The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


32. 32

Ali's POV

I walked into the cinema hand in hand with Harry, while Niall are a chocolate bar.

"Baby, it's coooold outside" Harry sang and I laughed

"Christmas is in...-" I started but Harry cut me off

"4 days. Well Christmas Eve is 4 days. Christmas Day is...5 days" he said and I laughed

"Wow HARREH you most be excited" Niall said weirdly, cause he had chocolate in his mouth.

"Ok?" I laughed

"I am." He said and I smiled

"Hey Niall what happened to your cousin? She's ok right?" I asked and he smiled

"She's fine.. I don't get ice cream now" he said and I smiled

"Ya you actually do" I said and walked to the ice cream place in the theater

"Niall you order and I'll pay" I said and got out my wallet

"HARY?" I asked

"No I'll pay" Niall said

"Guys, I will" Harry said

"Will you SHUTUP? I'm gonna pay" I said playfully before slamming my credit card on the counter like we were playing cards or gambling😂

"Oh come on" Harry said and Niall groaned

"WHYYY. I was gonna pay. It's not nice letting the girl pay" Niall said and I smiled

"Oh well, that's cause I am amazing. Let's go" I said and thanked the lady at the register, and took my ice cream cone

"3 tickets to Star Wars?" Harry asked and she told us the price

"Ok" Harry said and handed her his card

"I could've paid for that!" I said and he smirked at me

"Well, I did so hah"

We took our tickets and got the 3D glasses and went to the theater room area (IDK WHAT it's called ;)

*after movie*

"Whoa that was awesomeee" I said and they nodded


We walked back to the car and went to my house.

"I am tired so I think I should go to bed now?" I asked them and they nodded. We were waiting outside my front door

"Well, thank you guys so much. I don't know what I'd do without you" I said and hugged them both

"Anytime :)" they both said with a smile

"Well, I'll see you guys later?"

"Yea. Bye al" Niall said and hugged me and kissed my cheek, before getting in his car and driving away.

"Alright Ali. I'll see you later, ok?" Harry asked hugging me and kissing me on my other cheek.

"Yup. Thanks again Haz" I said and hugged him back before he got in his car again

I waved and he left.

I walked inside and took off my jacket and boots.

Everyone seemed like they were sleeping, but I decided to check.

I walked up the stairs and Alice and Liz were sleeping, but Taylor wasn't. She was crying

"Hey tay, You ok?" I asked her walking in her room. She had one lamp on.

"Yea" she said quickly. Wiping her tears "I'm- I'm fine" she said and looked at me

"I know somethings up... Tell me what happened?" I asked "I'll tell you what Happened to me today" I said and she nodded. I got in bed next to her and she sighed

"Well, I had a boyfriend" she said "Brad? And he was the sweetest. He said he loved me, he said I was amazing. But that was after he hated me... So I became his girlfriend. We were amazing until he cheated on me with Stacy" I said and looked at her. Literally that's exactly what happened to me

"Omg seriously?" I asked

"Yes.." She said

"You won't believe this Tay... But the same exact thing happened to me... Ya know Louis? Next door. He hated me. Today I was crying and screaming cause he said e loved me and I was amazing, but then he slept with ASSley" I said and she stared in disbelief

"Wow really?" She asked


I know Taylor was a complete bi*ch, but now she's much better. I mean after she got me in the hospital.. Not like she is nice, but she isn't too mean... She's 3 years younger than I am, she needs me, since she has no older sisters.

"You know Taylor, boys are assholes. Who gives a Crap about what they think? They just judge a girl by what they do. You are a perfectly amazing girl.. I was literally chewed up and spit out by Louis, but I don't even care anymore. Cause he doesn't matter. I'm done with his shit. You don't need Brad, you need to find a boy who actually loves you, and you know he does." I said and she nodded

"You're right" she said

"Hey I know. You got any pictures of his ugly face?" I asked and she nodded

"Ok, print that out and meet me downstairs" I said and she nodded, and I left

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