The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


4. 4

I walked outside the school to go home with Anna by my side .

"Anna I have to tell you something but you can't tell ANYONE !" I said and we sat down at a bench while I waited for Luke

"Yea go ahead. Like I have any friends to tell it to anyways " she said and I gathered some air

"Ok we'll ever since I was 8 I got abused .." I started and she gasped

"I - I um once came home and my grandma had passed away. Apparently it was my fault because I had played with her and accidentally jumped on her . My dad said it was all my fault and my mom agreed. My dad came home drunk every night with my mom and then it started . They kicked me and punched me and slapped me till I was down . One day like last week , the cops caught them . I was unconscious and too weak to do anything and I used to live a few hours away from here . They took me to the hospital and got me all fixed up .. Then brought me here to Doncaster . I am staying with a family who agreed to keep me for a while .. Who would've known that High School here would be so bad !" I finished and Anna looked at me surprised

"Oh my Ali I'm soooo sorry that sounds horrible" she said and hugged me

"It's ok" I said and she rubbed my back.

"Ali!" I heard Luke tell from his awesome BMW and I turned around

"Ooh who's he?" Anna asked and looked at Luke

"That's Luke , he's one of the kids who is at the house" I said and picked up my backpack

"Bye Anna " I said and she smiled then waved at me. I walked to the car and sat in the front seat because the rest of the boys were in the back . He started driving and turned the radio down a bit

"How was school?" Luke asked and I looked at him

"It was h-horrible " I said and tears started flowing down my cheeks. I had to cry . I was holding the tears in for so long that they just came out

"Aw Ali what happened" Luke said and put his hand on mine

"A football player and a cheerleader that's what happened" I said and the tears flowed swiftly down my cheeks . I tasted the salty flavor in my mouth as I got out of the car

"Ali what did they do to you?" Luke asked and walked over to my side of the car and hugged me

"Ali I'm gonna beat their sorry asses up" Ashton said from behind me . I cried into Luke's shoulder and he rubbed my back

"Luke why do they hate me I didn't do anything to them" I got those words out of my mouth and pulled away from him

"Ali they are idiots they don't know anything ! It's ok ! They are crazy and they have no idea who you really are ok so it's ok" Luke said to me and I wiped the tears away

"I'm gonna beat those asses up" Micheal said and Ashton and Calum nodded

"What's his name" Luke asked and put his arm around me . He had to look down at me cause he was like 6 feet and I'm like 5'5 .

"Louis Tomlinson" I said and their eyes widened

"Shit" Calum said and they all paced

"What's wrong ?" I asked and Micheal sighed walking next to me

"He lives um.. he lives next door " he said and whispered the last part

"No Freakin way" I said and looked over

"HEY ITS THE TRASH GIRL!" I heard Louis yell and I looked over at them . He was sitting outside his huge house , not like Luke's wasn't , at a table with all the populars. They all pointed and laughed at me and Michael looked over at them

"OH YOU WANNA GO HMM HMM?" He yelled starting to run at Louis . Luke and Calum ran to him and Luke jumped on him stopping him from going and almost killing Louis

"YO BRO CHILL" Louis yelled and Michael's face was red. I walked over to Michael and grabbed his hand

"It's ok Mikey let's just go" I said and pulled him back to the house

"Next time I will get him" Michael said and we all walked inside the house.

"Ali honey! How was -" Liz started but got cut off by Luke

"Yea um mum don't ask " he said and she nodded

"Well I'm gonna go change real quick brb" I said and slowly walked upstairs. I walked by and saw Alice sitting playing with her dolls

"Hey Ali!! Wanna play with me ?" She asked in her perfect little voice

"Aww I'm sorry but I have to change then we are gonna eat lunch so later i promise " I said and she smiled at me

"Ok" she said and continued playing. I walked to my closet and grabbed comfy shorts and a tank top . I grabbed flip flops and took my hair out of the tie . Then I put on a headband and took off my small amount of makeup and walked downstairs . I went down to the basement and Luke and the boys were in the music room playing their instruments

"Ok so Like we'll do the whistle .. But it will be like a woo woo whistle in the middle of she's kinda hot though" Ashton was saying and I walked in

"Hey guys " I said and sat on the bean bag chair

"Hey Al" Ashton said and I looked at him with a eyebrow up

"Al?" I asked and he nodded

"Yea you heard me . You wanna hear our new song?" He asked and I nodded

"Sure why not" I said and Luke started

"My girlfriends bi**in cause I always sleep in she's always screaming when she's calling her friend she's kinda hot though . Yea she's kinda hot though *just a little little little bit hot* " they sang more and I listened amazed at it

"That was amazing !"l said and clapped

"thanks Al" Ashton said and I smiled at him

"LUNCH IS READYYYY!" I heard Liz say and the Boys looked at each other and got up . Lukw picked me up and threw me over his arm and they all ran .

"LET ME DOWN LUCAS RIGHT NOW!" I screamed and he put me down once we got to the table . Liz set down the plate filed with sandwiches and Alice and Taylor walked in Taylor looking "Amazing" as usual . Note the sarcasm?

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