The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


42. 42

Ali's POV

I Woke up in the basement on the couch next to Luke. I slowly got up and ran upstairs. I have to go to the hospital.. I opened my closet and got out a navy blue pullover sweatshirt (no hood) that had DONCASTER FOOTBALL on the front in yellow. I got out my navy blue Doncaster SnapBack and black leggings, and ran to the shower. After I took a shower I changed into those clothes and got my black boots. I braided my hair in a side braid and Though I'm going to a hospital, I gotta look nice :). I put on the SnapBack and got my keys and phone and ran out to the car.

*at the hospital*

I ran inside and sat on the chair, taking off my hat and jacket.

"Visitors for Louis Tomlinson?" The nurse asked and I ran to her

"Oh! Me!" I said and she nodded

"We did his leg surgery and for his head... He um... He is deaf in his left ear and almost fully in his right ear " she said and my eyes widened

"Omg no " I said and ran inside the room. There was no one in there but Louis

"LOUIS!" I yelled and he looked at me next to the door. He was sitting at the edge of his bed.

"Ali" he asked and I nodded. He got up and I hugged him.

"You can hear me right?!" I asked

"A little bit... But they said soon I wouldn't be able to hear at all. I wanted to hear your voice one more time" he said and I started crying. I hugged him and he put his chin ontop of my head.

He stroked my hair while I sobbed and he looked at me

"I love you Ali..." He said and I cried even more.

"I love you more" I said loudly so he could hear and hugged him tighter.

"Mum" Louis said and his mom walked in with his sisters and Luke.

"Luke you take her" Louis said to Luke and Luke started hugging me. I cried in his shoulder listening to what Louis Walsh saying to his mom

"Mum, I won't be able to hear you soon. I love you" Louis said and his mum started crying also.

"I love you boobear" she sobbed and Louis comforted her.

"Lottie, I love you. Even though I can't hear you after this day..." He said to his little sister.

"I LOVE YOU LOUIS!" She yelled and Louis picked her up and hugged her. He had to hold onto the bed though cause of his leg. It had a big brace on it. He talked to all of

His sisters one more time. While I sobbed into Lukes shoulder.

"Luke bro, you are lucky. That you can hear Alis beautiful voice the rest of your life... Listen to it as much as you can" Louis said and man hugged Luke

"Alright" he said to Louis and the nurse came in

"We have to ask eveyone to leave since we have to close his other ear... " the nurse said and Johanna and her kids said bye to Louis the last time he could hear

"Bye Lou..." Luke said and left

"L-Lou?" I asked him and he opened his arms for me to come. I ran to him and hugged him tightly.

"I lope you Louis... God knows when you will be able to hear again. But always remember my voice. I love you so much. " I said and he kissed me on the lips.

"I love you too Ali... Bye" he said

"BYE LOU!" I yelled while crying.

I went out and Luke was waiting there with Ghe boys.

Jo had left with the girls and I looked at them from the end of the hall

"I'm sorry, Ali" Calum said and opens his arms.

I ran to him and he hugged me, while the other boys hugged me also. It was like a group hug for a bad thing. CALUM helped me back to the car and Mikey sat in the back seat with me and Ash.

I realized, because of me and Connor. Louis wouldn't be able to hear anything ever again


A/N- TBH I almost cried. @Savvylouis once again figure out what was gonna happen. I was gonna make him lose his memory which she had guessed but then changed it to him being deaf.

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