum asked

"I don't mind. Do whatever you guys want" I said sadly (because of Lou) and walked up the stairs. I changed and laid in my bed, as a tear rolled down my cheek. I heard and knock and I cleared my throat

"C-come in" I said and faced the other way. I looked at who was there. All of the boys with a pillow in their hand

(A/N- imagine how cute this is omg)

I smiled and they all walked to my Bed. CALUM on one side of me and Luke on the other whole Ashton was near our feet. Mikey was next to Luke


"Goodnight Ali" they all said and said good nights to each other

"I love you guys" I said as I fell asleep.


I woke up and saw them all awake on my bed. It was pouring outside, which made it dark.'

"Hey" I said to see who was awake.

"Oh. Hey" they all said

"So. I have sch-" I said but they all shh'd me

"NO DONT SAY THAT WORD! ITS SATURDAY !" Luke yelled and the boys all covered Their ears

"Oh. Ok" I laughed. "so boys. Wanna get off my bed now?" I asked and looked at them. They all shook their heads. I couldn't move if they didn't move.

"Alright then " I said. I snuggled back in next to Luke and Calum.

*2hrs later*

I put my breakfast plate In the sink and the other boys did also.

"Ok. Go change. Let's have fun!" Mikey said and they all ran to wherever they were going.

I chuckled and walked upstairs to my room. I got out a blue top and black skinny jeans. And put that on. I brushed my hair and applied perfume and all that stuff and slipped on my fuzzy socks. I ran downstairs and al the boys were on the couch.


Luke: Black tank top that says You Complete Me with black skinny jeans and his hair as always. With his socks.

Ashton: white t shirt says nothing. and black skinny jeans. Socks and his hair as usuall :)

CALUM: white tank top plain. Says nothing. Black skinny jeans and hair also as usual, with socks . Amazing hair ;)

Mikey: black Green Day t-shirt with his flannel on top (as always) and black jeans. Hair perfect as always :D

"What are we gonna do?" I asked

"FIFA!" They screamed (soccer video game)

"MADDEN!" I screamed (football video game)

"I can play either one" I laughed

"Alright... Actually. We will play that. Then we will order pizza. And play board games" Mikey said and I nodded

"I'm in." I said

"Wait have we ever played actual soccer with you?⚽️" CALUM asked

"No. But tomorrow it's supposed to be warmer out. Even though it's winter..." I said the last pet quietly "I could totally play"

"So... Ya know how to play?" CALUM asked

"CALUM. I'm not from Mars. I can play soccer very well" I said

"Oh. Well ok. Any other sports?" Luke asked

"Swimming. Football. Golf. Tennis. Biking. Riding. Lacrosse. Field hockey. Ice hockey." I said and they all looked at me amazed

"Whoa" they all said with their mouths opened.

"Yea... I played all those sports in my old hell" I sad and they all nodded

"Alright. We will play some soccer tomorrow" Mikey said

"Ok. But I also have to go visit Lou later today" I said remembering what happened to him

"Ok. Let's go!" Ashton said and we ran to the baseman like kids.

A/N- it's Almost midnight. :) I updated. Goodnight x

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