The Football player *COMPLETED*

"You were abused?" Anna asked
"Yea, and now, I'm bullied by the football player" I said

---- COMPLETED ----


31. 31

Ali's POV


Started walking out when I heard Louis behind me

"Ali! Ali please!" He said and I kept walking.

I felt tears but tried to hold them in

"Ali" he said and grabbed my hand

"What Louis?" I asked angrily

"I'm sorry" he said quietly

"I don't care Louis. You've said that so many times but I bet you, you don't mean it." I said and a tear fell

"But Ali I love you. " he said

I rolled my eyes

"See Tomlinson?! This is what I mean, you say sorry, you say you love me, but honestly, you don't. You say it all the god damn time, you liar. I don't trust you, and I never should've" I said, more angry wth more tears.

"Stop crying! Please! I honestly don't know what I did!"he said and I looked at him disgusted. That idiot didn't realise what he did?

"You little piece of shit" I said and slapped him.

He held his cheek in his hand and looked at me

"What the hell Alaina" he said

"Don't call me Alaina" I said and ran away to my house.

I ran to my room and laid in my bed, and cried.

"Ali, honey. are you ok? Please open the door" Liz said knocking on my door

"I-im not ok" I said and cried more.

"Oh my gosh.... I know" she said and walked downstairs

"Ali, Love" I heard someone say outside the door

"W-what?" I said and sat up.

I recognized the voice

"Open the door?" He asked and i got up

who do u think IT ISSSS?! (A/N)

I walked to the door

I unlocked the door

Omg these... (A/N)

I opened the door

There stood Harry....

"Ali?" He said and hugged me.

Why was Harry here? How did Liz know to call him.

I hugged him and he shut the door again.

He brought me to the bed and sat down. I sat on his lap and cried more

"What happened?" He said calmly.

I explained everything slowly trying not to cry.

Harry's face was red, and he Looked mad.

"That son of a" he said and I covered his mouth

"Sorry" he said

I got off of his lap and got next to him.

"I brought you something" he said and pulled a bakery bag out of his jacket pocket

He handed me it and I opened it. There was that thing he gave me, the first day we met.

"Thank you Harry" I said and smiled, trying to hold in the tears AGAIN

"No problem"

"Ali, babe?" I heard at the door and looked at Harry

"Yea?" I said

"Open the door?" He asked

I got up

I walked to the door

I unlocked the door

I opened the door

WHO DO U THINK IT IS NOWW! (It's the same thing lol)

There stood Niall

"Ali" he said and hugged me

I was still crying

"It's ok.." He said and took me to the bed

"Hey" he said to Harry

"Hey, I'm Harry." He said and Niall smiled st him

"Hey.. Niall" he said and I smiled

"Princess, are you ok now?" Niall asked

"I am now, that you and Harry cane" I said and they both smiled

"Wanna watch a movie?" He asked

"Out? Or here?" Niall asked Harry

"Anywhere" Harry said


I shrugged

"We'll go out" Niall aid and I nodded

"Can I go get ready? And put some makeup on?" I asked

"You can get ready. But you do NOT need makeup.." Niall and Harry said at the same time


"But I look bad" I said

"You look perfect" Niall said and I smiled

"Ok, fine" I said and walk to my closet. I grab black leggings and a blue sweater. I walk to my bathroom and wash my face, and brush my teeth. Ya know, I feel gross If I don't brush my teeth before going somewhere... I did my hair in a high ponytail, which was a bit messy, and changed my clothes.

I walked out and they were both exchanging numbers.

I walked to my closet and grabbed my blue UGGS, to match my sweater, and grab my coat, which is a short one not a Long one.

"Alright boys, let's go" I said and they got up from my bed.

We walked downstairs and Liz was on the phone, so I didn't wanna disturb her. Haz and Niall put in their shoes and jackets and we walked out

"My car?" Niall asked and we looked at his car.


"Yes!" Me and Harry exclaimed

"I CALL FRONT" I said and ran to the passenger seat

"I don't mind" Harry said and I laughed sitting and buckling my seatbelt

"Wanna see Star Wars?" Harry asked and we agreed

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