The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


41. 41

Ali's POV

Ali's POV

I woke up on Luke's shoulder. I looked around, we were still at the hospital. No one was there now, jo was gone. Just me, and Luke

"Why did you stay?" I asked him

"I wasn't going to leave you" he said and I nodded

"How's Louis?!" I asked worried

"They're going surgery on his leg..." He said and I sighed

"Who's fault? Mine" I said and Looked down

"Head up princess, your tiara is falling" Luke said and lifted my chin up with his finger.

I kissed His cheek and sat close to him

"You can go home" I told him and he shook his head

"I'm ok, but you haven't eaten anything ALL day, besides a few granola bars.. That's not good" he said

"I'm not Hun-" I started but he stopped me

"Let's go to the 24 hour cafe, Lou won't be done for a while" he said and I sighed, rolling my eyes and getting up

"Do I have to?" I asked, bothered

"Yes. I'm technically responsible for you... Cause I'm like your older brother. Let's go" he said and held my hand.

"Fine" I said and we got up. We got into his car and drove off.

We arrived at the 24hr cafe and walked inside. There were a whole lot of boys there. I didn't see any girls. They were all laughing loudly and it felt like we were in a bar, even though we weren't.

"What do you want?" Luke asked

"Anything you get.." I said and he nodded. He ordered while I waited. I heard one of the boys whistle at me and looked back

"Lookin hot" one of them yelled and Luke looked at them

"I'm gonna give you one chance the shut the fu*k up" he said and they sat back down. Then Luke turned back around. He paid and we walked to a table. I saw that Luke took us as far away from those boys as we could. I laughed quietly and he didn't see.

"So, do you like the weather?" He asked and I laughed

"Haha... Yea .. It's ok" I said and laid my head on the table

"You tired?" He asked

"Psh... What? No." I said and he laughed

"Sure." He said and smiled at me.

"It's cold" I said and he took off his jacket.

"Here" he said and handed it to me from across the table

"No Luke, it's yours" I said and gave it back

"No. Take it or else" he said and laughed. I smiled and put it on. It was huge on me... Whatever. I looked at him in his blue T-shirt.

"I'll go get the food" he said and I nodded

"Yo! Wanna come over 'ere" one of the boys from the other table yelled. They all smirked and grinned and I raised a eyebrow.

"Yea I'm good" I said.

"Ya sure? I mean... That guy you're with... We could do much better" another yelled

"Shall I call him? Over here?" I asked and they all stopped

"Um, the guys pretty tall" he said to one of his friends

They all talked and looked back at me

"You sure you don't wanna come over here?" Another guy asked and they all looked at him

"Luke!" I said and Luke looked over, all the guys look at him

"Yea?" He asked waiting for the fries.

I looked at the boys, who looked at me

"Please dont" one of them mouthed

"How long?" I asked, saving their asses.

"Almost done" he said and I nodded

I looked back at them

"Is he your boyfriend?" They asked

"Um, no. " I said and they smirked

"You want a boyfriend?" Another asked

"I have one excuse me.. And I'm not AFraid to call him again" I said and pointed to Luke

"Why are you guys talking to her?" Luke asked walking up to them. They all looked up at him. I quickly got up and walked to Luke

"Yea um Luke let's take this home..." I said and took the bags

He glared at them and I pulled him out of the store

"Alright, we can go home since no visitors are allowed for a while..." He said and I sighed, nodding

We drove back to Luke's place.

We walked downstairs since there was a table down there and he gave me my food. I picked up a fry and ate it.

We ate in silence and I thought of what Lou said a while ago... That day where I ran to his house after Ashley and stuff...

"I do!" Louis said

"You do what?!" I asked angrily

"I love you Ali!"


A/N- So... I saw the pictures of Kendall and Harry... Me being a HUGEEE HARRY GIRL. I started crying and like my heart literally hurt. I may seem like a Louis girl. I am! But Harry literally idek. So I tried my headrest on this chapter I hope it was ok... I'm also very bored so if anyone needs a co-author :) I'm here. Cause I can lol... xxxxx

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