The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


39. 39

Ali's POV

I helped Connor to the nurse then walked to my class. Lou wasn't there... Hm. I shrugged and sat at my desk, pulling out my notebooks and pencils from my backpack.

*end of the day*

I walked to my locker and put my stuff in. I closed my Locker and saw Connor standing next to it. He had a bandage on his forehead, and a bandaged arm. With a purple eye.

"Hey" he said and kissed me

"Hi." I said blankly and locked my locker

"Well, I have soccer today... I'll see ya later?" He said and I nodded

"Yea." I smiled "bye"

I walked to my car and started it. Backing up.

When I reached home I noticed Louis' car was gone.

"What" I whispered and went inside.

I started studying, but heard a knock at the door

"Um hi" I said. It was louis' mom

"Hi. Ali, honey. Have you seen Louis? We are worried sick. He hasn't came home today from school and we got a call home saying he didn't attend the classes after he went to his locker" she said and I dropped my granola bar.

"Oh shit" I said to myself. "Actually um, he want in English and I was thinking maybe he left home..." I said and she looked at me worried

"Lou has ran away before. We got lucky we found him. But he leaves for quite a long time..." She said and a tear went down her cheek.

"Oh crap... Well, I'm gonna go out and try and look for him. Don't cry, we'll find him" I said and put a hand on her shoulder. "Any suggestions on where he may be?" I asked

"Um. The park... The woods... And the bar downtown" she said and I prayed he wasn't at the bar.

"Alright. I'll call you if I know anything" I said to her and she nodded, walking back to her house

Why would he run away?! Maybe it's cause of what happened today...

I grabbed my gloves and jacket, since it started snowing. And put in my boots. I got my beanie and slipped that on, and got my keys. I was about to leave when

"Hey Ali. Where Are you going?" Luke asked

"Louis has gone missing. I'm gonna go look for bin. Since it's probably caused because of me" I said and he looked at me with a eyebrow raised

"Your phone is charged? And make sure you have enough layers it's freezing outside" he said and I nodded

"Yes Don't worry... Bye Luke" I said and quickly hugged him, took my phone, and ran out.


I arrived at the park and didn't see his car anywhere, but still got out of the car to loo around

"Louissss" I called.


I sighed and got back in the car, driving to the woods

I saw a car, but wasn't sure if it was his...

I drove into the woods and looked around carefully. Turns out the car wasn't his

I opened the window

"LOUISSSS" I called loudly.

Still, Nothing...

What the hell, where could he have gone.

I drive around the woods a few times before deciding he wasn't there.

Time for the bar....

I arrived at the bar and sighed

I got out of the car and walked in, after showing them my ID. I walked in and walked around a bit. No Louis.

I looked ALLL around. No Louis.

He wasn't here..

I got out of the bar and walked to my car (rhyme)

It was dark now.. Even though it's like 6PM. Or is it supposed to be dark at that time? Idk. Well whatever.

I started driving when I saw a body, go infront of the Chevy truck infront of me

Clearly the car didn't see....

The car hit the guy and I jumped out of my car running to the person..

"OH MY GOSH" I screamed and looked at who got hit...

A/N- everyone PROBS knows who got hit.. But still ;) good luck on waiting ILYASM.xxxxx

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